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Many people are happy to maintain their lawns by mowing, but are unsure about the weeding and feeding treatments.  This is where we can help. 
Our professional treatments will ensure that your lawns will stay weed and pest free.

Spring Treat

March - April

 Your lawn needs help to get started after a difficult winter.

We will feed your lawn with high nitrogen lawn feed and look at Moss control to build your lawn towards a brilliant summer.

Summer Early

May - June

 A more balanced feed will usually be applied.

We look at keeping on top of those weeds with herbicides to maintain that Mr Green look.

Summer Late

July - August

 Feeding your lawn again this time of year really makes a difference.

Your lawn will really be looking it's best and a herbicides treatment will maintain the weed free look of your wonderful lawn.


September - November

 We will use slow release treatment that feeds and helps your lawn through the winter.

The treatment maintains the roots and helps it through to next year. We will work on moss if there is a need at this time too for you.




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Updated 16 February 2011