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Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times - 1944 (September)

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The source of the text shown originated in the Herts Advertiser.  It has been re-typed so may have some errors within it - for these we apologies.  Please refer to archived material if in doubt.

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1st September p5



When a private in the Home Guard was warned by his Sergt.-Major for parade, the private told the Sergt. Major to clear off. 

This was stated at St. Albans Divisional Sessions, on Saturday, in a case in which Jack William Bert Mangham (25), tractor driver, the Folly Field, Wheathampstead, pleaded "Guilty " to being absent  without reasonable excuse, from Home Guard parade at Harpenden, on July 23rd.

Lieut. L. C. Clarke, gave evidence that on July 20th he was in company with Sergt.-Major Durbridge when he saw defendant seated in a car.  The Sergt.-Major warned defendant to parade, properly dressed, at platoon headquarters at 9.30 a.m. on Sunday, July 23rd, but he did not do so. His attendances, ever since he joined the Home Guard, had been poor, and great difficulty had been experienced in contacting him. . 

In reply to Mr. R. De Mornay Davies (for defendant), witness said he knew defendant was in the employ of the Herts War Agricultural Executive Committee but was not aware that he had to travel to many places in West Herts daiJy; that he had to report for work at 5 a.m., and did not get home until after 8 p.m. Witness had seen defendant in Wheathampstead; before 8 p.m. He was not aware that defendant had applied for exemption from the Home Guard because of his work. 

Supt. Hales: "Haven't you made every effort to contact this man? - Witness: Yes. 

And he has very cunningly avoided all your efforts to contact him?-Yes. 

" Clear Off."

Sergt.-Major G. T. Durbridge said that when he warned defendant to attend the parade in question defendant told him to clear off 

Supt. Hales: What has been the attitude of this man since he joined the Home Guard?-Witness: He has never been on parade since I became Sergt.-Major of "B" Company eighteen months ago. 

Answering further questions, witness said: "He was before Lieut. Col; J. K. Wenham, the Commanding Officer, to whom he explained his position in regard to his work, and arrangements were made for him to do certain parades which would not clash with his work. He said he could attend those parades and promised to do so, but he did not carry out that promise. 

Mr. de Mornay Davies said this was another of the cases - many of which had been reported in the Press - where an agricultural worker found that his work clashed with his Home Guard duties. Having regard to the importance of agriculture, special consideration should be given to agricultural workers in connection with Home Guard duties and he asked the Justices to take that into consideration. 

The Chairman (Mr; M.G. Dashwood) said defendant would be fined the maximum of 5, with 1 costs. In default of payment within seven days he would go to prison for a month. 




St. Albans Divis1onal Justices spent nearly twenty minutes, on Saturday, debating, in private. whether they should grant an application by. Mr. R. Spurr, of the "Bull" Hotel, Wheathampstead, for an occasional license from 2 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. on September 2nd, for a gymkhana, etc., to be held at Lower Meadows, Wheathampstead, in aid of the Red Cross. 

Supt. J. Hales said the Police had no objection to the application, and Mr. Spurr, in reply to quest1ons from the Bench1, said a similar application was granted last year when a similar event was held at Mr. Nicho1s' farm. .

The Chairman (Mr. M. G. Dashwood) : Why do you want the license so late?-:Mr. Spurr: There are a flower show and a fete as well as the gymkhana, and it goes on until 8.30 p.m. 

After the Justices' lengthy deliberations, the Chairman told Mr. Spurr that the question they had been considering was not whether he should have the license, but the principle or granting licenses at this sort of entertainment.

"We are going to grant this license from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.," added the Chairman, "but we wish it to be understood that this is not a precedent by any means, and each application for a similar license will be very carefully considered."




The wedding took place, at St. Martin's Church, North-road, Hull, on Saturday, of Miss Marjorie Diglin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Diglin, of 126, Boothferry-road, Hull, and Mr. Edwin James Noblett, son of Mrs. Noblett, of "Moat House," Wheathampstead, and of the late Mr. T. J. Noblett. 

The Rev. W. H. Leach conducted the service. . 

Given away by her father, the bride was attired in a dress of white figured crepe-de-chene, with white embroidered Veil arranged from a headdress of gardenias. She carried a bouqet of deep cream tea roses. 

The Misses Peggy Smith, Joyce Westerdale and Enid Moxham (cousin of the bride) were in attendance.  They wore deep petunia, hyacinth blue and apple green taffeta respectively, with coronets of' feather-flowers, and carried bouquets of scabious and dahlias. 

Mr. T. J. Noblett (brother of the bridegroom) acted as best man. 

When the couple left for the Yorkshire coast the bride wore a turquoise blue figured dress, with blue coat to match and a nigger-brown hat and accessories.

8th September p5

Wheathampstead Gymkhana and Fete



A one-hour miniature "cattle market," with Mr. John Hodgson, the framing auctioneer, calling the bids, sprung up in the middle of Lower Meadows, Marford, on Saturday.  Before Mr. Hodgson had said " Going, Going, Gone " for the last time, about 220 had been raised for the funds of the British Red Cross.  He sold all sorts of farmyard fowls and animals which had been generously given to the sale by farmers in the district. 

