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General Information

Wheathampstead is a village with around 7,000 electors and 2,600 homes.  It has 3 District Councillors all of which are Conservatives. Voting over the last 10 years has shown that there is a relatively small margin between the Liberal Democrats and the Tories.  In 2006 Lib Dems and Tories had 1132 voters each and Judy Shardlow (Lib Dem) won by drawing the longer pencil.  In 2011 former Mayor Chris Oxley lost his seat by 22 votes.  Labour & Greens came a poor third & Fourth.  Turnout at elections is usually around 50% but in 2012 it dropped to 42%.   For decades the Tories were in control of the District Council but in 1995 Liberal Democrats took overall control.  However this was lost in 1999 when due to boundary changes there was an all out election.  In May 2001 the Council adopted the new Leader and Cabinet model of local government on a shadow basis until 2002 when the system came into full operation.  The District Council returned to the Liberal Democrats being the largest and running the Cabinet from June 2004.  In 2011 as part of  a National swing against the Lib Dems. Tories took control.

Wheathampstead Liberal Democrats work to keep in close touch with residents through their regular FOCUS leaflet giving up to date facts and seeking residents views on local issues.  Some of our successes over the past 20 years have included: 

New Changing Rooms at Folly Fields 
Re-opening playing fields at the former senior school for junior football and cricket
New Community Centre Hilldyke
New Cycleway Leasey Bridge Lane to Harpenden
Twin Bin Recycling throughout of the village
Free weekly bus Hilldyke to Co-op Supermarket in Harpenden
Stopping the re-opening of Blackbridge Tip
Successfully campaigning for local children to go to acceptable local secondary schools
Had 30 mph speed limit installed on Lower Luton Road
Procured the opening of a national supermarket in the village
Secured funding for the launch of the Independent "Wheathampstead Enterprise For Business" organisation

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Members & helpers

We welcome new members and/or helpers. We run a Consultation Group of interested residents some of whom are formal Members, others supporters in a less formal manner. Our past and present Lib Dem Councillors are concerned to ensure they react to the wishes of residents and the consultation group is an important source of feedback. 

Contact Chris Oxley chris@lesmar.com for fuller details

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