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Tiercel Publishing is a small publishing company set up to produce high quality books with limited print-runs of about 1000

It has published one paperback and four hardback  books to date which are available from the address shown above.  Details of these books are shown below:


"Harriers: Journeys Around The World" by Don Scott

A Limited Edition of 700 copies

Until recently harriers were one of the least known group of birds but after an in-depth study of the Hen Harrier in Northern Ireland, Don Scott succeeded in his passion to observe and study all 16 of the World’s species as well as the single subspecies of harrier.

This quest which began over 20 years ago in Don’s home country has taken him to six continents.  His sometimes dangerous journeys encompassed many exotic locations where harriers had previously received little general interest or scientific attention.  The author’s dogged persistence in the field enabled him to witness traits of behaviour previously unknown in harriers.  It began with the unique discovery of tree-nesting Hen Harriers and culminated with the Papuan Harrier in Papua New Guinea.

This book will be irresistible to birders and biologists alike.  It not only highlights the sheer majesty of harriers but helps focus attention to their individual plights which if left unrecognized will result in an uncertain future for many of the species which make up this group of birds.

The stunning photographs which grace this book have been generously provided to the author by his friends and travelling companions, many of whom are themselves well-known international raptor experts.  These pictures, together with Philip Snow’s watercolours, should not be missed.

Hardback  270 x 200mm, 200 pages, 77 colour photographs and 5 watercolour illustrations. 
ISBN 978-09532002-6-9

Price £38.50 + £4.00 UK p&p

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'Camel Study Skills' - 'improving memory, revision and exam techniques' by Julie Bennett

This book is designed for students to make study, revision and exam preparation easier.  We all have different ways of approaching learning.  Some of us have difficulties with aspects like organisation or planning in exams, others find it difficult to remember and recall the information.  This book shows you how to do all of these things and more, in a creative way that will help you remember.  The methods in the book are suitable to assist all students in making learning easier and is designed to be dyslexia inclusive so that those of us with dyslexia will be able to access the information with ease.

Paperback. Size: 257x190 mm 48 pages   ISBN 0-9532002-5-6    and
ISBN 13 978-0-9532002-5-2

Price £6.75 plus £1.00 p&p.

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A Diplomat and his Birds by Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer has written a charming account of how birds, and bird photography, have enhanced his life during his career in the Diplomatic Service and subsequently.  As Lord Carrington puts it in his Foreword, “readers will thoroughly enjoy his enthusiasm and his lively approach.”  Birds can appeal to us in many different ways.  Whatever the particular viewpoint of individual readers, they will echo the comment of the eminent ornithologist Professor Hilary Fry, who writes in his Preface: “how refreshing is Andrew Palmer’s approach: his admiration and love of birds shine from every page.”

The author first took photographs of birds as an aid to identifying species.  He soon found that a certain magic lay in capturing the gleam in a bird’s eye, or its dramatic plumage.  More than 90 such images are reproduced in A Diplomat and his Birds. For Lord Carrington “the photographs in this book have been a revelation of Andrew Palmer’s skill and patience.” Professor Hilary Fry remarks that “through the eye of his camera are seen not only the aesthetic qualities of bird portraiture, feathers and flight, but also revelations about biology.”

This book also contains illuminating and entertaining reflections on the places where Andrew Palmer’s profession enabled him to seek out various birds.  Readers will find insights into the extraordinary rule of Fidel Castro in Cuba, and that of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican: the author was accredited as British Ambassador to both of these larger-than-life figures.

A Diplomat and his Birds is a fascinating and colourful book, sure to inform and delight its readers. 
£22 + £3.00 UK p&p

Hardback 231 x 160 mm, 200 pages including 98 colour photographs.    ISBN 0 9532002 4 8

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In Pursuit of The Peregrine by R B Treleaven.

'Regret - this publication is now out- of-print'

Dick Treleaven is the doyen of British Peregrine experts.  His love and knowledge of these exciting birds is legendary having watched them and studied their behaviour for 47 years.  First and foremost, this book, limited to 1,000 copies, is a major contribution from a renowned authority to the study and understanding of peregrines, and one long awaited by ornithologists the world over.

Dick Treleaven shares with his readers his unrivalled knowledge and deep insight of the birds' behaviour, their habits and habitats, their hunting techniques and motivation.  His account which includes the re-establishment of the peregrine on many parts of the north Cornish coast and in inland quarries provides a vital record, while his illustrations and his observations capture the birds' unique attributes -their incredible vision and perception, their sheer speed and agility -that every one who has watched a peregrine cleaving the sky in pursuit of some distant prey will forever marvel at.  Every stroke of Dick Treleaven's superb oil paintings and line drawings which grace the pages of this book and feature in many collections throughout the world, exude his love of these birds and their environment.

Dick Treleaven is a wonderful and entertaining companion, as is this authoritative book, In Pursuit of the Peregrine. As Brian Jackman says in his foreword, "If you cannot experience the joy of a day on the cliffs with Dick Treleaven, this splendid book is the next best thing. .."

Hardback, 231 x l60mm, 256 pages, 20 colour plates and 30 line drawings.  ISBN 0 9532002 0 5

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Pyrenean High Route by John Harding

John Harding’s enthusiasm for ski mountaineering is grippingly illustrated in this highly charged and atmospheric adventure of his quest to complete the first British ski traverse of the Pyrenees. Lavishly illustrated in colour with the author's own photographs, this book is a celebration of the mountains and the powers of nature.

Above all, this is a story of the companionship and courage of those friends with whom John shared his exploits, having unwittingly fallen under the spell of this spectacular mountain range many years earlier. His courage and determination are beset by tragedy and rewarded in triumph, every page compelling the reader to turn to the next.

Pyrenean High Route relates a real-life drama which will attract readers who have had little, if any, experience of mountaineering. Significantly it also combines authoritative, historical and literary insights which will have a wide appeal to all mountain lovers, skiers and travellers alike.

His wide experience of mountaineering is clearly reflected in his expeditions in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia, his Presidencies of the Alpine and Eagle Ski Clubs and Vice Presidency of the Alpine Club. In fact, it is one of the few books to be written in English about the subject of ski mountaineering.


Hardback, 231 x 160mm, 336 pages including 25 colour plates and numerous black and white photographs. 
ISBN 0 9532002 1 3

Special Offer £10 plus £4 UK p&p

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The Otter Among Us by James Williams

(as seen on TV)

The glimpse of an otter or even the expectation of seeing one raises within many of us a magic and immense curiosity to find out more about these mysterious animals.  The author having grown up in the Lake District cannot remember when he was not absorbed by otters.  Most days he would roam the shores of the remote moorland tarn where he lived mapping their signs and tracks.

The Otter Among Us is the distillation of the late James Williams' lifetime's study and observation of this evocative animal initially in Westmorland and more recently in the West Country.  His deep insight and unrivalled knowledge of the otter's behaviour, its habits and habitats help dispel many of the myths and misunderstandings about this animal. James was actively involved in otter conservation.  He was Somerset Officer for the Otters and Rivers Project and Chairman of the county's Otter Group, he was involved in a study of an otter population through the use of DNA recognition techniques.

Bruce Pearson's superb pictures which so beautifully capture the otter, its movements and behaviour will together with the author's commentary persuade every reader that there is even more reason to look for and appreciate The Otter Among Us.

Hardback, 231x160mm, 150 pages, 18 colour plates and black and white illustrations. ISBN 0 9532002 2 1
ISBN 13 978 0 9532002 2 1     Price £27.50 plus £3.00 UK p&p

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