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Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times - 1944 (June)

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The source of the text shown originated in the Herts Advertiser.  It has been re-typed so may have some errors within it - for these we apologies.  Please refer to archived material if in doubt.

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2nd June p3



Although almost every child In the area covered by the Wheathampstead Nursing Association has now been inoculated against diphtheria, concern was expressed, at the annual meeting at "Delaport" last week,. that there was a great falling off in the number of children being vaccinated.  It was agreed that the Hon. Secretary (Mrs. J. Paterson) should write to the County Medical Officer of Health, stating that the Association is seriously alarmed at the lack of vaccinations. The President (Mrs. G. C. Norbury), presided. 

Reporting on the work of the District Nurse (Miss F, M. Bunting), the Hon. Secretary stated that she dealt with 195 general cases, eleven midwifery cases, had paid 2,818 visits to the clinics, five medical inspections, and fifty cleanliness inspections. 

Presenting the accounts, the Hon, Treasurer (Mr. F. F. Sladen) referred to the new County scheme whereby Associations which are in good financial circumstances will be called upon to help those Associations less favourably situated. Wheathampstead, he said, were favourably situated. Their quota for the year was 177, -and towards this the County Nursing Association had retained the sum of 58 5s. 5d., which would otherwise have been paid in grants, leaving 118 14s. 7d. to be paid in the course of the year. Although the closing balances, amounting to 268 9s. 8d., were about 40 less than last year, the Association was actually "well up," because they were in the position of having already paid a quarter of the nurse's salary for the ensuing year. 

Officers and Committee were re-elected.



Anniversary services in connection with the Folly Methodist Sunday School were held on Sunday, the preachers, morning and evening, being the Rev. A. H. Bomford and the Rev. F. J. Woods respectively. In the afternoon the children performed a play.  Mr. R. J. Boden presided.  On Tuesday evening teachers and friends presented the play " Earnest Money;'. Mr. G. H. T. Williams being in the chair. Long-service diplomas for over twenty-five years' service were presented to five church workers - Mr. W. J. Hunt, former Secretary for over twenty-five years; Mr. E. Gray, who is joint. Sunday School Superintendent with Mr. C. Deaville; Miss E. French  Superintendent of the Infants' School; Mr. C.V. Wren, Society Steward; and Miss Ella Wren, Assistant Organist.





Wheathampstead considerably exceeded its target of 24,000. 

Closing events In a successful Week were a concert and dance at St. Helen's School on Fridays and Saturday respectively.  Heading the list of London artistes appearing at the concert was Mr. Charles Coburn, the veteran entertainer, of the "Bank at Monte Carlo" fame.  He made a great hit. Others taking part were George Barker and Jean Hailey (radio and stage entertainers), Gladys Crouch (soprano), Peter Drake (conjuror and compere) and Harry Carter. the singing cellist. 

Major G. C. Warren spoke during the evening.  George Mason's orchestra provided the muscle at the dance, and Mr. L. Archer was M.C. 

St. Helen's School Savings Group contributed 2,070 14s. 3d.

9th June p3


Divorce.- Mr. Justice Wallington, in the Divorce Court, on Tuesday, made absolute 491 decrees nisi in matrimonial causes, including that granted on November 8th, 1943, to Mr. Maurice Arthur Meldrum whose address was then given as Lower Luton-road, Wheathampstead.

16th June p3


Women's Institute members, at their meeting at St. Helen's Schoo1, on Wednesday, received a report by Mrs. Griffin upon the success of the Institute's term in the Group co-operative cookery competition, and the gong won on that occasion was shown. The team comprised Mesdames Griffin, Clark, Gray, Maltby and Wimpress. A talk on women in Soviet Russia was given by Mrs. Young, a Czechoslovakian by birth. A competition for a knitted six-inch square was won by Mrs. Wimpress.

23rd June p3


Thirty young people of the Fe1lowship of St. Francis Church, Welwyn Garden City, with the Vicar (the Rev. A. H. Watkins) visited Wheathampstead on Sunday, when they inspected the Devil's Dyke, and attended a service in the Parish Church, where they were also conducted round by the Rev. A, M; Baird-Smith. Tea, in the Church Room. was prepared by local Girl Guides.  

Overseas Missionary Anniversary Services were held at the Folly Methodist Church on Sunday, the preacher, morning and evening, being the Rev. Eric Robinson, a missionary on furlough from India.  Indian objects of interest were exhibited during the afternoon, when the preacher wore Indian costume. The collections amounted to 9 16s. 9d., bringing the total raised this year for Overseas Missions to over 32.

30th June p3



A garden party, organised by Mrs. A. C. Ward, Miss C. Odell, and Mr. C. J. Smith. and held in the grounds of "Alphia," Lower Luton-road, Wheathampstead, on Saturday, by the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Smith. was part of an effort to raise 150 for the Red Cross. 

This amount was to have been raised last year, but the illness of Mr. Ward led to a postponement of activities.  Saturday's effort produced 70, and it is hoped to arrange further events to raise the balance of about 50 still rquired. 

A charming highlight of the party was a "Crowning of the Queen" ceremony, originally arranged to be held at Whitsuntide, 

Little Cleonie Cory-Wright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Cory-Wright, made her first public appearance to crown the, "Queen " (Barbara Young). There was a picturesque procession up the garden and steps when .the Queen-elect was met by four little girls, who strewed rose petals in the path leading to the "throne."  After crowning the "Queen" Cleonie was presented with a book by Mary Hayes. . 

