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Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times - 1944 (March)

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The source of the text shown originated in the Herts Advertiser.  It has been re-typed so may have some errors within it - for these we apologies.  Please refer to archived material if in doubt.

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3rd March p4


Previously reported missing, Private Charles H. Warner, of The Buffs, son of Mr. and Mrs. H Warner, of 15, Brewhouse-hill, Wheathampstead, has written to his parents stating that he is a prisoner of Stalag XIA Camp, Germany

"Its a bit boring at times." he writes. "When we get settled it should be O.K. We get a Red Cross parcel each week, also cigarettes. Hoped Bill is doing as well as I am . . . Still, there is nothing to worry about. We shall be home quicker than you expect." in a later letter he wrote: "Just about getting used to this life now".

The reference to "Bill" is to his step-brother, Private W Bozier, of the Beds and Herts Regiment, who is a prisoner in Japanese hands.

10th March p4


There Was an interesting gathering of Women's Institute members in the Folly Methodist Schoolroom, Wheathampstead, on Wednesday, to which Mrs. Martin Smith (W.V.s. County Organiser) and Mrs. Hopkinson (a member of the Women's Institute County Executive) were visitors. Mr~. J. Paterson presided.

Representatives of Women's Institute Branches at Sandridge.Kimpton.  South Harpenden and Kinsbourne Green were present by invitation. 

One of the chief items in the programme was the presentation of a notice board to the Wheathampstead Institute, as winners of the County Institute competition for the best programme of bookings of the village hall over a period of three months.  Mrs. C. Deaville received the prize. of book tokens as the individual winner in the Same contest.

Members of Mrs. D. Cory-Wright's team of W.V.S. actresses presented her play. "The Importance of Being Prepared," which is visual form of basic training for the W.V.S.  The players were thanked by Mrs. Martin Smith. 

Miss G. Williams. of Gustard Wood, gave a talk on, seasonal gardening; and it was announced that during four years Wheathampstead Women's Institute have collected 4,617 In national  savings.

10th March p5


Maintenance Arrears.- At St. Albans City Sessions. yesterday, Sidney E. Pratt. Bury Green, Wheathampstead, admitted being in arrears to the extent of 6. up to February 29th, under a maintenance order, made on 'January 20th, for 2 per week in respect of his wife: and two children.  He said that owing to ill-health. he had had to take a light job for a time. but he had resumed his ordinary work this week and offered to pay 2 5s. per week until the arrears are disposed of. The Justices made an order accordingly.

17th March p3


Mrs. Clara Constance Maria Hoskyns-Abrahall, of " Greenaway House," Wheathampstead, was granted a decree nisi by Mr. Justice Barnard in the Divorce Court, last week, on the ground of the adultery of her husband, Theo Hoskyns-Abraha1l, stated to be Deputy Chief Secretary of Nigeria. The suit was not defended.  

The marriage took place at Wheathampstead Parish Church in 1925 and there are three children. 

Petitioner's case was that throughout their married life her husband was in the Civil Service in Nigeria and came to England on leave every two years. They corresponded affectionately and when he was home they were very happy

In 1941 he was expected on leave, but wrote that he was obliged to take his leave locally and he went to Capetown. In the following year she learned that there was another woman.

Evidence on affidavit was read and the Judge said he was satisfied that the charge of adultery been proved.",




Mr. F. Turner (Deputy Coroner for St Albans) yesterday adjourned sine die an inquest held, at Harpenden: on Francis Wi11iam Goodwin (36), described as a railway controller, of 1, Marshall's Heath, Wheathampstead, stating that the doctor was unable to ascertain the cause of death and that a further examination would be necessary.

The Deputy Coroner told the widow, Mrs. Winfred May Goodwin, that the funeral, which was originally fixed for yesterday, would have to take place to-day (Friday).

Deceased. who was engaged on night duty on the L & N.E. Railway Superintendent's control staff at Knebworth, was wel1 known to passengers in Harpenden and Wheathampstead, where he had carried out the duties of clerk in the booking offices there at alternate periods, and was a very popular official. Previously, he was stationed at Hatfield.

The widow described how, on Saturday, her husband, some time after they had had their tea. listened, to the news on the wireless played with the children. and afterwards stood at the table reading when he suddenly "crumpled up in a heap" by the sink. A friend who had come over went for assistance, and during her absence witness saw her husband's face turn a mauve colour.  Another neighbour felt her husband's pulse and heart and said he must have died a few minutes after falling,

Replying "to the Coroner, witness said her husband had been on shift work for some time. He had said this made him tired and that he wanted a good nine hours' rest.  Lately he had complained of a pain in the shoulder, but he laughed and said: "I am getting old; I have got rheumatism."

