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This page provides a location for information about early families of Wheathampstead.  It is for general interest and to enable those that have descended from the families to contribute into the source of information.

Updated 05 November 2015


I am looking for information on the SAPWELL families of WHEATHAMPSTEAD as I am doing a family tree and any information no matter how small will help thank you.

Mary Mealey  email - 

07 March 2005

added 16/5/2005

1851 Harpenden @ Kinsbourne Green
William Sapwell 48, Ag Lab b Dunstable, Beds (1802)
Ellen Sapwell 47 wife b Flamstead 1804
Ann 15 dau b Harpenden (1836)
James 10 son Ag Lab b Harpenden (1841)

Note: William Sapwell bapt 1801 Dunstable, Beds s/o Wm Sapwell & Elizabeth Parker who married Nov. 7, 1791 Dunstable, Beds.

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contributed 2 Feb 2003

I am currently researching my Saunders family tree. I know of a lot of my Saunders family that lived in Wheathampstead.

The earliest member of my family that I have living in Wheathampstead is John Saunders, His wife Sarah and their 11 Children.  John is mentioned on the 1855 census as being a widow and living with his daughter Rachael Vaughan and her family at the time.  John is also mentioned as being a labourer at the time.  He died in Gustard Wood in 1883

I would be extremely grateful if you could give me any (however small) information or any links to any information on My Saunders family.

Barbara Saunders email   xxbarbsxx@hotmail.com

updated 5 Feb 2003

Hello and thank you for the Wheathampstead page which I have found today from Barbara Saunders. It is wonderful.  I think that Max Saunders from New Zealand (provider of Historic Pics 2) is the grandson of Alfred Saunders who in turn was the brother of George Frederick Saunders. My grandfather.

Our family were from Wheathampstead from a very long time back.  I have quite a lot of Saunders records. The G. Saunders is in the 1902/3 football team could be George Frederick Saunders, my grandfather born 5 Mar 1882 in the Village, Wheathampstead. He later died in the first world war and is the G Saunders on the memorial in St. Helen's.

For any members of the Saunders family who are interested in sharing information and extending our knowledge of our history they are welcome to join us in a Saunders forum at: http://groups.msn.com/SaundersofHertfordshire 

Best regards, Malcolm Saunders email 

From the web master:

Memorials at St Helen's - 
1914-18 war memorial - G Saunders
1939-45 war memorial - T Saunders
Sarah Ann Saunders, died 23/12/1922 aged 68 also William Saunders, died 8/4/1932 aged 74.
Desmond Fredrick Saunders, born 9/12/1914, died 9/5/1987.
Emma Saunders, died 8/4/1901 aged 63; Alfred Saunders, died 18/2/1910 aged 73; Winifred Daisy Saunders, died 24/3/1936 aged 41; Sarah Ann Louise Web, died 5/10/1948 aged 79.

1881 Census Wheathampstead

Dwelling: Cross Farm
William SAUNDERS M 46 M Gustard Wood, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Agricultural Labourer
Mary SAUNDERS M 49 F Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Wife Occ: Platter
Elizabeth SAUNDERS U 24 F Harpenden, Hertford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Bonnet Sewer (Straw)
David SAUNDERS 12 M Hollybush, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Farm Servant
John SAUNDERS 6 M Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Grandson Occ: Scholar
Annie SAUNDERS 5 F Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar

Dwelling: East Lane
Alfred SANDERS M 44 M Wheathamstead Rel: Head Occ: Labourer
Emma SANDERS M 44 F Wheathamstead Rel: Wife 
Sarah SANDERS 12 F Wheathamstead Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Mary PRATT 32 F Wheathamstead Rel: Visitor Occ: Dressmaker

Dwelling: High Street
John MC CULLOCH M 64 M Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Baker
Mary Ann MC CULLOCH M 60 F Wheathamstead Rel: Wife 
Arthur James MC CULLOCH U 20 M Wheathamstead Rel: Son Occ: Helper (Baker)
Kate MC CULLOCH U 18 F Wheathamstead Rel: Daur Occ: Dressmaker
Frekk. S HOOLE 8 M Chelsea Rel: G.Son Occ: Scholar
Albert E. SANDERS U 26 M  Rel: Lodger Occ: Clerk G N R(Rail)

1851 Census
Saunders at Gustard Wood:
John Saunders, Mar, 38, Ag Lab b Ippollitts
Sarah Saunders, wife, 41, b Offley (nee Pearman)
Alfred, son 14, Farm Lab, children all b Whstd
Abraham, son 12, Farm Lab
George son 10, Farm Lab
Mary, dau 8 scholar
Mark, son 6 scholar
Emily, dau, 4, scholar
Henry, son 1

At Harpenden Common:
George Saunders, Mar 25, Ag Lab b Harpenden
Sarah Saunders, wife 34, b Bovington 

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Contributed Oct. 2009

My branch of the Seabrooks lived in Wheathampstead for three generations and there are now no members of the family there. The Seabrooks appear to have originated in Redbourn, at least that is the earliest connected reference I can find, dating back to 1624, though it's a little tenuous. The clearest connection is John Seabrook, born Redbourn 1705. They were farmers and apparently quite prosperous. The family practice appears to be that the sons were put out to other farms as they grew up, leaving the youngest son to take over the family farm on the death of his father.

George Seabrook (1766-1827) farmed Dane Farm, Harpenden (though nearer Kimpton) and his grandson William Seabrook (born 1842, my great-grandfather) came to Wheathampstead first as landlord of the Railway Hotel and proprietor of a coal business based at Wheathampstead Station, with coal trucks emblazoned with the family name. He also took over Lamer Farm. He was the first of the Seabrooks to marry outside the traditional local farming background, his wife being Anna Maria Maddy, who was proprietress of a young ladies' academy in Sloane Street Chelsea.

The influence of Anna Maria meant that their first child, Robert William Hawes Seabrook (born 1870) was not put into farming, but trained as a schoolteacher. Lamer Farm eventually passed to his younger brother George and remained in that side of the family until fairly recent times.

