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Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times - 1944 (August)

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The source of the text shown originated in the Herts Advertiser.  It has been re-typed so may have some errors within it - for these we apologies.  Please refer to archived material if in doubt.

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4th August p3


The Welfare Fund of " E " Company (Wheathampstead) of the Army Cadet Force benefited to the extent of 4, part proceeds of a dance arranged by Mrs. E. Lindsell. at the Senior School, on Saturday. 

Kingston House (Stores), Ltd., have come to the conclusion that in order to give their staff the rest and change needful, it is necessary to close during August week. We sincerely hope this arrangement will not create any inconvenience to our many business friends, and we shall re-open again on Monday, August 14th.-(Advt.) 

A gift day was held in support of the general funds of the Congregational Church, on Saturday. when the Rev. J. Henderson sat in the vestry to receive gifts. Tea followed in the Church Hall, and there was a thanks-giving service. at which the address was given by Mr. Lancelot Smith. of St. Albans. 

Collapsed in 'bus.-While travelling with her husband in a 'bus to St. Albans, on Tuesday. Mrs. Martha Munt, wife of Mr. G. Munt, a L. and N-E. Railway platelayer, of Nomansland, collapsed. She was conveyed in the City Police ambulance to St. Albans Hospital. where she died practically on arrival. A native of Nomansland, she was fifty-eight years of age, and leaves a son, Pte. Cyril Munt, who is serving with the R.A.O.C, in France, and two daughters - Mrs. H. Gray, of Harpenden, and Miss K. Munt. The funeral takes place c tomorrow (Saturday). 

Cadets In Camp, -Twenty-two N.C.O.s and Cadets of " E " Company (Wheathampstead) of the 7th Herts Battalion of the Army Cadet Force, with other Cadet and Junior Training Corps units, are enjoying a week's stay at the County Cadet Force Camp, situated in the grounds of a Hertfordshire mansion. Much attention has been given in the varied and interesting programme to the recreational side, and the entertainment has included cinema shows and concerts, one of which is being given by Cadets themselves. Special instructional items have been tank and R.E.M.E. "circuses," comprising demonstrations by military units. The County Cadet Commandant, Colonel E. Martin-Smith, is in command of the camp.

4th August p4

This may not be related to Wheathampstead but may be interesting.  Newspaper reports did not identify locations.



A flying, bomb crashed early on Sunday morning on an area .in Southern England. Deaths and injuries were caused and property was damaged. The most amazing thing was that Anderson shelters stood undamaged. 

An A.R.P. worker, on duty shortly before the bomb crashed, told a visiting reporter that the missile dived. A fire followed N.F.S. and rescue squads were quickly on the scene. 

There was no shortage of willing helpers. Prominent among these were Service men of all ranks, including a number of Americans. The work of rescue was considerably handicapped by scores of morbid sightseers, who, in some cases, broke through the cordons. 

The spot where the flying missile landed is near where a bomb fell in the early days of the war. 

The only fatal casualties caused by a flying bomb which fell on a cricket pitch in a village in Southern England on Saturday afternoon were among young chickens in pens nearby.  A team of farm horses was injured. Damage to farm buildings and cottages was slight. Windows and doors were blown in and tiles ripped from roofs. 

Tomato-growing nurseries were damaged by blast from a flying bomb which fell near a small village in Southern England yesterday (Thursday) morning. Windows in a few houses in the village suffered and some roofs were also damaged. No casualties were caused,

11th August p3


Collections at the morning and evening services at the Folly Methodist Church, on Sunday were for the Red Cross.  they amounted to 4 3s. 10d

The Death occurred unexpectedly on Tuesday, in Oster House Hospital, St. Albans, where she was removed on Friday, of Mrs. Lillian Marjorie Phillips, who, for the past five years had carried on the business of "The Wool shop" in Wheathampstead.  She was a Civil Defence worker in the village, and will otherwise be greatly missed.

People from Wheathampstead and district gathered on Nomansland Common on Monday afternoon to enjoy picnicking and sporting events organised by residents.  The amusements included sports for children, sideshows, pony-rides, a mock auction, refreshments, and a village tug-of-war competition for a cup to be held for one year.  The W.V.S. were in charge of a canteen.  During the evening a variety show was held at the Senior School.  The proceeds were for the Poppy Day Fund and the amount realised was 45.

A Members meeting in connection with the Women's Institute was held at Herons Farm, the residence of the President (Mrs. J Paterson), on Wednesday.  Mrs. Ball acted as Chairman, and Mrs. Clarke as Secretary.  An interesting talk on psychology was given by Mrs. Gregory, daughter of Dr. R. T. Leiper, and tea and impromptu sports were enjoyed in the garden.  Wool for making garments for the children of the relieved areas of Europe was distributed, the Institute, through Mrs. M. E. Smallwood, being official. distributor's for the Ministry of supply.  It is obtainable by both members and others.

18th August p5


Daisy Day street and house-to-house collections for the National Children's Home and Orphanage were organised in the village by Mrs. C. V. Wren, and at the Folly by Miss E. French. A total sum of 13 17s. 9d. was realised. 

A sale, held in the Rectory garden on Thursday of last week, by the kindness of the Rector and Mrs. A. M. Baird-Smith, was the means of raising 40 for the Red Cross. Articles sold included those which had been made by the ladies or the Parish Church Working Party during the Winter. There was a bring-and-buy stall, and teas were provided, those in charge being Mesdames Sears, Noblett, senior, Griffin, Smith, Wells and Potter, an the Misses Simmons. Competitions for a dozen eggs, a handbag and a hidden treasure were won by Mrs. Field, Miss Le Cren and Mrs. Mayles, respectively.

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