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Wheathampstead History 

(Helmets staff - c 1932 - Right page) Print page and add names then please email and numbers and names to be added to web.

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R1   R19   R37  
R2   R20   R38  
R3   R21   R39  
R4   R22   R40 Dorothy Earney
R5   R23   R41  
R6 Kath Odell ? R24   R42  
R7   R25   R43  
R8   R26      
R9   R27      
R10   R28 Emily Earney    
R11   R29      
R12   R30      
R13   R31      
R14 Dora Field R32      
R15   R33      
R16 Gwen Hicks R34      
R17   R35      
R18   R36      

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