Robert became well-known in Wheathampstead. He was Clerk to the Parish Council and Assistant Overseer. He also trained musically and for many years was Organist at St Helen's Parish Church. The family lived in various houses at Marford and in Wheathampstead High Street, eventually settling opposite the church at the old Ship Inn, which they re-named St Helen's. His wife was Maude Godseff, daughter of a noted plant expert who managed the orchid nurseries at The Camp, St Albans. They had nine children between 1902 and 1919, two of whom are still alive.

Unfortunately, it was said, Robert had another side to his character and had numerous liaisons with local ladies, much to the distress of his wife, who died young in 1936. Robert remarried two years later but died in 1941 and was buried at Harpenden. His first wife and their two daughters who died in infancy are buried in St Helen's Churchyard.

The picture shows Robert William Hawes Seabrook wearing his familiar straw boater, about 1935-36.

All the Seabrook children but one moved away from Wheathampstead. His oldest son, Robert William Eric Seabrook (born 1903) married and lived in Harpenden and was my father. The only one of his siblings to remain in Wheathampstead was Gerald George Seabrook (born 1904) who lived with his family at Church Street for many years. He married Gladys Rolph and their two children Robin and Jane spent their youth in the village until they married and moved away.

I have an extensive family history of the Seabrooks and would be happy to share it with anybody who is looking for information.

John Seabrook       email:   


My great grandfather - Michael Seabrook born 25 November 1836. Died in accident on 6 October 1882. Great Northern Railway. Married to Eliza.

Records in cemetery.  His siblings -
George b. 1826
Ann born 1828 (married Joseph Males Mar. 21 Maltman b. Codicote)
William 1830
John 1832 (immigrated to N.Z. ancestors then went to Queensland, Australia, then NSW)
Thomas 1835

Michael's son Herbert John Seabrook is my grandfather. He married Susie May Yarrow in Paddington, London. They immigrated to Australia approximately 1912.

Contributed June 2009
by Jennifer Brooks

Contributed Jan 2009

My great grandfather was Michael Seabrook born 1837.  He was killed by a train (6 Oct. 1882, aged 45).  He worked on the Great Northern Railway, and lived in the GNR Cottages in Whitewash Alley, Hatfield, Hertford.  He was a Station Inspector. He is buried in the United Reformed churchyard Wheathampstead, along with his wife Eliza (who died 3 April 1897 aged 59) and son Francis (who died 15 Mar. 1889 aged 17).

His son, my grandfather, Herbert John Seabrook, Coach Painter, immigrated to Australia, after marrying Susie May Yarrow in London (Paddington district).  His son, my father, Ronald Herbert Seabrook was born in Victoria. He eventually moved to NSW. I now live in Valentine, NSW, Australia. 1half hours north of Sydney. Amazing how people move across the world.

I have traced my mothers side back to the UK as well, Ireland and Scotland.  My husband's side goes back to the First Fleet*. His g,g,g,g, grandmother/grandfather were convicts on the ships Alexander and Friendship respectively.  Everyone wants a convict in their ancestry over here .  My mother's side is supposed to go back to Belton House but I haven't found the link yet. I am trying to trace Edward Augustus Blount and Eliza Fraser. Edward was born in Bermondsey Surrey, so I'll keep looking there.

JENNIFER BROOKS   email:                     

*The First Fleet is the name given to the 11 ships which sailed from Great Britain on 13 May 1787 to establish the first European colony in New South Wales. It was a convict settlement, marking the beginnings of transportation to Australia.

The Seabrooks are a very well known name in Wheathampstead. They go back to the seventeenth century and I believe a Seabrook was once a mayor of St Albans.  The Seabrooks I know about here were churchwardens and their signature often appears on manorial court records, but I hadn't heard about the station inspector member of the family.

I got to know Robert Seabrook quite well until he died about 15 years ago well into in his eighties, and once met his son who lived in Hitchin.  His father had been parish overseer and church organist at St Helen's, also owning several properties in the village.  Robert and his wife came to tea here once when he was in his eighties. He used to live in this house and remembered it when they had to get water from the well and kept a pet owl in a meat safe in the garage.  I recorded his stories about life in the village as school boy and choir boy in the 1920s.  His friend, George Hawkins, came too and they had some wonderful stories about what the mischief they got up to.  Some of them are in our book "Wheathampstead Railway Recollections", now out of print.

Burials in St Helen's churchyard

Anna Maria Seabrook, wife of William is buried in the churchyard here. She died in 1910 aged 73 years. William of Lamer Farm died in 1918 aged 75. Their daughter Alice May died in 1963 aged 87 years and is buried with them.

Ada Mary, wife of George John Sabrook born July 21 1880, and George John Seabrook born Nov 11 1874, died Dec 5 1954. "Re-united".

Doris Evelyn Seabrook, wife of George William, died 15 Aug 1976 aged 69 years, also George William Seabrook, died 24 Feb 1983, aged 75 years.

Maud Seabrook /who died Dec 29th 1936 aged 59 years/ also of Gwendolyn Mary who died Oct 9th 1914 aged 6 years, 6 months/ and Pearl Madeleine who died Feb 23 1920 aged 2 years 5 months.

Gerald G. Seabrook 1905-1972/ Gladys M Seabrook 1911-1991.

Burial in the United Reformed churchyard

Michael Seabrook died Oct 6 1882 aged 45 years.. "He is not dead but sleepeth"/ also of Francis second son of the above who died March 15th 1889 aged 17 years/ also of Eliza wife of the above/ departed this life April 3rd 1897 aged 59.

Herts Militia lists give George Seabrooks as a farmer in 1772, 1778
James Seabrook as labourer at the Town (farm) from 1758-1762
William Seabrook as labourer from 1758 to 1778 (some years, not all) in Wheathampstead and the Great Cutts (a farm near Mackerye End to the north west of the parish)

I would advise you look in census returns for more information about your Hatfield branch of the family. I know that Seabrooks lived in Wheatsheaf House in the Wheathampstead high street when Robert was a small boy, as he remembered throwing a toy brick into a French horn, tuba or some such big instrument that happened to be marching by in a parade - probably for Red Cross day.

Contributed by Ruth Jeavons, Wheathampstead  (Jan 2009)

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My grandmother was born Martha SHAMBROOK at Gustard Wood in 1874.  Her parents were Joshua and Sarah (nee HALE) who married at the parish church Wheathampstead in 1872.  Joshua SHAMBROOK was born at Wheathampstead in 1848. He was the son of Daniel and Mary (nee MALES).  Daniel SHAMBROOK was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth PARSONS who married at Ayot St Lawrence in 1800.  It is thought that this Joseph was the son of Joseph SHAMBROOK and Sarah (nee TEMPSON).

