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Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times - 1944 (November)

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The source of the text shown originated in the Herts Advertiser.  It has been re-typed so may have some errors within it - for these we apologies.  Please refer to archived material if in doubt.

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3rd November p4


Mr. and Mrs. A. C; Cox. of The Hill, Wheathampstead, have been notified that their second son, Sergt. Allan Ernest Cox. of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, died of wounds in North-West Europe on October 17th.  He was 24 years of age. 

Sergt. A. E. Cox.

Sergt. Cox attended St. Helen's School. Wheathampstead, and was later employed as a motor mechanic in his father's garage business at Wheathampstead. He was a member of the Wheathampstead Fire Brigade, which he joined in 1937. 

He joined the Forces in April, 1940. 

At the time of his death he was Sergeant in charge of an anti-tank detachment. 

Mr. Cox, senior, served in the last war, and is a member of the Committee of the Wheathampstead British Legion. He was also a member of the village Fire Brigade. 

Sergt. Cox composed a poem in a trench under fire, in North-West Europe, on October 11th, six days before he died. 

10th November p3


The sum of 10 was raised for the Folly Methodist Church Trust Fund as the result of a concert given by local pupils of Miss Toyer, of Luton, in the Schoolroom, last week. 

Viscount Davidson gave the address at a united Peace Sunday service, at the Parish Church, which was attended by Legion members and other organisations. The service was conducted by the Rev. A. M. Baird- Smith and the Rev. J. Henderson read the lesson. The collection (10) was for Earl Haig's Fund.

Women's Institute members, at their meeting on Wednesday, were addressed by Miss Bowman (Head mistress of Aylwin School. Rickmansworth).  Mrs. M. E. Smallwood reported on the annual County Federation meeting and read an interesting letter from her pen-friend in Canada. Miss Palmer, of Leverstock Green, spoke on "Names and their Meaning." Mrs. C. Deaville and other members arranged the social half-hour.

17th November p3



That she had been a victim of treachery; was the allegation made by, Miss Lilian Hayward, of "Red Cottage," Nomansland, Wheathampstead, in St, Albans County Court, on Tuesday, when she was sued for possession of that cottage by Mrs. Louie Marcia Harding of Ayot St. Lawrence. Plaintiff also claimed mesne profits as from August. 12th, 1944, and defendant counter claimed for 50 damages in respect of injury which she alleged had been caused to her health by the action of plaintiff in trying to get possession of the premises; , 

Mr. C. C, Barker (for plaintiff) explained "that Red Cottage" was owned by the late Miss M. S, Pring, and defendant resided with her as a companion-help. After the death of Miss Pring, on November 26th, 1943, defendant, wrongfully, It was alleged, remained in the cottage, By a will, dated July 15th, 1935, Miss Pring appointed Mr. A. B. Adams and Mr. R. C; Gray as her executors. They gave defendant notice to quit on March 30th, 1944, and sold the cottage to plaintiff on August 12th, 1944, Plaintiff's solicitors gave defendant notice to quit on August 21st, 1944, but she remained in possession, and plaintiff was asking for possession and for mesne profits, at 1 per week, from August 12th. . 

Defendants' Case was that Miss Pring arranged to pay her 15s. per week for looking after her and her animals, but, being unable to, make those payments, arranged that, on her death, defendant should have the cottage and the furniture. On November 22nd, 1943, when Miss Pring was ill, she asked Dr. Eldred, who was attending her, to telephone to her solicitor to come down that day, as she desired to add a codicil to her will, giving effect to the arrangement that defendant should have the cottage and furniture; The. solicitor did not, however, attend as requested, but prepared and forwarded a new will, but Miss Pring died before it could be signed.

Reginald Charles Gray, who gave evidence on plaintiffs behalf, agreed, in reply to defendant, that by the new will, if it had been signed and properly witnessed, the cottage would have been left to defendant, but that document, which arrived on the day of Miss Pring's death, was not signed by her, read over to her, or witnessed. 

"Over My Head."

"The executors have treacherously sold the cottage over my bead," declared defepdant, who said that Miss Pring had always intended her to have the cottage and contents in lieu of the money which she had not been able to pay defendant for looking after her and her animals for seven years. If Miss Pring's solicitor had attended on November 22nd, as requested by Miss Pring, and had executed the codicil, defendant would have had her rights -for which she was now fighting.

Mrs. Mabel Haines gave evidence in support of defendant's case, and said that on one occasion, when defendant left Miss Pring, witness was asked by Miss Pring to see defendant and tell her that if she would go back, Miss Pring would pay her 15s. a week and that when she died everything that was left would be defendant's. 

Mr. Barker submitted that whatever might be the position, between defendant and the executors, that could not effect plaintiff's right to have possession of a property which she had purchased.

Judge Sir Gerald Hargreaves said the case was a very unusual one, but the claim for possession could not be affected by any arrangements which, there might have been between defendant and the late Miss Pring.  There would have to be an order for possession, but he would suspend it until the, end of January to give defendant time to consider whether she had any remedy she desired to pursue against the executors, or anyone else. 

Defendant:  I have already done so. 

The Judge added that he would give judgment for plaintiff for 13 mesne profits, with costs.

Defendant: And you won't get either.

In regard to the counter-claim, defendant alleged that plaintiff's action in endeavouring to get possession of the cottage had caused serious damage to defendant's health and had comp1etely upset her nervous system.   "The shock caused by giving me two days' notice to give up the keys," her statement continued. "bowled me over right out, and has had very serious results, as it blocked my lymphatic glands, from which anything can happen now."

