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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (11)

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The pictures were all taken about 1978 
and kindly contributed by WelGarNet (View his site about Welwyn Garden city http://www.welgarnet.fsnet.co.uk/ )

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These are on the West side of High St and Station Rd
simage2.jpg (38466 bytes)
The Swan
simage16.jpg (42527 bytes)
The Swan
simage4.jpg (45675 bytes)
Collins Antiques
EXTRA3.jpg (64315 bytes)
St Helen's Church
simage1.jpg (56798 bytes)
Stuarts Mens wear
simage3.jpg (45261 bytes)
simage17.jpg (113282 bytes)
St Helen's Church
simage15.jpg (47539 bytes)
Barclays Bank
simage10.jpg (53840 bytes)
Jennifer Muir Wool & Ladies Clothes
EXTRA5.jpg (42037 bytes)
simage9.jpg (45492 bytes)
Forbouys Newsagents
BUSBY.jpg (46579 bytes)
Busby Pharmacy
simage19.jpg (46467 bytes)
The Mill
simage7.jpg (45723 bytes)
G S Simons Butchers & Abattoir 
simage12.jpg (40360 bytes)
L G Hall Bakers
simage8.jpg (37917 bytes)
G S Simons & L G Hall

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