Pigs. sheep, ducks and chickens all came under his hammer. He was also called upon to auction the inevitable bottles of whisky and gin and, in addition put up 500 cartridges for the benefit of sportsmen anxious to take part in the partridge-shooting season.

The agricultural sale was part of the combined gymkhana, horticultural show and dog show which were held to raise money for the Victory Garden Week effort for the Red Cross. The latest estimate of the total. raised is 600. 

The sideshows were run by the Sea Cadet Corps, Under Lieut. Cunnington, R.N.V.R., and Messrs. Long, J. Wright and Hooker. 

Besides sideshows. stalls were arranged. They were run by Mrs. Garrett. Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Smallwood. Mrs. A. M. Baird-Smith handed over the proceeds of a sale of work which she held some weeks previously and Miss Marigold Cory-Wright organised the gymkhana. Mr. H. G. , Hill was responsible for the "cattle market"; the horticultural show was arranged by the Flower Show Committee; Countess Reventlow and Mrs. Thornton organised the dog show. Teas were served by the W .V .S, and the bar was run by Messrs. Spur and Corbett. 

The judges for the gymkhana were Major J. B. Tabor, Major R. C, Faulconer, Mr. Stanley White, Mr. J. Crawford and Mr. John Campbell, and the ring stewards were Messrs. Hertz and Kelvie.  The starter was Mr. Geoffrey Hartop; Mrs. Hartop was Hon. Secretary and Mrs. Marsh was Assistant Hon. Secretary.  The results were: Bending (under 18 years) : 1, Helen Russel; 2, Jean Reeve; 3, Felicity Down.  Bending (under 13) ; 1, Robin Wells; 2, Anne Bouverie, 3, Susan Cobbold. Riding (under 8) : 1, -.Mossman; 2, Gay Tregoning; 3, Angela Midgley.  Handy hunter (under 18): 1, Barbara Down; 2. Helen Russel: 3, M. Morely.  Handy hunter (under 13) : 1, Grahame Foster.  Obstacle race (under 18): 1, Mary Moore; 2, Jean Reeve; 3, Nancie Shepherd. Obstacle race (under 13): 1, Lady Rosanagh Crighton; 2. Robin Wells; 3, John Grubb.  Agricultural turn-outs: 1, -.Dixon; 2, Mrs. Nor bury. Commercial turn-outs: 1, J. W. Ellis; 2, J. F. Gregory; 3. B. Dunham.  Agricultural horses in hand: 1, -.Norbury; 2, -, Sparrow; 3, -. Hill.  Driving class: 1, -.Osborn; 2, Mrs. Stanley White; 3, -.Sparrow. 


The judges of the horticultural show were Miss Hutchins, the Hon. Mrs. Faulconer, Mr. Norman and Mr Hasler. The results were :-Kidney potatoes: 1, Chapman; 2, Ward; 3. Fuller.  Round potatoes: 1, Thornton; 2, Chapman; 3, Webb. Onions (transplanted) : 1, Webb; 2. Austin; 3, Bozier.  Onions (Spring sown): 1, .Bozier; 2, Patten; 3, Ward. Long carrots: 1, Thornton; 2, Fuller. Stump-rooted carrots: 1, Thornton; 2, Fuller; 3, Garrett. Round beet: 1, Chapman; 2, Webb; 3. Patten.  Parsnips: 1, Chapman; 2, Fuller.  Marrows: 1. Webb: 2, O'Brien; 3. Thornton. Tomatoes: , 1, Chennells; 2, Chapman; 3, Garrett. Celery: 1, Chapman, 2, Patten. Runner beans: 1, Ward; 2, Webb; 3, Chapman. Cauliflower. 1, Fuller. Cabbages: 1. Fuller; 3, O'Brien. Cabbage Lettuce: 2, Chapman. Dessert apples: 1, Garrett; 2, Mrs. Paterson; 3, Garrett. Cooking apples: 1 and 2; Garrett; 3, Mrs. Paterson. Plums: 1, Mrs. Cory-Wright; 2, Chapman; 3,  Hensman. Pears: 3, Mrs. Cory-Wright. Vase chrysanthemums: 1, Pearce; 3, Chennells. Dahlias: 1, Mrs. Cory-Wright. Hen's eggs: 1, Collins; 2. Miss Taylor; 3, Mrs. Paterson. Duck eggs: 1. Collins. Bottle of fruit: 1, Mrs. Griffin; 2, Mrs. Snelling; 3, Mrs. Smallwood. Pot of jam: 1, Mrs. Cory-Wright; 2 and 3, Mrs. Smallwood.  Freak vegetable:. 1, Garrett. Collection vegetables: 1 Chapman; 2, Thornton; 3. Chennells. Vase or bowl miscellaneous flowers: 1, Mrs. Cory- Wright; 2, Miss Willams; 3, Mrs. Chennells. 

The Flower Show Committee comprised Miss Williams and Messrs. Chapman, Fuller, Garrett, O'Brien, Smith, Thornton and Webb. 