I would like to make contact with anyone with any knowledge of these or other Wheathampstead SHAMBROOK families.

Melbourne, Australia

In 1881 the following family were in Gustard Wood
Josh. SHAMBROOK  34 Gustard Wood
Sarah SHAMBROOK  32 Amwell
Mary SHAMBROOK 9  Gustard Wood
Martha SHAMBROOK 7 Gustard Wood
Wm. SHAMBROOK 5 Gustard Wood
Caroline SHAMBROOK 4  Gustard Wood

1851 Census
Shambrook at Gustard Wood:
Daniel Shambrook, Mar, 46, Ag Lab, b Whstd
Mary Shambrook, wife, 40, Straw Plait, b Codicote (nee Males)
Elizabeth, dau unm 20 straw plait b Codicote
Caroline, dau, unm 13, straw plait b Whstd
Eliza dau 10 scholar, b Whstd
Joshua son 7 scholar, b Whstd
Hester dau 4 scholar b Whstd
Martha, dau 1 b Whstd

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My mothers maiden name was Sibley and it's clear from the research done to date that the family come from the Wheathampstead/Harpenden area.

Francis Sibley, Born c 1610 = Elizabeth Perrie
     Francis Sibley, Bap 1636 = Martha ?
          Francis Sibley, Bap 1662 = Mary ?,  Married Wh'std 1691
 Francis Sibley, Bap 1693 = Mary ? Married Wh'std 1718 
                    Henry Sibley, Bap 1720  = Sarah Huxley ,   Married in Harpenden 14-Nov-1753

                         Huxley Sibley, Bap 1771 = Sarah Lattimore, Married in Wh'std 15-Dec-1799 (Moved to Hackney shortly after and within a year Sarah was dead. Huxley re married.

I would be interested to learn the surnames of the wife's where there is a question mark against their names. Addresses, wills, and I also believe that Francis Sibley (Born c 1610) received a pension from Cromwell, but what was it for? Does anybody know anything about Sarah Lattimore? My research has a lot more information that takes the family back even further but until we have sorted it out and verified it's accuracy I don't think that it would be appropriate to publish it. The family are proving very interesting due to strong links to the farming/milling/bakery/oil seed crushing/cattle food industry in the early 1900's with clear evidence that connections to the industry go back generations. Any information of whatever nature that can be provided would be helpful.
Jonathan Clark   email:                                                    10 Jan 2011


Hi, I'm doing my family tree and I have come to a stop on my dad's mums side.  All I know is that her name is Sylvia May Sibley and she was born march 1904 in Bishops StortfordSylvia married Albert Munt who was born in 1903, they had 2 children. Sylvia's parents were called Arthur Sibley and Ellen Lavinia.

Attached is a picture of Sylvia and Albert on their wedding day - in the middle are Sylvia and Albert and behind the bride is Ellen who is the 5th from the left and next to her is Arthur who is the 4th from the left. 

My great grandad is Albert George Saunders, he was born in Wheathampstead in 1905 and he married a Winifred Foster born 1905. I was just wondering if people have any more information on him. Albert is with his regiment I think as he is in a soldiers uniform, Albert is on the bottom row second from the right.

If anyone has any information I would be grateful.  You can contact me on my email address    
Many thanks, Lauren Munt

9 Oct 2008

I have been researching my family history, and believe that I am descended from John Sibley and Mary Sibley (nee Brown)John Sibley was born circa 1780 in Wheathampstead. They had a son Henry Sibley born 1805 in Wheathampstead who married Mary Brackstone in Fulham, London in 1840.

If anyone has any data re the Sibley ancestry prior to John and Mary I would be extremely grateful if they could email me with the information.  As I now live in Australia, I am unable to research parish history, and have used all the relevant internet sites that are available, which have led me to the above info.

Thank you, Regards Ann Wheatland (nee Sibley)  email:                               20 Feb 2005

(Added 29 Oct 2005) Hi, I am researching my relatives that I believe lived in Wheathampstead. The family name is HERBERT and the name Sibley also comes up. Thomas Herbert married Anne Sibley 13th November 1821 in Wheathampstead.. any information would be grateful. 
Regards Dave English  e-mail -   

Also look here

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My great-grandparents are featured in the Wheathampstead Local History Group publication Tales from Old Wheathampstead and Gustard Wood, 1900 -.  John Slough was born in Gustard Wood c.1846 and married Ann Archer, born in Hog Island also c 1846.  Her father was James Archer b. 24 April 1823 and I believe her mother's name was Hannah.  They had four children John, Arthur, Ellen and Alfred.  Incidentally, father and son were known as 'Jack'.  Alfred was my grandfather, and he lived at The Folly Fields next to his brother JackJohn Slough senior had a brother, Edward, who was about six years older than him.  Both were agricultural labourers.  Ann is described as a straw plaiter but I'm sure she worked on the land at times.  They married in Wheathampstead Parish Church on 20 October 1866 and John Slough died on 5 April 1930 and is buried in St Helen's churchyard, with Ann, whom I believe died first, but I cannot trace her date of death and I need this to erect a memorial.

Brenda Fraser-Newstead   email                               13 May 2011


WILLIAM SLOUGH was born in Wheathampstead around 1800. He married MATILDA STEAD 13 October 1828. She was the daughter of Elisha and Mary Stead, born about 1812 and baptized aged 8 on 12 November 1820. William and Matilda lived at Gustard Wood and had six children.

1. FREDERICK SLOUGH was born 22 August and baptized 13 September 1829. He married ANN FLOYD 22 September 1850. They lived at St Albans where Frederick ended his days at the Union Workhouse. They were a childless couple.

2. MARY SLOUGH was born 29 November 1831 and baptized 7 October 1832. She married JAMES NORTH 28 October 1855; on the same day her brother married her sister-in-law. James was later an engine driver. They lived at The Orchard, Wheathampstead. Their children were Frederick, Fanny, Emily, Sarah, Ann, Clare and Hatty North.