Witness subsequently told the Deputy Coroner that she recollected that her husband had had a mishap during a fog. last November, when he fell off his motor-cycle, but he was unhurt, and carried on with his work.

The inquest was then adjourned.



The second of a series of dances, arranged in connection with "E" Platoon of the Wheathampstead Company of the Army Cadet Force, and held at the Senior School. on Saturday, was an enjoyable function. The Hooligans Dance Band provided an excellent programme and Sergt.Major H. Corble acted as M.C. Refreshments were arranged by Mesdame's. Thornton, G. Munden, G. Wright and R. Cunnington. The Cadet Dance Committee responsible for the general arrangements comprised Corpls. E. R. Almond, J. E.East 'and T. Hayes, L/CorPl. I. Fisher, and Cadets O'Brien and Potter. The proceeds, which are for the Cadet Welfare Fund, amounted to about 10.

An Interesting link with the past has been severed by the death, which occurred on Thursday of last week, at his home, ' Fern Cottage," The Hill, Wheathampstead, of Mr. Edward Gray.  He was 95 years of age and was believed to be Wheathampstead's oldest inhabitant.  Born at the "Red Cow" beer-house, just opposite his home, he was one of an original family of twelve children of the former licensee.  A sister (Mrs. M. S. Westwood) is the present licensee and she and a brother and sister are now the only survivors of the family.  The late Mr. Gray was a railway worker for many years. On retiring, he devoted himself to gardening, but for many years had been blind.  Since the death of his wife fifteen years ago, a son Mr. L. Gray, and his wife and two children, had lived with him. The funeral took place on Tuesday in the Parish Churchyard, the first part of the service being held in the Congregational Church, which Mr. Gray formerly attended.  It was conducted by the Rev. J. Henderson, who also officiated at the graveside. The mourners were Mr. and Mrs. L. Gray (son and daughter-in-law). Mrs. Walter Gray (sister-in-law), Messrs. Harry and Tom Westwood and Mr. Herbert Gray (nephews), Mrs. Herbert Gray, and Mrs. P. Glenister and the Misses Doris and Gladys Westwood (nieces).

17th March p4


Wing-Commander M. J. Baird-Smith, D.F.C, of the R.A.F., son of the Rev. A. M. Baird-Smith, Rector of Wheathampstead, and Mrs. Baird-Smith, who was reported missing from operations over Germany in January. is a prisoner of war in German hands.  His wife and his father and mother have had official notification of this fact.

24th March p5


At St. Albans Divisional, Sessions, on Saturday, mention was made of a case in which Jack William Maugham, 20, Folly Field, Wheathampstead, is summoned. at the instance of the Ministry of Food, for causing a pig to be slaughtered for human consumption without lawful authority. at Wheathampstead, on February 2nd, contrary to the Livestock (Restriction on Slaughtering) Order  and Hugh Gale, Lower Luton-road, Wheathampstead. is summoned, under the same Order for slaughtering a pig at Wheathampstead on February 2nd without. lawful authority. - An application for the cases to be adjourned until April 1st was granted.

The late Mr. F. W. Goodwin. -Colleagues from Wheathampstead, Hatfield and Knebworth attended the funeral. at Wheathampstead  Churchyard, on Friday of Mr. Francis William Goodwin. of 1, Marsall's Heath, Wheathampstead, a member of the control staff of the District Superintendent of the L.N.-E.R. at Knebworth.  The first part of the service in the Parish Church was conducted by the Rev. A. M. Baird-Smith. Mr. E. G. Lee, the Organist (Stationmaster at Wheathampstead Station),- played Handel's  Largo" and " The Gloria " from " Sleepers Wake " (Bach). and the hymn "Abide with me"  was sung.  Mr. Lee played " O Rest In The Lord " as the coffin was borne from the church. The mourners were Mrs. Goodwin (widow), Mr. G. Thompson (step-father) and Mrs. Thompson (mother), Mr. and Mrs. J. H.. Griggs (father-in-law and mother-in-law). Mr. and Mrs. S. Goodwin {brother and sister-in-law), Mesdames W. Huckle and F. Goodwin (sisters-in-law), Mr. H. Goodwin (uncle). Mr. and Mrs. P. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Smith, Mrs. J. Kidd, Mr.  J. Kidd, senior, Mr. F. Sanders and Mr. H. Jowitt.  Local tradespeople and friends were also present.  Floral tributes included those from Mr. Goodwin's friends and colleagues on the L.N.-E.R.; members of the staff  in the office of the District Superintendent of the L.N.-E.R. at Knebworth, and local tradespeople.

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