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Updated 28 December 2014

Now that many are aware of the old Wheathampstead pubs, let's see if we can add the names of the Landlords.  This section has been kindly started off by Laurie Seymour and others have contributed many additions. 
Please let me know if you have further information / extra details including dates email me.

Name/s (prefix of 'The' omitted)

Landlords or a resident
Abbot John / Railway / Railway Hotel The railway came to Whstd C 1865
1869 owned by A Lattimore and kept by William Seabrook
1871 incl James Johnson bootmaker?
1881 - 1886 Wm Seabrook licensed Vict Coal Mrchant & Farmer aged 36
1890 - 1901 James William Collins
1912 - 1929 George Bolding
1933 - 1937 A H (Mrs?) Fossett, (further details)
Alf East
Bell Inn / Bell & Crown 1617 was The Bell
C 1700 licensee was Francis Childs son of Thomas
1820s Fanny Baker Licensee and various Bakers held the house from 1815 to 1840,
1840 kept by William Brownie 
Robert Bray, Cooper & Victualler 1851(Bell Inn)
C 1850 became the Bell & Crown
1855 Mrs M A Bray
1876 George Bray
Wm McCulloch (1881/1890) Cooper & Brewer
William John Davies (1899)
Mr Sweeney, 
‘Nick’ Nicholson  (previously chef at The Bull)
Charles Parker(1901)
1912/29 John Noble
1933 Alfred J Hitchins
1937 Sydney S G Sweeney
Bricklayer's Arms / Boot Thomas Thrale, Baker & Beer Seller 1851 (Boot)
Rebecca Ward (1881) aged 50 Publican
Mr & Mrs Brown (1893)
1901 Thomas Yardley
Bull 1617 it had 119 acres of land
1667 Roger Austin
William & Joannah Hooper (at least 1839 and 1852).
In the 1850s William Hooper (who was also a postmaster) and family kept the house for 50 years or more.
Joanna Hooper, Inn Keeper (1851 census)
Mrs J Hooper (by 1855) owned it in her own right 
Eliza Hooper (1881) licensed v
ictualler aged 70
1895 Walter Batchelor
Thomas Dickson Myles (1899, 1912)
1935 Thrale Brothers
1937 Philip Hayward Mecey
? Dick Spurr
Managed by Pat and Barry Kent - 1965 - 1970 (went on to run the White Horse at Hatching Green)

Norman and Phyllis Rose. 1970-1974
Traveller's Friend (1901), 
Cherry Trees
no building in 1840
1868 owned by A Latimore (brewer) - was called Cherry Trees
John Brothers (1881)
1886 was called Traveller's friend,
1896 was Cherry Trees (Ind Coope)
Lewis Lines C 1890 to 1900 (J Pyrke took over from him.)

J Pyrke (1901)
1912 Samuel Izzard
1922 -1937 Thos Izzard
Cricketers Mr/Mrs Carter*
Joseph Hale(1891?)
Charles Carter (1901)
Cross Keys (Gustard Wood) 1617 house occupied by William Sibbley
before 1756 became an inn occupied by Edward Ephgrave
Up to 1834 the Ephgraves associated with it.
"William Ephgrave aged 96 years had taken out 67 licenses for the Cross Keys" - parish burial record
John & Mary Sibley, Shoemaker & Victualler (1851)
1882 - 1890 George Russell
George Russel(1891)
Samuel White Coayes (1899)
Samuael W Coates (1901)
Walter and Annie Kingston (c.1908-c.1918)
1922 Robert Parkinson
1926 Joseph Parkinson
1929 - 1933 S Phelon
1937 Frank H Bognall
Frank Bagnall, 
Bill Booker (American I believe), 
Tom & Elsie Sygrove, 
Andy Hibberd
Elephant & Castle (Amwell) 1714 kept by C.M. ?
1764 dated brick in front wall
1812 Charles Humphreys was paying the rates
1837 owned by John Dorrington and later Pryor Reid
Said to have well in garden 200ft deep
? John Stredder, Carpenter & Beer Shop Keeper (1851 in Amwell)
Amos Gale (1901)
1934 - 1939 Licensees were David Thomas White and his wife Edith Georgina White. (Son David born there July 1934 and daughter Patricia born Feb 1941).  It had a 100ft well and was the water supply.
Jack & Edie (Edith) Smith (1949 - 1950)
Laurie & Gwen Beavis,
John Taylor
Stuart Willett - 1990
Bob & Sue Muir
Locomotive Anyone have information of this one?
Melbourne Arms (1800s) name changed when Lord Melbourne was disgraced,
(Was this also The Horse & Jockey, Marford, that appears in the 1881 Census?)