3. WILLIAM SLOUGH was born 7 February and baptized 24 July 1836. He married LOUISA NORTH 28 October 1855. They lived at Gustard Wood. Their children were:

a. WILLIAM ALFRED SLOUGH was baptized 22 June 1856. He married SARAH ANN ANDERSON in 1877. He was a coal merchant at Shenley. Their children were:

i. WILLIAM ALFRED SLOUGH was baptized 23 December 1877. He cannot be found after the 1881 census.

ii. ARTHUR FREDERICK SLOUGH was baptized 31 August 1879. He was serving with the Royal Horse Artillery in 1901.

iii. LILLY FLORENCE SLOUGH was baptized 31 July 1881. She cannot be found after the 1891 census.

b. FREDERICK CHARLES SLOUGH baptized 13 January 1858. He probably died in 1863.

c. ALFRED WILLIAM SLOUGH baptized 29 April 1860. He died aged 39 in 1900. He married SARAH SEYMOUR 20 June 1885. They lived at Gustard Wood and St. Albans. Their children were:

i. ERNEST JAMES SLOUGH was baptized 11 July 1886 at Kimpton. He was a grocer and moved to Milford Haven where in 1910 he married ANNIE BLANCHE SKINNER from Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire.

ii. WALTER HENRY SLOUGH was baptized 27 January 1889 at St Albans. He has not been found after 1901.

iii. FREDERICK JOHN SLOUGH was baptized 29 June 1890 at St Albans. He moved to Hornsey Rise and in 1910 married MATILDA SAUNDERS from Berkhamstead. They both worked on the railways.

iv. FRANK THOMAS SLOUGH was baptized 26 June 1892 at St Albans.

d. CLARA REBECCA SLOUGH was baptized 27 July 1862. She probably died as an infant in 1863.

e. EMILY ROSA SLOUGH was baptized 29 August 1869. She married HENRY CLARK in 1897 and their son Alfred was born about 1905. Her son Eustace was raised by his grandmother. There was a daughter who has not been identified.

i. EUSTACE CHARLES SLOUGH born Hornsey Rise, Upper Holloway 1896. He was raised by his grandmother Louise and in the 1901 census is recorded as George Slough. He married my great aunt MARION BEATRICE ANSELL at Wheathampstead on 8 December 1917. He was then serving with the Army Cyclist Corps. He had volunteered in 1914 and in the course of WWI was twice wounded and gassed. Eustace died 2 May 1969 and Marion 22 December 1978. They are buried in St Helen’s churchyard. Their daughter JOAN MARIAN SLOUGH served in the WAAF during WWII and in 1944 married ALEXANDER A. CRAIG from Winchburgh, West Lothian. Their children were Mary Ansell Craig and Helen F. Craig. Eustace and Marion had a son FRANK M. SLOUGH who married NELLIE J. SEAMAN; their children were Elisabeth and Alan Slough.

f. WALTER FREDERICK SLOUGH was baptized 29 October 1871. In 1896 he married ELIZABETH ELLEN GILBERT from Norwich. They settled in Kent where he was a gardener. They had no children.

g. ADA TOTTIE SLOUGH was baptized 26 August 1877. She cannot be traced after 1891 and possibly died aged 22 in 1898.

h. HARRIET KATE REBECCA SLOUGH (Hetty) was baptized 29 May 1881. She married HERBERT JOHN COAT(E)S in 1899. They settled in Gustard Wood. Their children were Walter Herbert, Horace Victor, Albert Victor, Percy Edward, Gladys Louise and Lilian May Coates.

4. EDMUND SLOUGH was born 27 November and baptized 30 December 1838. He did not marry. At the St Albans Petty Sessions in 1868, Edmund Slough of Wheathampstead was sentenced to 21 days hard labour for stealing 13 carrots, worth at least 2d, the property of Mr. GEORGE UPTON ROBINS a solicitor and landowner from Somerset resident at Delaport House. This was reported under “More Examples of Justices ‘Justice’” in Reynolds Newspaper 1 November 1868.

5. JOHN SLOUGH was born about 1845 He married ANN ARCHER 20 October 1866. They lived in Wheathampstead. Their children were:

a. CLARA ANN SLOUGH was baptized 20 February 1867. She married CHARLES EAST in 1887. Later they moved to Long Melford, Suffolk, where he was a gamekeeper. Their children were Charles William, Frederick, Rosie, Harriet, Ellen and Johnnie East.

b. FREDERICK SLOUGH was baptized 29 May 1870. He moved to Battersea and 5 August 1895 married FRANCES TOYER from Harpenden at St Paul’s Chapel, Battersea. Their children were Frederick and William Slough.

c. HARRIET SLOUGH was born 1873 but baptized 26 April 1875. She settled in Battersea where in 1893 she married WILLIAM CHARLES POWELL. They had a daughter Elida Powell.

d. JOHN HENRY SLOUGH was baptized 25 February 1877. In 1904 he married ELIZABETH (POWELL?). They lived at The Folly, Wheathampstead and their first children were John, Kathleen and Lilian Slough. John Slough served with the 4th Bedfordshire Regiment in World War I and was awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the Field.

e. ARTHUR WILLIAM SLOUGH was baptized 29 August 1880. He joined Frederick and Harriet in Battersea and in 1899 married ADA FRANCES HIVES. Their first child was Arthur Slough.

f. ELLEN MAUD SLOUGH was born 1883 and baptized 27 January 1884. In 1901 she was a domestic servant at Wandsworth.

g. ALFRED SLOUGH was baptized 28 February 1886. In 1908 he married FRANCES MABEL HOWE. They lived at Cromer Hyde. Their first children were John Alfred and Alice May Slough.

6. ARTHUR SLOUGH was baptized 30 July 1849. He married MARGARET GOODSHIP 6 February 1869. Her parents were WILLIAM GOODSHIP and EMMA née HENLEY (see my entry under Goodship). Arthur and Margaret lived at Gustard Wood and had a daughter:

a. EMMA SLOUGH was baptized 25 June 1871. She married CHARLES DRAPER in 1891. They lived at Sandridge. Their children were Arthur Charles and Leonard William Draper.

Note. At the 1841 census there were five Slough households in Wheathampstead and Harpenden. Only one is dealt with here. Another was headed by WILLIAM and MARY SLOUGH whose son CHARLES SLOUGH is the subject of a separate entry.

