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 W.E.B. business breakfasts
(Wheathampstead for Enterprise and Business)

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Topic for 27th November (8 - 9 am) includes voice coach Juliet Morton on
"Presenting Yourself Clearly."

The  networking breakfasts include of tea, coffee, juice and fresh croissants. They are held on the last Friday of the month from 8 - 9 am at the Hillside Restaurant in Wheathampstead High Street.

It is open to all sole traders and businesses from the village and local area. The purpose is to make new friends and colleagues and to tell them about your business.  It provides an excellent opportunity to meet others

You could do business with them or with someone whom they refer or introduce you to.  It is very informal and friendly with a 10 minute information talk each month which anyone can volunteer for in order to tell people about their business in more detail.

The cost is 5 which goes to the Hillside for providing the refreshments.

For further details please contact Norman on 01582 833360/07768 222268 or norman@lifeandcareerscoaching.com

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