Lord Nelson
1835 called the Melbourne Arms kept by Samual Gray and owned by Joseph Kinsley of Kimpton
1851 Samuel Gray, Sawyer & Keeper of Beer Shop  (Melbourne Arms)
Charles Floyd (1881 The Horse & Jockey)

Geore Carter  - The Nelson Inn (1899)
George Carter (1901) - (son of
George Carter, landlord of the Park Hotel in 1881)
1902 John Grainger
1912 William R Robinson
1922 - 1926 David Gadsby
1929 - 1937 Fredk Smith
Lou Smith
Ron McCann
George & Doreen Dawson (1965-1975
Charles & Ada Leonard (1975- )
Bob from the Cross Keys
Three Oaks (Nomansland) 1820s Joseph Simpson mortgaged to W H Latimore which he acquired on the death of Thomas Crawley - probably a beer house at that date.
Ivory (1824)
Was in the Simpsons hands until 1938 when Miss Annie Simpson conveyed it to McMullens & Son
Thomas J Jones (1901)
Dave & Vera Beadle
Vera Beadle for 6 months
Peter & Pam Hammond for 6 months
Roy & June Taylor
Old Plough (Gustard Wood) Lucy Straw, 
1840 owned by Thomas George and beerhouse kept by John Edmonds.
1882 - 1901 Francis Russell
Frank Russell (not related to Bert), 
1902 - 1912 Henry Straw
1922 - 1929 Mrs L Straw
Mr Pridham, 
Dickie Halsey
The last landlord of the Plough was Les Huson (he came from The Boot at Kimpton} - when the pub closed he went to the licensed victuallers national home at Denham.  Contributed by Trevor Figg.
Red Cow 1840 owned by John Dorrington & kept by William Peacock
1841 owned by Joseph Kinglsey
Charles Gray, Brewers Labr & Beer Shop Keeper (1851)

Charles and Ann Gray (1861)
1866 owned by A Lattimore
Charles Gray (1899, 1901)
Mrs. Minnie Sarah We
stwood nee Gray (1944)
Les and Effie Rolph (late 1950s to mid 1960s)
Percy English

I lived opposite the Red Cow for about 30 years and the Landlady that I remember was Mrs Minnie Westwood, at one time there was a small shop with the pub. I think the Westwoods' were there until Les (Texas) Rolph took over the licence.
Regards, Ron Hewson 

Red Lion George Nash, Carpenter & Beer Shop Keeper (1851)
Elijah Collins (1901) at The Lion
Rose & Crown, (Folly) 1836 Beerhouse
1840 kept by Mathew Munt
1882 - 1886 John Williams
1890 Mrs Elizabeth Williams
1901 - 1912 Amos Smart, 
James Hillen wife Lucy. (after Sept 1917) picture on right - please email    with any further information about James Hillen.
1922 - 1937 Wm Hysom
Royal Oak George Elmore (1901)
Ship / Free Trader James Dunham (1861)
John Brothers (1891)