Contributed by Anthony M. Carter                                                                                  5 Nov 2009

I am tracing my family tree.  My paternal grandmother Clara Ann or Clara Jane was born in Wheathampstead, 18th Feb. 1867, she had a sister Harriet & brothers Fred, John & Arthur.  Her father John (b.1847) mother Ann (nee Archer).  Her Grandfather also John ( b.1816) & Grandmother Sarah.  I believe her her family were farm Labourers.

Any info to Derek Hollis  email - 

The 1851 census of the inmates of Portland Convict Prison, Dorset, records “Chas. Slaugh” aged 22 from “Withamstead, Hertfordshire.” He is very likely the son of William and Mary Slough found in the 1841 census near Ayres End Farm, Wheathampstead.  This Charles was born 13 May and baptized 6 June1830.

Examination of the recently published criminal records from the National Archives suggested to me that he was gaoled at Portland pending transportation to Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania).  Charles Slough was found guilty of stealing a gelding, value 5 pounds, from Edward Biggs at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) on 7 January 1850.  The sad background is that Charles Slough had worked for Edward Biggs for 5 years and had been dismissed 3 weeks previously for misconduct.  Giving evidence at the trial PC Henry Edwards, who apprehended Slough, said the latter claimed the horse belonged to Mr Smith of Stockwell Road, St Albans.  This was untrue but does bolster the argument that he was a Hertfordshire man.  The sentence was transportation for 7 years.

Other records show him among the 280 male convicts transported to Van Dieman’s Land on the “Oriental Queen,” which sailed from Plymouth 4 November 1852 and arrived Hobart 19 February 1853.  The indent from this voyage shows that the horse was stolen from Edward Biggs of Marylebone, no doubt the farmer of 300 acres found in the census.  Although there was a Biggs family in Wheathampstead, this Biggs was from Buckinghamshire.  The conduct register of convict 27791 in the Archives of Tasmania not only confirms that Charles Slough was from Wheathampstead but tell us he was 5 feet 7¼ inches tall with a large head and a florid complexion.  His hair was dark brown and his eyes blue.  He could read and write a little and by profession he was a groom and coachman.

He appears to have been given a Ticket of Leave on 22 November 1853 and had then 13 months to serve before receiving a conditional pardon.  He did not entirely reform being sentenced to 9 months hard labour for larceny in 1861 and a further 6 months in 1863 for obtaining 12 loaves of bread under false pretences.  It is not known whether Charles Slough has descendants in Australia.

Contributed by Anthony M. Carter (Aug2009)   email:


from 1881 Census

Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead
William SLOUGH M 43 M Kimpton, Head Laborer
Louisa SLOUGH M 45 F WIFE Plaitter
William SLOUGH M 24 M Kimpton, Son Laborer
Alfred SLOUGH U 20 M Kimpton, Son Laborer
Emily SLOUGH 11 F Kimpton, Daur Scholar
Walter SLOUGH 9 M Kimpton, Son Scholar
Ada SLOUGH 3 F Kimpton, Daur Scholar
Baby SLOUGH 4 d F Kimpton, Daur
Sarah A. SLOUGH M 23 F Luton, Sons Wife Hat Sewer (Straw)
Arthur SLOUGH 1 M Wheathampstead, Grand Son

East Lane, Wheathampstead
John SLOUGH M 34 M Gustard Wood Head Gravel Digger
Ann SLOUGH M 34 F Hog Island Wife Plait Sewer
Clara SLOUGH 14 F Gustard Wood Daur Plait Sewer
Fred SLOUGH 12 M Pickford Mills Son Scholar
Harriet SLOUGH 8 F Gustard Wood Daur Scholar
John SLOUGH 5 M Wheathamstead Son Scholar
Arthur SLOUGH 8 m M Wheathamstead Son Scholar
Edmund SLOUGH M 40 M Gustard Wood Lodger Labourer

Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead
Arthur SLOUGH M 32 M Wheathampstead, Head Laborer
Margaret SLOUGH M 30 F Wheathampstead, Wife Plaitter
Emma SLOUGH 10 F Wheathampstead, Daur Scholar
Frederic BUNNAGE 7 M Luton,

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My Wheathampstead Childhood in the 1950s
(contributed by Marian Smith (nee Wilson)

Tudor Road

In 1950 my parents moved to Wheathampstead to lodge with my aunt and uncle at 8 Tudor Road.  One of the attractions of the village was the convenient train service to Welwyn Garden City where both my father and uncle were employed at ICI.  My parents moved to a newly built house at 17 Tudor Road after I was born in 1953.  My younger brother Ian was born there in 1954.

My earliest recollections of living there were playing freely on the unmade road with neighbouring children.  In fact, pushing my dolls’ pram along to my cousin’s house, the jolting of the rough surface caused components to fall off the prized pram!  One winter my cousin and I picked ice off the muddy puddles and ate it, only to be told off by Mr Avery.  Racing up and down the road on our bikes was a favourite pastime, particularly for the boys.  Often we went into Devils’ Dyke to play but we were slightly afraid of its rather spooky atmosphere and what seemed to be huge sloping banks down into the gully that ran between them.  Without our parents and with no sense of trepidation we would go for bike rides on the country lanes to Nomansland Common or Coleman Green and fishing or swimming in the River Lea near Lambs’ Farm on Sheepcote Lane.  We also used the playing fields with swings and round-a-bouts, which we approached from Necton Road.