The opening ceremony was performed by Mrs. Leslie-Smith, deputising for her father (Mr. W, J. Hunt). 

The stalls and sideshows and helpers were: Lemonade and pound stall, Mesdames Chivers and B. Smith: jumble. Mesdames S. Males and Parkinson, and Miss C Ode1l ; teas, Mesdames E, Smith. G. French, C. J. Smith. and J, Pearce; refreshments, Mrs. C. J. Smith and Miss E. French; round-the-world, Mr. H. Smith; stake -the -claim, Mr. A C. Ward; wooden horse rides, Master Collins, 

An auction of various gifts. conducted by Mr. D, Cory-Wright, realised fifteen guineas, which is; included in the total mentioned. 




At a. meeting of Wheathampstead Parish Council, last week, Dr. R. T. Leiper  (Chairman) referred to a recent meeting arranged by him and attended by certain local interested parties, at which Mr. J. H, Newsom (County Education Officer) explained the County Authority's proposals with regard to the development of Educational facilities locally, arising out of the new Education Bill. .

In connection therewith, it was agreed that the County Council be is requested to arrive at no conclusions with regard to the proposals as they affect Wheathampstead until the Parish Council has completed its investigations as to the wishes of the parish. 

The feeling prevails that these facilities are linked up with other needs, such as the education of young people between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, and provisions for youth service. . 

A Parish Hall?

Another aspect was referred to by Mr. C. E. Allen, who spoke of a proposal he had heard for the raising of 1,000 by means of whist drives, dances; etc., for the provision of a parish hall. 

Mr. J. W. Brown said it would be a pity if various bodies collected or raised funds now for post-war purposes. There were other facilities one would like to see in the village, but it was desirable that things should be co-ordinated.

This view was shared by the meeting, and it was further agreed to convene a meeting on July 12th, at which representatives of youth organisations, the-British Legion and Women's Institute will be invited to explain any proposals they may envisage for post-war development, with the object of submitting these to a Parish Meeting for consideration

Obstructed Footpath.

Replying to an enquiry from the Parish Council concerning an alleged obstruction of a footpath from Nomansland Common to a field tenanted by him, Mr. H. G. Hill stated that it had been placed there to prevent horse-riders and cattle using the path, as considerable damage had been done to crops.  A gate and stile which formerly existed, and which had presumably been removed by certain for use as firewood, would be replaced as soon as he was in a position to obtain wood. The obstruction, he pointed out, presented no more difficulty in the use of the path by pedestrians than would a gate or stile, 




The wedding took place, at the Congregational Chapel; Wheathampstead, on Tuesday, of Miss Hilda Stephanie Rushton, daughter of the Rev. W. E. and Mrs. Ruston. of The Manse, Winsham, Somerset, and L.A.C. Charles John Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Arnold, of Wheathampstead. 

The Rev. J. Henderson officiated and the hymns, "Lead us, Heavenly Father,"' and "O Perfect Love," were sung. As the bride entered the church, "I'll Walk Beside You " was played. 

Given away by Mrs. E. Hickling, the bride was attired in a dress of ivory moire silk and lace, cut on princess lines with small train. Her veil was surmounted by a headdress of orange blossom, and she carried a shower bouquet of crimson roses. 

In attendance on the bride were the Misses Una and Vera Presland {nieces of the bridegroom).  They were attired in pastel blue, mauve and pink taffeta and pale green taffeta respectively, and each wore a halo of matching flowers and carried a posy of sweet peas. 

The best man was Mr. George Presland (brother-in-law of the bride-groom). When the couple left for Somerset, the bride travelled in a pale blue woollen costume and flowered blouse with nigger brown accessories.




At St. Albans Divisional Sessions, on Saturday, Donald Hubert Milnthorpe (32), of The Folly, Wheathampstead, pleaded "Not guilty" to stealing two hens, valued at 50s., the property of Frederick Dunton, of Forge Cottage,. Batford, on June 21st. 

P.c. A. Barnard stated that defendant, when told he was suspected of stealing the hens, said: " Yes; I am sorry. I did not want to steal them. I will give them back to the owner." 

Frederick Dunton gave evidence of identifying the hens  - the only two he had. 

Defendant said that, for some weeks past, he had noticed the hens straying about the road or in the meadow, and thought they were straying, so he took them home, expecting the Police would be making enquiries and he could then return them. 

In reply to Supt. Hales, defendant said he had had no chance to try to find the owner, as the Police came to see him the same evening.

Replying to the Clerk (Mr. T. Anderson Davis),  defendant said it did not occur to him to ring up the Police and report about the straying hens to them. 

The Chairman said the Bench were convinced, defendant took the hens with the intention of keeping them. He would be fined 40s., with 2s. 6d. costs. 

30th June p5


There was a record collection in Wheathampstead on Alexandra Rose Day, the total realised being 31 12s. 7d. The organisation was in the hands of Mrs. Cecil Allen, and assisting her were Mrs. Brown (Ayot St. Lawrence), Mrs. Slade (Brewhouse Hill), Mrs. Vercanham (Marford), Mrs. Curry (Folly), Mrs. Carling and Mrs. Richardson (Lea Valley), Mrs. Smallwood (Wheathampstead-hill), Mrs. Potter (High-street), Miss Diana Hal! (Station), Mrs. Watts (Gustard Wood) and Mrs. Gregory (Amwell).  Mrs. Allen herself looked after the schools.

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