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Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times - 1944 (December)

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The source of the text shown originated in the Herts Advertiser.  It has been re-typed so may have some errors within it - for these we apologies.  Please refer to archived material if in doubt.

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1st December p3



The need for permanent headquarters, particularly as it is hoped the ranks will be swelled by ex-Servicemen , of the present war, was discussed at the annual meeting of the Wheathampstead Branch of the British Legion, held in the Congregational Church Hall, Wheathampstead, on Friday, Mr. T. Sparrow presiding. 

The President (Mr. D. Cory-Wright) said the wardens, Home Guard and N.F.S. in a neighbouring village were thinking of forming a United Services organisation which would, perhaps, be affiliated to the Legion Branch, but which would be entirely self-contained. He thought this was rather a pity, as it would tend to cut the ground from under the feet of the Legion. If the Legion was made more attractive it need not worry about other organisations, which came under a different. category.  Their members had their jobs; but It was a different thing with a young fellow who went into the Army at eighteen and came back without a job. 

The feeling of the Meeting appeared to be that the Branch should retain its identity, as such, and it is proposed to contact local men with the Forces as soon as possible with the object of claiming their early interest in the Legion. The subject of headquarters remains a problem to be solved by the Committee. 

Sympathy was expressed with Mr. A. C. Cox. a member of the Committee, in the loss of his second son (Sergt. A. E, Cox, of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment). 

Satisfactory reports were presented by the Hon Treasurer (Mr. H. Gray) and Hon. Secretary, (Mr. C. W. Clark), the latter stating that membership, which was about 104  included four or five ex-Servicemen of the present war. 

Thanks were expressed to Mrs. I. V. Raikes and Miss Raikes for help in connection with Poppy Day, and to their Congregational Church authorities for the use of the Hall. 

Officers were re-elected. and the name of Dr. M. E. Smallwood was added to the list of Vice-Presidents. 

It was agreed to contribute five guineas to the County Committee's objective of 1,000 in connection with the cost of acquiring and equipping Nayland Hall, near Colchester, for the treatment of tubercular ex-Service-women.



A house-to-house collection organised recently by Mrs. C. V. Wren, for Dr. Barnardo's Homes, realised 9 1s. 10d. 

Plan for the Future.-The youth of Wheathampstead needs recreational facilities in the village.  Please help by attending the functions arranged for the week December 9th to 16th. For full details see posters and next week's advertisement.-(Advt.) 

The Rev. Walter Delmar Lindley, of "Hill House," Wheathampstead, formerly of 104, Bouverie-road, Folkeston, for over forty years Rector of Elmstone-with-Preston, Kent. who died on August 20th aged 80, left 9,528 17s. 8d, gross, with net personalty 9,474 10s. He left premises, the Old School, Preston, to the parishes of Elmstone and Preston- next-Wingham, Kent, 

The remains of Mrs. Minnine S. C. Westwood, licensee of the "Red Cow," Wheathampstead-hill, were laid to rest in the grave of her husband, Mr. W. G. Westwood, in the parish churchyard, on Friday. The Rector officiated, and Mrs. Baird-Smith, at the organ, played Hande1's "Largo" and "O Rest in the Lord." The hymn "Abide with me " was sung. The immediate mourners were Mr. and Mrs. W. Westwood (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Euinton (son-in-law and daughter), Miss D. Westwood (daughter), and Mrs. B. Westwood (daughter-in-law). Another son, Private B. Westwood, of the R.A.M.C., is serving in Holland. Floral tributes included those from the St. Albans and District Licensed Victuallers' Association. 

The Rev, A. M, Baird-Smith officiated at the funeral which took place at Wheathampstead on Monday, of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Parfitt, wife of Captain Parfitt, who died at her home, "Belmont," Station-road, Wheathampstead, on Wednesday, at the age of 58.  Mrs. Parfitt was, until recently, a member of the W.V.S.  Besides the husband, she leaves a daughter. The family mourners present were Miss R. Parfitt (daughter), Mr. and Mrs. J. Noble (brother and sister-in-law), Miss P. Noble (niece), Miss R. Parfitt {sister-in-1aw), Mrs. A. Latchford, the Misses D. and C. Latchford, and Mr. and Miss Rowe; Capt. Parfitt (husband} was unable to be present as he is on active service. Floral tributes were sent by Mr. and Miss Parfitt; Mr. and Mrs. J. Noble and family; Miss R. Parfitt; Mr. and Mrs. Latchford; the Misses Latchford; Mrs. Rowe and family: Mrs. Beard; Mrs. Chennells and family; Mr. and Mrs. Woodley; neighbours; Mrs. Sne11!ng; Miss Baulk; Miss Baker; Mrs. Fossett; Mrs. Sturgess; Mrs. Woollett; Mrs. Wigmore; Mrs. Burgess; Mrs. Smith; Miss French; Miss Horsey; Miss Bainton; and Miss Dillon. 