1899 - 1902 George H Garland
see also
Swan 1744 John House
1756 kept by James Messer
1791 owner Isaac House of Grove Farm sold to James Wilkin, whstd brewer.
1814 Licensee Joseph Sibley (was appointed overseer of the poor)
1836 bought by John Isaac.
A blacksmith shop was attached for many years.
Charles Burgess (1851) aged 37 Innkeeper, b Tewin, Herts
Maria Burgess(1881) aged 63 Innkeeper
1882 Mrs Mary Burgess
1886 / 1890 Fred Burgess
Frederick and Frances Burgess until they moved to London in 1891/2
Mr G Brown (1894)
Mrs Agnes Brown (1899, 1901)
1922 Arthur Ernest Lovick
1926 William Baines
1929 - 1933 Jn P Wilkinson
Percy Wilkinson, 
Jim Hensman
Tin Pot (Gustard Wood) 1665 Roger Parker
1756 kept by William Carter
by 1884 owned by John House
Mrs Ward, 
Father of Tom Archer (c1890s
James Males aged 71(1891), 
Charlie Pond (c1900)
J Robinson (1901)
Bert & Olive (nee Ward) Russell, 
Stuart St George (Canadian who stayed after WW1), 
Stan Deeks  (Son Maurice founded Deeks Electrical, Harpenden), 
Peter & Jean Stratton
Two Brewers 1901 - 1902 James Westwood.  Licence refused in 1906 because of too many Beer houses
Walnut Tree date? Albert Wright
Owned by Colin Houiville Gill aged 44 - his wife Sarah Ann Gill aged 45, and daughter Ada Lucy Gill age 18. (1901 Census).  Colin was also a Boot Maker.
1911 the publican at the Walnut Tree was Thomas Boyle born in Cork. He was a licensed victualler and grocery store keeper
White Hart / The White Stag / The Stag Wm Harris, Journeyman Miller & Beer Seller 1851(White Hart)
Miss Ellen Dawes (1901)
King William IV (prior to 1875), 
Park Hotel
Wicked Lady
Strawberry Tree(for short time Nov 2002)
Wicked Lady

1835 owned by Ralph Thrale and kept by Cornelius Franklin
Cornelius Franklin (1839)
Charles Farnell, Plumber & Victualler 1851 (King William, Whstd Hill)
Owned by Thrale family (1852)
before 1886 owned by James Mardell (was Park Hotel)
1881 - 1895 George Carte
r (1881 with first wife Margaret , in 1891 with second wife Sarah.  He died 9/11/1895)
Wm Cain (1901),
1901 - 1902 John P Brown
1912 - 1929 Charles William Cook
1933 Edward Collings
1937 Wm E G Harrison
Mrs Dance
Eric Collins, 
Mr Marshall,
Doug Payne (Newfoundlander)

Prince of Wales, then John Bunyan (no mention until after the 1861 census)
Alfred & Sarah Slough(1871,1881(had a son William))
1891 uninhabited
1901 William Calvey, Emma (wife), and children Matilda, Gertrude, Frederick, Janet and Donald.
Arthur George Bell
William & Emma Harvey (1933-1952)
Dolly & Dave Harvey(1952)
Eddie & Gill Comley
Royal Exchange, Gustard Wood Abraham Brothers, Boot & Shoemaker & Beer Seller (1851)
Abraham Brothers (1861, 1871) "
Abraham Brothers (1881) son of above

1890 - 1902 George Spikesley

Contributions of information greatly appreciated and acknowledged from: Laurie Seymour (My recollections go back to 1935), Christine Field, Mark Dawson.  Some information extracted from "Wheathampstead Inns" in the Public Library

Other information related to Pubs and Brewing

1851 on High St = Wm Higby Lattimore, Brewer & Malster, s/o Wm Lattimore
1851 on East Lane = Joseph Males, Maltman
1851 Gustard Wood = Charles E. Howard, Beer Seller
1851 Pickford Mills = Thomas Parrott, Beer Seller
1851 Gibralter, Batford Mills = George Neale, Publican
1851 on Luton Rd = Wm Dellar, Shoemaker & Beerseller
1851 No Mans Land = John Rainsdon, Ag Lab & Beer Shop Keeper
1851 Amwell = John Stredder, Carpenter & Beer Shop Keeper
1851 Harpenden Common = George Gray, Shoemaker & Publican
1851 Whstd Hill = Wm Rudd, Beer Shop Keeper
1851 Bury Green = Mary A. Dunham, Beer Shop Keeper
1851 Bury Green = John Anderson, Brewers Labr

GEORGE MATTHIAS CARTER, ...... NOTICE is hereby given, that all creditors and other persons having any debts, claims, or demands against the estate of George Matthias Carter, late of the Park Hotel No Mans Land in the county of Hertford Licensed Victualler deceased who died at the Park Hotel, No Mans Land aforesaid on the 9th day of November 1895 and whose will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High-Court of Justice on the 5th day of February 1896 by Walter Batchelor one of the executors named therein..... (extract from THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 3, 1896)

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