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The purpose of this site is to make publicly available genealogical information related to the Joyce families.  

Please send information via the feedback & contribution link above.  It can then be included in this site.  To start it off I have added the history below.

Some histories

A History of White Mill, Dorset and the Joyce family

Robert Joyce who emigrated to Newfoundland just before 1800

Descendants of Gil Joyce of Galway born circa 1675 (the majority in Portugal)

Help sought

I am a descendant of the Joyce family from Carbonear/Freshwater Newfoundland.  I have been researching the family.  I have been in contact with a distant cousin.  We have been trading information. We also have a relation with the name of Robert Joyce that purchased land with a Harvey.  I am not sure if I can be of any help or if you could be helping me. 

Thanking you in advance,  Carolyn  email -                                         submitted March 2006

I am trying to trace the family/descendants of CHARLES NORMAN WISHART JOYCE, who died as a civilian casualty (possibly in an internment camp) on the 15th of March 1943 at the age of 53.  The details provided on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, give his mother as a Mrs. E. M. JOYCE of Lynwood, White Horse Hill, Chislehurst, Kent and his wife as PIERCY H. JOYCE.

Do you by any chance know of that branch of the JOYCES, or could you make any suggestion as to where I could start a trace?

KEVEN YOUNG, Darwin, Australia.  email -                                             submitted Dec 2005

Hello Brian, I enjoyed reading though your history of the Joyce family very interesting.

I am looking for information on George Joyce. My g-g-g-g-great grandfather George Joyce married Margaret Pelly and if memory serves me right they were married in Blandford.  They had a son James Joyce born in 1806 in Houton (Houghton) I believe.  They moved to Flat Island, Newfoundland; and I am a descendent.  Would you have any information on George Joyce?
Dwayne Joyce
  email -
Hi from New Zealand
My gt gt grandfather was a James Brown Joyce born 1826 from Wimborne. I think he may have had a brother Samuel Brown Joyce. James parents I think were John Joyce and Mary Brown. That is the only information I have been able to find.
I thought maybe you might have come across them in your research. James went to Australia and Tasmania to the goldfields. He married in Tasmania where his wife died and then he came to New Zealand 1856 and married my gtgt grandmother Eliza May from Berkshire in 1861. He was the first watchmaker in Christchurch which is where I live. He gave up his business and took up farming. James and Eliza had two daughters Ann and Mary.
Any information you may have on this family in Wimborne would be greatly appreciated .
Yours sincerely
Ianora Marsden  email -
My daughter is trying to find her family tree, her father is Coln Owen Joyce his dad was Cyril Joyce , I think he had about 4/5 siblings. this stems from the Dorset area could you help? 
ours sincerely  C. Clease, (siblings mother)
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My name is Warren James Martin, my alternate E-mail     also 
You asked me to notify you if I made any progress in tracing the junction between the Joyce family and the Martin family of County Down Ireland. Last week I received conformation of the connection, it is not much, but a start, an entry in the Land Estates Court Jan.17-1873 there is a reference to a Robert Henry Martin [gentleman] under the guardianship of a Richard Stitt Joyce. The connection would appear to be the Stitt family, for my family to have known of this the union it must have been at least around the first quarter of the nineteenth century, now that I have found the connection I shall endeavour to trace it all.  I have found that the first Martins arrived in Galway around the twelfth century and I think the Joyce family also. Both the Joyce and Martin families were large land owners, so it is quite possible the families were aquatinted for many years. 
submitted - Sept 2004

I am an Australian Citizen, seventy nine years old, and attempting to trace my Irish ancestors. Unfortunately I have no factual evidence to prove what I am going to ask. According to two of my old aunts [now deceased] that the Joyce family and the Martin families were joined.
My Martin Family, or at least my gt.grandfather James Martin hailed from Newcastle County Down Ireland, and I believe the Family was quite wealthy for that time period [approximately 1775 - 1850] My gt.grandmother's family, [Stitt family] were also quite wealthy [ something to do with linen mills].  My aunt had two buttons from the servant's uniforms with what I think was the Joyce Family coat of arms [ I wish I knew what happened to them].  The joining of the families could have been my gt.grandfather's mother, she could have been a Joyce, That time would have been around 1775 to 1850. I have traced the family of my gt grandmother Catherine Selina Stitt but unfortunately no trace of James Martin's family, James and Catherine had only two children a daughter Catherine Stitt.  Martin buried in the Ballee Cemetery County Down 1916, I don't know if she married. A son William Stitt Martin[ my grandfather] migrated to Australia 1870.
I found this Joyce web site so I thought you would have a better chance than I to trace to see if the connection ever did exist.
I hope to hear from you some time in the near future.
Regards, Warren J. Martin. 
submitted - Feb 2004
My great great grandfather was William Joyce who was born about 1843 in Dorsertshire.  I think he came  to Tasmania as a  free settler and started a family there.  He was a police  man for a short while in Tasmania so maybe he was in England.  Does this ring any bells?  

Can anyone help ? 
thank you
Tim Cordwell, Perth Western Australia email  

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I am trying to gather some information on my mothers family history.  Her father Arthur George Joyce was born in Morden 25-3-1888, her mother Beatrice Maud (nee Holloway). Arthur's father was Sydney Joyce also from Morden.  His mother was Emily (nee Whitby

I would be grateful for any information at all. 

Len Pitfield    email

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