The funeral of Mrs. Mary Winifred Eileen Jones, wife of Mr. Harold Jones, of "Oak Cottage," Turpins Chase, Welwyn, and second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Westwood, of High-street, Wheathampstead, took place on Thursday of last week at the parish churchyard. the Rev. A. M. Baird-Smith officiating. The first part of the service was held in the Parish Church. The mourners were Mr. H. Jones (husband), Mr. and Mrs. T. Westwood (parents), Mrs. P. D. Maynard (sister). Trooper J. Westwood and Mrs. Westwood (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs. T. Jones senior (mother-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. S. Jones and Mrs. P. Smith (brother-in-law and sisters-in-law). and Mr. H. Westwood, Mr. and Mrs. T. Weatherall and Mr. and Mrs. H. Green (uncles and aunts). Mr. Jones, senior (father-in-1aw), was unable to attend owing to illness.  Others. present were Mrs. W. Gray, Mrs. E. Drake. Mrs. Foster, Mrs. T. Noblett, senior, Mrs. A. Stapleton. Mrs. F. Collins, Mrs. B. Snelling, Mrs. A. Toyer, Mr. R. de Mornay Davies and Mr. G. T. Walton (friends); and "Rita" (Mrs. Harold Jones's life-long friend). Floral tributes included one from all at K.C.V., Hatfield, by whom Mr. Harold Jonas is employed.

15th December p5



Judge Sir Gerald Hargreaves, at St. Albans County Court, on Tuesday, dismissed a claim for 200 damages - brought by Mrs. Lillian Lucy Hayward, of "Red Cottage," Nomansland, Wheathampstead, against John Birch Bucknill, solicitor. 52, Bedford-row, London, W.C.; Alfred Bernard Adams, 16, Market-place, St, Albans, and. Reginald Gray, of Brewhouse-hill, Wheathampstead, the executors of the will of the late Miss Mary Susannah Pring of " Red Cottage." 

Plaintiff, who stated that she resided with and cared for Miss Pring until her death on November 25th, 1943, gave evidence that she was claiming damages for serious illness which, she said, she had suffered through shock caused on four occasions by the following actions which she alleged had been taken by defendants: the shooting of  'pony which she alleged was given to her by Miss Pring; the destruction of a letter written by plaintiff to Miss Pring setting out the terms on which plaintiff agreed to return to " Red Cottage " after leaving Miss Pring in 1938; giving her fourteen days notice to quit "Red Cottage," also a second letter demanding possession of the cottage. 

After hearing plaintiff and three witnesses which she called, the Judge said there was no evidence that the pony belonged to plaintiff or that defendants called it to be shot. There was no evidence that defendants destroyed the letter referred to, and, in any circumstances, when plaintiff dispatched it to Miss Pring it ceased to be her property, 

There could not be any claim for damages for shock caused by the receipt of notice to quit, said the Judge. 

The remaining part of plaintiff's case was in respect of loss which she claimed to have suffered because, she alleged, Mr. Buckmill did hot keep an appointment for Miss Pring to sign a codicil to her will which would have benefited plaintiff., 

Plaintiff alleged that, on November 22nd. Miss Pring asked Dr, Eldred to request Mr. Bucknill to attend for her to sign the codicil, but he did not do so and the codicil, which was sent by post, did not arr1ve until after Miss Prlng's death. 

Mr. Bucknill, who stated that he had acted for Miss Pring for many years, said he did not receive any instructions about a codicil until , November 25th, when Dr. Eldred telephoned to him.  He drew up the codicil and, as he was not able, to go to Wheathampstead because he was fire-watching that night, he posted the codicil on November 25th to Dr. Eldred with instructions that he should get Miss Pring to sign it, provided she was well enough to do so and he read it over to her first.  At about 7 p.m, the same day, Dr, Eldred telephoned to say that Miss Pring had died. 

"I am quite satisfied that there is no cause of action of any sort or kind," said the Judge, in announcing that plaintiff's claim would be dismissed, with costs on Scale" C." 




Anticipating the day when the County Council will provide a local centre for youth and social activities, the Wheathampstead Youth Club has arranged a Youth Week to set the ball rolling towards an objective of raising 1,000 to meet the cost of accommodation and equipment. 

Mr. E. G. Lee (President of the: Club) has prepared and submitted to the County Council a plan for a proposed civic hall for the parish. Arrangements for the week were made by him, with the assistance of Mr. W. R. Euinton (Vice-President) and a Committee.