Initially Tudor Road consisted of 4 pairs of 1937 semi-detached houses, 4 pairs of early 1950s semis and our detached house, with waste land at each end that allowed for speculative house building later.  I recall most of the families that lived there and their house numbers:

  1. Mr and Mrs East with their sons, who included Richard; Mr East used to cycle along the road, often with empty bottles clanking in the basket on the front.
  1.  Mr and Mrs Sullivan with their 3 children Maureen, Arthur and Tony, who we played with; Mr Sullivan had a motor bike and sidecar.
  1. Mr and Mrs Field with their 2 older daughters and a dog called Bobby who alarmingly chased anything and anyone that moved; The Fields ran the fish and chip shop on the High Street.
  1. Mr and Mrs Avery; Mr Avery worked for the Evening Standard and he drove the van fast along the road, leaving a cloud of dust behind.
  1. Mr and Mrs Odell; Mr Odell was the milkman who made early morning deliveries in a battery operated milk float.
  1. Mr and Mrs Jowett
  1. Mr and Mrs Page with their 2 children; Elaine who was older than me and the younger Douglas
  1. Mr and Mrs Holland with their daughter Elizabeth who was younger than me and wasn’t allowed to play on the road with us.
  1. John and Frances Wilson, my parents
  1. Mr and Mrs Crisp whose children included Roger and he was a play mate
  1. Miss Winnie Cloak and her 2 Brothers; an elderly family group
  1. Jack and Mirriam Walpole with their sons Keith and David, who were older than us and we admired their go-carts.  This family became life-long friends of the Wilson and Welton families.
  1. Norman and Jean Welton with their children James and Gillian (my cousins)
  1. A man who rode a motor bike (can’t recall his name)
  1. Mr and Mrs Redwood with their children, who included Andrew, younger than my brother and me
  1. A young couple (can’t recall their names)
  1. Mr and Mrs Capon; Mrs Capon gave me her glass slipper ornament which I had admired and I still have it today.

About 1960 the road was renumbered to account for the additionally built houses; we became 13 Tudor Road and favoured play areas with massive ant hills were lost but new friends made, including Maureen Peg.  In 1962 my youngest brother Neil was born and then we moved to Harpenden to a bigger house.

 St Helen’s Infant & Junior School

I started the infant school in January 1958; then it was in the Victorian brick and flint building opposite the church. My first teacher was Miss Squires (Jenny Ward) who became a life-long friend of our family.  I learnt to read from The Beacon Readers in my second class.  The central hall, which had large folding doors separating two classrooms at each end, was used for assemblies, PE and indoor play.  On fine days we played on the cinder track by Bury Green, sometimes supervised by Mrs Bracey.  There was small room behind the hall that had a pot-bellied stove in the corner where I remember going with a teacher called Mrs McNally who taught me how to knit.  I recall the outside toilet block that was very chilly and rather smelly.  Taking the part of a shepherd in the Nativity Play, preformed in St Helen’s Church, was one of the highlights of my infant schooling.

The junior school was a 1930s flat roofed building in the shape of a two-pronged fork with the rear hall forming the handle.  I remember that the hall had a dado made with bricks that had the carved names of all the people who had funded the school’s construction.  The hall was a place for learning from radio programmes such as Singing Together or for listening to music like the Peter and Wolf on gramophone records and for putting on performances.  I was the Bong Tree in The Owl and the Pussy Cat!  Delicious lunches were prepared and served by Mrs Latchford in a canteen building between the main school and the field.  There was a huge tarmac yard where we usually played but in the summer we went on to the field, where there was a WWII air-raid shelter that we were not allowed to go down but of course we did!  The May Queen Parade and maypole dancing marked the start of the school’s summer activities, which culminated in the sports day, when it always seemed to be sunny. 

I don’t remember the name of my first year junior teacher but I recall her getting very cross with two boys, Anthony Lewis and Philip Ellis.  Philip Ellis ran away from school one day and climbed up St Helen’s Church spire which was surrounded with scaffolding for repairs.  Mr Price, a very strict Welsh man who told us a great deal about coal mining and introduced me to joined-up writing, was my second year teacher.  On one occasion some gypsy children were in class and one fell asleep but we were told not to wake him.  The third year lady teacher taught me how to use a dictionary, amongst other things.  Mr Hayes, the headmaster, came in to teach us arithmetic.  He lived in Harpenden in a house not far from where my parents had moved in 1962 so he gave me and my brother a lift each day ensuring that my education was not disrupted in the run up to the 11+.  My final year teacher was Mr Crossfield and his classroom was in an annexe building.  He was very strict and gave misbehaving children the slipper.  We spent a lot of time preparing for the 11+ but got some rest bite in the afternoons when we used the adjacent craft room, which I loved for the experiences of paint, clay, basketry, needlework and rug-making.  Another highlight of the week was going by coach to the swim baths at Kimpton.  Mr Crossfield taught me to play the recorder at an after-school club.  In my final year my special friends were Annette Ratuszniak and Phillipa Weatherly but once we moved on to senior schools we went our separate ways. 

 Life in the Village

Whilst at the infants’ school Mum took me to school and often I ran along the tree studded bank that lined Marford Road as Mum pushed her bicycle along the path with my younger brother in a child’s seat.  Sometimes we would call at Marshall’s Stores for sundry groceries, other times Mum would take us to the newsagent and sweet shop on the High Street next to the Post Office beside the river.  Once I started at juniors across the road I stayed for school lunches and was allowed to walk home on my own using footpaths that crossed The Hill, Conquerors Hill and onto Tudor Road. 

In the 1950s there was no need to travel out of the village for routine shopping and activities.  We used George and Betty Amos’s Shoe Shop, Ruth and Eric Smith’s Chemist shop, Bob Simmons’ Butchery, the hardware merchant’s that had a petrol pump outside it, the wool shop and the baker’s next to the Police Station as well as the hairdresser’s on Church Street.  Mum bought fruit and vegetables from a man (Mr Tate, I think) who travelled round the village in an old maroon converted furniture lorry.  We went to the library that was housed in a green painted corrugated hall on Bury Green.  The Brownies were held there too.  Visits to Doctor Parkinson at his surgery on The Hill were not as frequent as the visits to Nurse Smith’s East Lane Clinic to pick up supplies of milk formula, rose-hip syrup and cod liver oil for my younger brothers.  I recall the Memorial Hall being built in 1961 - it was a place for many kinds of entertainment, including film shows for children, where I first saw Bambi.