The counter-claim was dismissed, and the Judge, in allowing costs on Scale "A," said it was a case of unusual complexity.



The Parish Council, at a meeting, on Friday, co-opted Mr.. A. Partington to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. A, Biggs. 

Parish Church. -Evening service from Sunday onwards at 3 p.m. S.P.G. Appeal. - (Advt.) . 

The Practical Centre of St. Helen's School. was a hive of industry on Wednesday, when members of the Women's Institute. assisted by a dozen senior girls, were to be seen canning apples for the Schoo1 Dinner Club.  A gross of cans were to be dealt with, and operations' were supervised by Mrs. Todd, of the Hertfordshire Federation of Women's Institutes. 

The Annual General Meeting of the British Legion will be held at the Village Hall on Friday, November 24th, at 8 p.m. All ex-Servicemen are cordially invited to attend to show approval of the Branch's work.- (Advt.) , 

Wheathampstead Legion Branch set itself a target of 160 for Poppy Day and raised 180. This included the proceeds of events held during August week and others arranged since, which brought in 89 2s. 9d. The Poppy Day house-to-house and street collection, which was again organised by Mrs. I. V, Raikes and Miss V. Raikes, realised 90 0s. 6d., which included a church collection of 10. , 

At St. Albans Divisional Sessions, on Saturday, Alfred Ashton (40), 3, Lea Valley Cottages, Luton-road, Wheathampstead, pleaded "Guilty" to two summonses for possessing a pistol and ammunition without holding a firearms certificate. - P.c. Barker gave evidence. and defendant told the Justices that he bought the pistol for the sole purpose of shooting vermin, adding that he had never fired it.- Defendant was fined 1, and the Justices made an order for the weapon and ammunition to be confiscated. 

In St. Albans County Court, on Tuesday, Shoon (Herts). Ltd.,- of " Park dell," Tower Hill, Sandridge, sued M. Evelyn Wheeler, of 4, Bankside Chambers. Wheathampstead, for possession of a flat, - Plaintiff's case, conducted by Mr. F. Turner, was that defendant occupied the flat by reason of her employment with plaintiffs as manageress of a cafe. She had relinquished that employment, but had not given up possession of the flat, which was required for the new manageress. - Judge Sir Gerald Hargreaves said he had received a letter from defendant, stating that she had to give up the work because of a breakdown in health. She had made every effort to get other accommodation, but without success and asked for more time. - His Honour made an order for possession in twenty-one days. .,




For the first thime in forty years, "fourteen private wells at Folly Fields, Wheathampstead, have failed to yield to the demands of the occupiers of forty-two houses, who are very perturbed about the matter.

"Every one of these wells has failed and residents of more than forty years standing inform me that it is the first time they have known this to happen." reported the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. D. J. Graham) at a meeting of St. Albans Rural Council on Tuesday.

The Public Health and Lighting Committee reported that it had had under consideration a letter from the Ministry of Health and one from Wheathampstead Parish Council with reference to the lack of a suitable water supply to individual houses at Folly Fields and Amwe1l. The Sanitary Inspector had submitted a report to the effect that out of the forty- five houses at Folly Fields only three have main water and the remainder normally draw their supplies from fourteen private wells in the gardens of the various groups of dwellings. All the householders concerned were now taking their water  from a stand-pipe at the junction of Lower Luton-road and the Folly.  Seventeen of the houses were within a radius of 200 feet of the standpipe. The residents, he continued, were deeply concerned at the possibility of their having to carry water the long distance throughout the winter.  Some of the householders were old and infirm, and in a delicate state of health.  It was therefore desirable that the water main should be extended into Folly Fields and a further two stand-pipes fixed at convenient points. The Committee recommended that the owners be approached and asked whether they will be prepared to make a capital contribution towards the cost of laying a main water supply to these two centres of population. 

Members of the Council made no comments on the matter and the recommendation was agreed to.

Street Lighting.

In regard to street lighting the, Pub1ic Health and Lighting Committee reported that letters had been received from the Northmet Company and the Watford and St. Albans Gas Company, confirming that full lighting would be available at short notice should the Government decide that this can be resumed.

17th November p4


Able Seaman Kenneth Reginald Glenister. of the Royal Navy. only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Glenister. of 5, Lea Valley Cottages, Lower Luton-road, Wheathampstead, has been reported missing while on war service during operations connected with the liberation of North-west Europe, He is twenty one years of age.

A.B.  K. R. G1enister

Born at Wheathampstead, he attended St. Helen's School, and was later employed first at the Murphy Chemical Works and subsequently. until called up at the age of eighteen, by Helmets Ltd., Cromwell Works, Wheathampstead, 

Mr. Glenister, senior, served for two years with the Army in France in the last war, and was wounded. 

24th November p5


A member of an old Wheathampstead family, Mrs. Minnie Sarah Charlotte Westwood, licensee of the "Red Cow," Wheathampstead Hill, and widow of Mr. William George Westwood, died on Tuesday, at the age of 79.  She was born in the village, her father being licensee of the house before it was taken over by Mr.. W. G. Westwood, since whose death, sixteen years ago, it had been carried on by his widow. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Westwood, of Wheathampstead, have suffered a heavy bereavement by the death, at her home, on Friday,of their second daughter, Mrs. Mary Winifred Eileen Jones, wife of Mr., Harold Jones, of "Oak Cottage," Turpin's Chase, Welwyn.  Mrs. Jones, who was only 27, died nine days after the birth of her second son. Her other son, Christopher, is five year's old. Born in Wheathampstead, where she attended St. He1en's Schoo1. she later assisted her father in his business as builder and estate agent.

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