A youth parade and procession preceded the opening, at Bury Farm, on Saturday, by Lady Davidson. Harpenden and District Sea Cadets, under Lieut. W. C Raven, with their band, headed the procession, in which Ranger Guides. under Miss J. Beaumont, and Girl Guides, under Miss B. Elvin, joined. Sergt. B. J. Saward, of the Home Guard, acted as marshal. 

Lady Davidson said they had no idea yet what plans the County Council might have for a social and youth centre after the war, but the more money they could raise now the better in order to supplement whatever efforts were made by the County Council. Lady Davidson also inspected the young people. 

A bazaar was afterwards held in the Church Room, the sta1lholders being Miss M. Milton, Miss A. Bracey, Miss G. Hobson, Mrs. R. Smith, Miss M. Gray, Mrs. D. Hibbs and Mesdames D. Ling and F. Simon. 

For a dance at the Senior School, arranged by Messrs. L. Archer and M. Odell, music was provided by the Kimwood Accordion Band. 

A youth service in the Parish Church. on Sunday; was conducted by the Rector, and the preacher was the Rev. David Bickerton. Chairman of the Ruri-decanal Youth Committee. Lieut. W. C. Raven read the lesson. 

Cinema shows for children and adults were given in the Senior School. on Monday, by Mr. C. H. Hart, of St. Albans. 

There were forty players at a whist drive in the Church Room, on Tuesday, Mr. L. Archer being M.C. Winners of ladies' prizes were Mesdames Hall and Hyett and the Misses L. Odell and K. Odell. Gentlemen's prizes were won by Messrs. A. Hyett, 0. Humphrey and W. Warner. and Mesdames Coates and Keable and Miss Keable (playing as gentlemen). Mrs. Smith was the winner of a competition. 



A sale of work at the Catholic School of St. Thomas More, Hatfield-road, Wheathampstead, on Saturday, was arranged by the staff, who are Sisters of Maryland, St. Albans. It was in support of School funds, and was opened by Father E. Armitage, resident priest of Wheathampstead Catholic Church. 

The stalls and helpers were:- Fancy and clothing. Sisters of Mercy; jumble, Mrs. Cutmore and helpers; cakes, Mrs. Gibbs; religious stall, Tony Salvage; teas, Mesdames Manfield and McQuade; steward, Mr. Gibbs. 

An assortment of cakes was provided by parents for sale at the cake stall. Mrs. Griegg and Cyril Myers were in charge of a display in plasticine by the boys entitled "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." There were Competitions for an iced cake and two dolls. During the teas; children of the School gave an entertainment.



A sale of articles made by members of the Sewing Guild of the Congregational Church realised 14.  A proportion of the proceeds will be used to send gifts to relatives of those identified with the church who are with the Forces, which will be accompanied by a letter from the Minister (the Rev. J. Henderson). Gifts will also he given to aged residents and the remainder allocated to the general fund of the church.

22nd December p3


There were joyous scenes in the nursery school, at Helmets' Clubroom, Wheathampstead, on Saturday, when about two hundred mothers and children attended a Christmas party. In addition to the thirty-five children normally attending the school. a further forty, comprising their brothers and sisters, helped to swell numbers to an unusual extent. 

Miss E. Neubauer (teacher in charge} and her assistants - not for getting the cook - rose well to the occasion and had arranged tables with holly and decorated candles. Mothers had co-operated by supplying some of the cakes.

Each child received a present from a Christmas tree, which consisted of knitted garments made by the staff.  In addition each had a dip in "Father Christmas's" sack.

Visitors were much impressed by the performance of a Nativity play by twenty of the children, who also danced nursery rhymes, in costume, white one recited three poems. A film depicting outdoor activities at the nursery, taken by Miss Neubauer, was shown and Nurse Bunting (District Nurse} entertained the little ones by singing carols.

Mothers otherwise assisted the work of the school on this occasion by bringing articles and toys for a jumble sale, the proceeds of which (18} will be used for the provision of extra equipment at the school. 



The sum of 40 was raised for Red Cross funds as the result of a sale organised by Mrs. A. C. Ward and Miss C. O'Dell. and held in the Folly Methodist Schoolroom last week. A stall laden with miscellaneous gifts was in charge of Mesdames E. Smith. and G. French, J. Pearce, and C. J. Smith, and Miss E. French. An auction of Christmas fare was conducted by Mr. D. Cory-Wright, and Mrs. D. Cory-Wright spoke on the work of the Red Cross. Little Wendy East officiated at a competition in which the winners were Mrs. G. Parsons and Patricia Chivers.  Games were organised by Mr. H. Sm1th. the Misses Enid and Monica Smith accompanying at the pianoforte.  Decorations to the hall had been carried out by Messrs. F . Mynall, S. Males, and Stanley Males. 