St Helen’s Church

The Church played an important role in my childhood.  Sunday morning services and afternoon Sunday School, led by Kath Gayton, were frequently attended but the most memorable were the candle-lit Carol Services on Christmas Eve and a Sunday School summer outing to Southend-on-Sea.  I was impressed that Rector George Roe could sing unaccompanied sections of the liturgy and to my amazement, he was often to be seen cycling round the village with his two Dalmatian dogs attached to each handle bar of his bike. I recall the Church as being very cold and draughty in winter.  A heavy wool curtain covered main door which made a clatter on its metal runners as the Verger, Ron Cox, drew it back to let in late comers.  (Lynton Cox, the Verger’s son, was in my class at St Helen’s and Ron Cox built the front wall of our garden.)  After my parents and my cousins had moved to Harpenden the two families remained parishioners, continuing to attend services and belonging to the Church Choir for many years.  Most of us had moved away to other parts of the country by the 1980s except my parents, who were faithful attendees until they passed away.  Fran and John Wilson’s ashes were scattered in the Garden of Remembrance in 2009 and 2011 respectively.  Their children (Marian, Ian and Neil) have honoured their parents’ memory and their own happy recollections of the village with a memorial bench in the churchyard.



The 'SMITH FAMILY' lived at the Folly, Lower Luton Road Wheathampstead.  Is there anyone who remembers Albert Smith? Who worked for SMITH BROS BUILDERS. Was wed to Millie Arnold, also Henry Charles who wed Sarah Mayles
I would like any info on this family!!
SYLVIA CASTLEMAN       email -

Anyone remember the names who played in the football team at the folly fields, Lower Luton Rd, in the 50s and 60s,apparently they were a good team.
Any info, photos, not getting much luck with my family search name SMITH, is there anyone out there can help me?
Wishfull thinking!

Regards sylvia castleman entry Nov 2004

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Detailed page here

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My name is Jean O'Neill, nee Sparrow, my grandparents were Thomas (Tom) and Florence Sparrow who lived in Necton Road, Wheathampstead. Thomas was a councillor on both the Wheathampstead Parish Council and St. Albans Rural District Council. My father Robert Victor (Bob) Sparrow, also of Necton Road, was also a councillor on both councils, and a well known figure like his father in the village.  I would love to hear from anyone who has any information about them, however small, or perhaps an old photograph of any of my family.

Please contact me on 

Contributed April 2009

These are family photographs contributed by Ann Henderson (nee Sparrow) in 2002

Thomas Sparrow (seated), 
Alfred Sparrow (died in First World War)

Florence Sparrow with Amy and Alfred

Thomas & Florence Sparrow 
with Robert and Ann

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STEED FAMILY Generation No. 1

1. ELISHA 1 STEED was born 1779 in Luton, and died 1854 in Saint Albans 1. He married MARY CRAWLEY 29 January 1802 in Wheathampstead. She was born 1771, and died October 1848 in Wheathampstead 2.

Despite marrying in Wheathampstead he spent the first years of his marriage in St Pauls Walden before moving back at some point between 1810 and 1816. Some Ratepayers accounts survive for him in Wheathampstead showing that he lived in a property owned by James Mardell during the years 1837 to 1841. In 1841 the census shows him living on the East Lane in Wheathampstead and working as an Agricultural Labourer. He and his wife shared the house with his daughter Eliza and her husband Henry Mondin and their 3 year old daughter Rebecca. It is not known at what point he entered the Saint Albans Union Workhouse, although it may tie in with his wife’s death in 1848, but he was a resident Pauper at that institution in 1851.

Children of ELISHA STEED and MARY CRAWLEY are:

  1. MARY 2 STEED, b. 1802, Saint Pauls Walden.

  2. THOMAS STEED, b. 1802, Saint Pauls Walden; d. February 1803, Saint Pauls Walden.

  3. SARAH STEED, b. 1804, Saint Pauls Walden.

  4. GEORGE STEED, b. 1806, Saint Pauls Walden; m. MARY WOOD, 23 December 1826, Wheathampstead; b. 1801.

  5. JOHN STEED, b. 1809, Saint Pauls Walden; d. 1887; m. REBECCA CATLINE, 24 December 1832, Wheathampstead; b. 1809, Codicote; d. 1853, Kimpton.  
    Notes for JOHN STEED:  In 1881 he was living with his son William on the High Street in Kimpton and marked as an invalid.

  6. MATILDA STEED, b. 1814, Wheathampstead; d. December 1872, Wheathampstead; m. WILLIAM SLOUGH, 13 October 1828, Wheathampstead; b. 1794, Wheathampstead; d. October 1874, Wheathampstead.  
    Notes for MATILDA STEED:In 1871 they lived in Gustard Wood in Wheathampstead with their sons Edmund and Arthur and his wife Margaret.

  7. ELIZA STEED, b. 18 January 1816, Wheathampstead; d. December 1890, Wheathampstead 3; m. HENRY MONDIN, 15 October 1836, Wheathampstead; b. 1812, Wheathampstead; d. December 1893, The Hill, Wheathampstead 4.  
    Notes for ELIZA STEED: In 1841 Eliza was living with her husband and first daughter Rebecca on the East Lane in Wheathampstead. During the next 10 years she had 4 children of which 1, Charles, must have died as he was not recorded with the family on East lane in 1851. At that time Eliza and her daughters Rebecca and Emma were all employed as Straw Plaiters. Neither Eliza or her children George and Emma were working in 1861. Her husband Henry was an Agricultural Labourer and they all lived at Orchard Cottages in Wheathampstead where they were also recorded in 1871. By 1881 Eliza had moved to Necton Road where the property was shared with her daughter Elizabeth, her husband William Crawley and their daughter Elizabeth
    Notes for HENRY MONDIN: In 1841 Henry was living in Wheathampstead on the East Lane next door to his wife's parents. In 1851 he still lived in the same place in Wheathampstead and was employed as an Agricultural Labourer. His wife and daughters Rebecca and Emma were all working as Straw Plaiters. By 1861 he had moved his family to Orchard Cottages in Wheathampstead and was supporting his wife and children Emma and George. He lived in the same house in 1871 and both he and his son George were Agricultural Labourers. His daughter Elizabeth was at school. By 1881 his daughter Elizabeth, a Straw Bonnet Sewer, had moved into his house in Necton Road with her husband William Crawley and her daughter Elizabeth. William was not working so Henry may have been supporting them all from his wages as a Labourer. This act of kindness may be the reason why after the death of his wife he was living with Elizabeth and William at Wheathampstead Hill in 1891.
    Marriage Notes for ELIZA STEED and HENRY MONDIN: Witnessed by Samuel Churchill and Rebecca Mondin.

