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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (7)

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The pictures on this page have been kindly provided by F J Hyde (Jack).  

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astridgefarmc1949.jpg (31004 bytes)
Astridge Farm c1949

cricketerspub.jpg (26192 bytes)
Cricketers Pub
cycleshop.jpg (30404 bytes)
Cycle shop
gustardwoodcmmn.jpg (31947 bytes)
Gustardwood Common
highst.jpg (30799 bytes)
High Street
highst2.jpg (26441 bytes)
High street
highst3.jpg (36258 bytes)
High Street
hightst4.jpg (27260 bytes)
High Street
hightst5.jpg (31519 bytes)
High Street
homeguard101944.jpg (48080 bytes)
Home Guard - Oct 1944
back row - John Burton, ?, Jack Hyde, ?, ?.
middle row - Peter Burton, Wally Walters, Albert Hills, G J Sloane, ?, Jim Douglas, G J W Titmuss(Peter), ?, ?, Brisco, Mr Pearson.
bottom row - ?, ?, ?, ?, Major Warren, Captain Wardel, Fletcher, ?, ?, Reg Russell
militaryfuneral.jpg (28083 bytes)
Military funeral
millcows.jpg (32858 bytes)
Cows near the Mill
newsagent.jpg (39220 bytes)
Newsagent in High Street
olddairy.jpg (36992 bytes)
The Dairy (Jack's home at one time)
scoutprd.jpg (36850 bytes)
Scout parade
StHelen24041866.jpg (30692 bytes)
St Helen's Church 24 April 1866
stpeters.jpg (25170 bytes)
St Peter's Church
thehill.jpg (26206 bytes)
The Hill
townfarm.jpg (35261 bytes)
Town Farm
Workhouse.jpg (31504 bytes)
The High Street including the workhouse
High St. looking north (workhouse on left)

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