The Congregational Church has lost valued and devoted workers and supporters in two families who have just left the district. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bangs have gone to live at Welwyn Garden City on Mr. Bangs' retirement from business, and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Goldsmith are now in Leicester. Mr. Bangs and Mr. Goldsmith were deacons, and with the departure, earlier their year, of Mr. H. Garmansway, another deacon; the church had suffered a three-fold severance. Both ladies were identified with the women's work of the church, Mrs. Goldsmith being Vice-President of the Women's Guild and President of the Sewing Guild. Recently Mrs. Arnold, one of the oldest members of the Women's Guild, presented Mrs. Goldsmith with an electric reading lamp and Mrs. Bangs with a tea-tray, on behalf of the members.

29th December p3


Members of Wheathampstead Parish Church choir, by means of carol singing, raised 6 for the Waifs' and Strays' Society on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week. 

A Branch of the County Library is now open at "Savins." Gustard Wood, for the benefit of the people at Gustard Wood and Blackmore End. It is open on Thursdays from 3-4 p.m., and the local Librarian is Mr. John. 



L.A.C.W. Joan Marian Slough, of the W.A.A,F., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Slough, of 64, Necton-road, Wheathampstead, and Able seaman Alexander A. Craig, of the Royal Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Craig, of 164, Millgate. Winchburgh, West Lothian, Scotland, were married at St. Helen's Church, Wheathampstead, on Saturday. 

Able Seaman Craig and his Bride

The Rev. A. M. Baird Smith officiated, and the hymns "Come, Holy Ghost" and "How welcome was the call." were sung. "Bless this House" was played by Mr. Lee, who was at the organ. . 

The bride was given away by her father. She wore a white dress of American chiffon and Chantilly Lace, with a veil, and headdress, of white camellias. She carried an ivory-bund Prayer Book. 

The bride's only attendant was her cousin. (Mrs. R. Goodchild), who was attired in a dress of petunia moire taffeta.  She carried a muff to match

Able Seaman A. Herring discharged the duties of best man.  Later the couple left for Scotland, the bride travelling in a camel-hair coat, with navy hat and accessories.




The end of the term at St. Helen's School, Wheathampstead; was marked by the prize-giving; the Rev. A. M. Baird-Smith (Chairman and correspondent) presiding.

The Archdeacon of St. Albans (the Ven. C. T. T. Wood), who was accompanied by Mrs. Wood, spoke to the  children on the vl.ue of their school-days, urging them to get the utmost they could from them, and stressing the value of well-trained boys and gir1s in the post-war period. They would, he said, be called upon in the years ahead, to play their part, at an earlier age than normally. 

Mrs. Wood distributed the awards, which took the form of savings stamps, and had a word of congratulation and a handshake for every recipient.

The Headmaster (Mr. W. J. Housden) voiced the thanks of the School to the visitors, and gave an account of the School activities, based on the opinions expressed by recent overseas visitors. He said they were very grateful to the cleaning, cooking and teaching staffs, who, while labouring under difficult conditions, always gave of their best. A special word of praise was due to the parents for the way in which they kept the children "well turned out." Every assistance had. he said, been afforded by the Managers. He made special mention of the efforts of the children on behalf of the Red Cross and Merchant Navy Comforts Service and of their keenness to help when difficult conditions arose in school. 

The Rector thanked the donors to the prize fund, remarking that without their generosity such a functions could not have taken place,

The speeches were interspersed with carols sung by the senior children. Following is the list of prize-winners: Lower Infants: J. Starkey, B. Bowesman, B. Taylor. H. Ashley and Y. Lambe. Upper Infants: V. Lambe, J. Grey, R. Seabrook, B. Rosser and G. Saunders. Std. I.: V. Milnthorpe, D. Cowan. J. Appleby, J. Goulding and G. Milton. Std. II.: R. Chivers, P. Males, M. East, A. Field and A. Smith. Std. III. : A. Parsons. J. Blain, R. Euinton, S. Gray and P. Taylor. Std. IV.: R, Cobb. F. Stannard, G. Buttery, J. Brooker and D. Brothers. Std. V.: P.  Hutton, A. Waldock,  R. Ivory, V. Bracey and R. Sparshott. Std. VI. : C. Saunders, E. Windmill, M. Brooker, L. Parsons and C. Bracey. Std. VII. : J. Clewlow, A. Folds, D. Morris, F. Bangs and J. Allen. Head girl and boy: Rachel Bradley and Roy Smith. "Good triers" : D. Schug, A. Wright, R. Gooding, M. Jones. and T. Latchford. Domestic science: P. Chivers, J. Field, L. Parsons and B. Jones. Handicraft: V. Tucker, R. Newell D. Hawkins, W. Stokes, W. Hall, R. Sparshott and R. Ashton. Girl and Boy showing most courtesy (balloted for by children) : R. Bradley and R. Smith.

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