In the humorous dog show the outstanding item, perhaps, was the dog race, in which there were a couple of minor fights and a few frantic chases. about the field by owners! The proceeds of this show amounted to 2 17s., and the results were :- 

Longest tail: 1, Miss Sonja Cooper, Longest ears: 1. Miss Parker. Shortest dog: 1, Miss Smyth. Soulful eyes: 1, .Miss Morton; 2, Mrs. Guerney.  Fastest ta1l-wagger: 1, Mr. Saunders.  Best condition: 1, Miss Parker; 2, Mrs. Guerney; 3, Miss Morton.  Most appealing beggar: 1, Miss Essex. Boy or girl (up to twelve years) with best-dressed dog: 1, D. Cobbold, Dog-owner with funniest hat: 1, Miss Chrichton; 2, D: Cobbold.  Secret prize: 1, Lord Erne; 2, Miss Essex, Dog race: 1, -.Garrett; 2, Miss Cooper.




Sergeant Alfred John Allaway. of Lea Valley Estate, Wheathampstead. was married at Wheathampstead Parish Church, on Sunday. His bride was Miss .Jeane Isabel Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Baker, of  Walthamstow . 

Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Allaway, of 19, Manor-road, Lea Valley Estate, Sergt, Allaway took part in a mass escape from an Italian prisoner-of- war camp when the armistice was signed and made for the hills, where he was fed and sheltered by Italian farmers. 

Sergt. Allaway and Miss Baker. 

A guest at the wedding was Sergt. E. W. Young. Royal Artillery, of Edmonton, who was with him during the whole period they were in hiding. 

Given away by her father, the bride wore a dress. of white crepe, with train. Her white veil was held in place by sprays of orange blossom, which formed her headdress, and she carried a bouquet of red carnations.

Her attendants were Miss Frances Baker and Mrs. Irene Holmes (her sisters). They wore blue satin dresses with blue feathered headdresses and veils. and carried bouquets of chrysanthemums.  Eight-year-old Maureen Hood (niece of the bridegroom), who was the rain-bearer, wore pale blue taffeta with a pink headdress and carried a posy of chrysanthemums. 

The ceremony was performed by the Rector (the Rev. A. M. Baird-Smith) and the duties of best man were carried out by Mr. A. E. Hastings (bridegroom's nephew). 

After the reception Sergt. Allaway and his bride left for Wallasey, where the honeymoon is being spent, the bride travelling in a powder-blue jumper suit. 



Home Guards and Army Cadets paraded to Wheathampstead Parish Church on Sunday morning for the National Day of Prayer. An address was given by the Rev. C. J. Read. of Harpenden.

Boys and girls of Wheathampstead Congregational Church brought gifts of vegetables and flowers to their special harvest festival service in the church on Sunday afternoon. These were distributed on Monday. with the decorations used in the church, to sick and aged members of the congregation. The children's special service was addressed by Mr. J. Tomlin, of Luton, who also conducted the evening service. The morning service was taken by the Minister (the Rev. J Henderson).

15th September p3


Women's Institute members met at the Senior School; on Wednesday, with Mrs. G. C. Norbury in the chair.  The speaker was Mrs. Oakley, of Peters Green, her subject being "Portugal and its People." It was decided to send a blanket of woollen squares, made by members, to liberated Europe.  A competition for the best-arranged flowers was won by Mrs. Potter. . 

Harvest festival services were held at the Folly Methodist Church on Sunday. The Rev. C. C. Mayes (Superintendent Minister of the Harpenden Circuit) preached in the morning. and in the afternoon there was a children's gift service, at which the gifts were received by Mrs. F. J . Woods. The Rev. F. J, Woods conducted the evening service. On Monday a sale of produce was followed by a meeting, presided over by Mr. J. W. Tomlinson, at which the Rev. F. J. Woods gave an address. The collections and proceeds of the sale, amounting to 23, were for the Church Trust Fund. 

Home Guards Camp,- By a pleasing coincidence, in view of the uncertainty with regard to the future of the Home Guard, members of "B" Company of the 5th Herts Battalion. of the Home Guard (Wheathampstead and Kimpton) were in camp at Crow Hill, Harpenden, last week-end, at the same time that Home Guards elsewhere were doing their last compulsory parades. The spirit of comradeship was much in evidence among the men numbering about sixty. An inter-platoon shouting competition was held on the adjacent range. and Home Guard talent, including. the Company's own dance band, took part in a concert on Saturday evening.

22nd September p3


Divorce.--Mr. Justice Barnard, in the Divorce Court, on Wednesday, made absolute  493 decrees nisi in matrimonial causes including that granted on March 8th. 1944. to Mrs. Clara Constance Maria Hoskyns-Abrahall, whose address was then given as Greenaway House, Wheathampstead.

At the recent Examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music the following pupils of Miss Elsie M. Toyer were successful: Mrs. Drury, Intermediate Pianoforte: Marie Coates. Lower Division, Pianoforte; Doris Smith, Transitional, Pianoforte: Theodore Goodman. Transitional, Pianoforte: Roger Euinton, Elementary, Pianoforte: Evelyn Warner, Primary. Pianoforte.-( Advt. )

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