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This page is provided to enable individuals or businesses to display their topiary. Hopefully they may be of inspiration for others.

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Please send pictures of topiary you like, including details of any caption, name, location, e-mail etc that you wish to accompany the picture

A variety of shapes by Eddie Cornell

Some stunning topiary from the
Beijing 2008 Games

Peacock in Lonicera

Pheasant in Yew
The cube grown first and two shoots from top were then developed into the pheasant.  

Picture taken at Langley Boxwood Nursery
more pictures and web link

Carestown Steading, Scotland

Head, Wheathampstead (1.10m high in Lonicera).
Cut into mature bush  in 2000

Teddy bear (Lonicera) height 30cm

Lantern at Willowtree


More from
Willowtree Tea Garden, Godshill, I.o.W.

Heron at Willowtree

At Mackerye End, Wheathampstead

Elephants in Tailand

cockerel.jpg (18835 bytes)
"Eying each other up" yew topiary by Frank Munford
photo courtesy of  Drew Gardner

train.jpg (21969 bytes)
"The train now standing at Swanbourne Station.."
photo courtesy of Reg & Mick Waters

If you want beautifully trimmed hedges such as these at 
Castle Howard, Yorkshire ..

You will need to use a line and level to get the tops 
straight and horizontal

littlecote.jpg (33921 bytes)

Peacock in Lonicera (Baggesen's Gold)
at Littlecote House, Warner's

BroadstairsMan.jpg (35389 bytes)

Seen near Broadstairs, Kent

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