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Records of wildlife are of no use if they never see the light of day.  Most people are happy to see a beautiful, rare or unusual plant or animal, without ever thinking that their observation could be of any use.  But in fact, virtually all our knowledge of wildlife in Britain comes from ordinary people reporting what they have seen.  It is the one area of science where the amateur is king, and can help to preserve this important part of our national heritage.

If you would like to help record wildlife at Marshalls Heath, then please telephone, write or Email John Murray.  His telephone numbers is 01582 833544, address: “Field End”, Marshalls Heath, Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8HS, Email:    There is a strong need for more bird enthusiasts, botanists and anyone with an interest in fungi, as well as the less well-studied invertebrates. 


The  Friends of Marshalls Heath is a group of local people, presently numbering 40, who aim to maintain the wildlife diversity at Marshalls Heath, to monitor and record the species there, to raise awareness of the value of our environment and to protect the Heath from development and other detrimental effects on the wildlife.   The group is free of charge, so if you would like to join and receive information on events and activities, then telephone, write or Email John Murray on 

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Updated 19 Feb 2006