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Wheathampstead History 

(Helmets staff - c 1932 - Left page) Print page and add names then
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L1   L19   L37  
L2   L20   L38  
L3   L21 Harry Pocock who lived at 4 Amwell Lane L39  
L4   L22   L40  
L5 not used L23 Kath Swallow (forewoman), sister Vera also worked at Helmets. L41  
L6   L24   L42  
L7   L25   L43  
L8   L26   L44  
L9   L27   L45  
L10   L28   L46  
L11   L29   L47  
L12   L30   L48  
L13   L31   L49  
L14   L32   L50  
L15   L33   L51  
L16   L34   L52  
L17   L35   L53  
L18   L36      

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