  8. WILLIAM STEED, b. 26 April 1818, Wheathampstead; m. CHARLOTTE; b. 1835, Walthamstow.  Notes for WILLIAM STEED
    In 1881 William was living at 32 Summerfield Street in Lee in Kent with his wife Charlotte, a Washer, and son Elisha, an Errand Boy. William was not working.

  9. JAMES STEED, b. 17 September 1820, Wheathampstead; d. November 1821, Wheathampstead.

1. St Albans Volume 3a Page 147 December 1854, Death Certificate for Elisha Steed.
2. St Albans Volume 6 Page 335 December 1848, Death Certificate for Mary Crawley.
3. St Albans Volume 3a Page 326 December 1890, Death Certificate for Eliza Steed.
4. St Albans Volume 3a Page 358 December 1893, Death Certificate for Henry Mondin.

Contributed by Matthew Butcher email -                            September 2006

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I could add to the Steel entry. I am Theo STEELgrandson of Frank STEELand god son of Charles Theodore Jacob.

Charles Denton STEELmarried to Fanny Sophia and buried at Wheathampstead was the eldest of 9 siblings, Edwin Bedford was the youngest.

CDS returned from India in 1909 where he was latterly a judge in Uttar Pradesh (then United Provinces) and after living in Bedford and Westcliff on Sea came to Wheathampstead where he lived at the Red House from we think 1921 until his death in 1942. Various of his children continued to live in the Red House until 1960.

His children were as follows, all are believed to have been born in India - my grandfather Frank was baptised in Cawnpore (Kanpur) with Ouri shown as place of birth.

Ethel born 1881 and died in Dublin 1964 - she is buried with her daughter Jean in Dublin. Ethel married Fergus Gordon Anderson, a tea planter (he died in 1914 and is buried in Leigh on Sea) , and had 3 children Malcolm (born 1905 and died in infancy), Beryl born 1906 who married and died in 1938, and Jean born in 1911 who married Richard O'Sullivan and had 6 children before passing away in 1969. The family do not know where Beryl rests.

Ethel, Beryl and Jean lived at the Red House in the 1930's and Ethel left to go to Ireland in 1960.

Charles Troughton STEELwas born in 1884 and was cared for by his family all his life. He lived at the Red House with his father and later sister until 1960 when he went to a nursing home for the final years of his life - he died in 1964 and was cremated at Watford.

Dorothy was born in 1887 and married Charles Theodore Jacob - they were childless and were in Tuticorin India until 1930 where CTJ was a shipping agent. They retired to St Albans and lived at the Red House from 1944 to 1960 when Dorothy died and was buried at Wheathampstead. CTJ then moved to Westcliff on Sea where he died in 1965. They are buried in the Wheathampstead churchyard.

John Valentine was born in 1891 and died in 1978. He was in the army in the 1914 -8 war and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. He served in Iraq for the RAF in the 1920's. He married first Ingrid and later Gwen - they never lived in Wheathampstead and he died childless. JV was cremated in Leeds where he lived from the 1950's.

Frank was born in 1893 and died in 1975, he married Isobel May STEELin 1917. He was in the Army and later RFC in the 1914 -8 war and later served the Maharaja of Jodhpur from 1925 to 1946 - rising to Finance Minister. He never lived in Wheathampstead. He had one son LF STEELwho married Muriel - they are my and Robin STEEL's parents.FS and IMS rest at Southend on Sea crematorium.

 from Theo Steel        email:                                                         August 2011

The relatives I've found were Charles Denton STEEL (retired from Indian Civil Service) and his wife Fanny Sophia STEEL (nee TROUGHTAN) who both died at 'Red House, Wheathampstead' (I don't know if they lived there) according to two obituaries from The Times newspaper (online archive).  The dates for Charles and Fanny STEEL: Fanny died aged about 75 in 1930 and Charles died in 1942 aged 88. Charles and Fanny had three children including a Frank Steel, who was in the RAF; he married a Ms BRADLY and they had a son Laurence F STEEL, who married a Ms LUCAS. (most address related to these are in India etc, not Herts)

I also read a note that was a bit faded on a hand- written family tree that said: 'Beryl JACOBS d. (died) Wheathampstead, Harpenden,' (date of death not written) Beryl was a niece of Charles D STEEL, daughter of his sister, Dorothy STEEL

Also another STEEL relative, I think called Beryl, I think daughter of Charles Theodore JACOB, also died at 'Red House' but I'm not sure of any details/dates.

A booklet on the monuments in the St Helen's churchyard in Wheathampstead (1994) shows:- 

Dorothy JACOB (nee STEEL) 17Oct1887 - 11Aug1960 and her husband Charles Theodore JACOB 16Feb1881 - 14Dec1965

Fanny Sophie wife of G D STEEL July1856 2Dec1930 / Charles Denton STEEL Feb 25 1854 Jan17 1942

Another way to show some of this is:-

Charles Edward Steel = Frances Bedford# 
   #Charles Denton Steel = Fanny Sophia Troughton* (Both died in Wheathampstead)
      *John Steel 
      *Dorothy Steel=Charles Theodore Jacob~ 
         ~Beryl Jacob ((Possibly died in Wheathampstead, like Charles, Fanny & Dorothy))
         ~Bridget Jacob
      *Frank Steel = Isabel May Bradley^
         ^Laurence Frank Steel = Muriel Edith Lucas
   #Edwin Bedford Steel = Ethel Mary Robinson
      Christopher Bedford Steel = Ivy Topham
      Alison Joyce Steel = Peter Steer
      My Mum
      Me (Jessica Stella Fox)

Jessica Stella Fox.  email -                                   updated  10th Aug 2006

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Found the history of 1901 very interesting. My grandfather George Edward SWAIN was born that year in Ellsville? The family moved to Wheathampstead soon afterwards.   His parents were George Thomas and Ada SWAIN. Both are buried in St Helens. He died in 1931 and she in 1946. Does anybody remember them or their family?  I believe there were about 10 children in all.
sharon truby   email  
stroud, Glos, England - Thursday 12 February 2004

We am looking for information on Batford old boys football club my great grandfather George Thomas Swain was club chairman sometime in early 1900s.  Can anyone help.?

1851 Census
Swain at Bower Heath:
Elizabeth Swain, Wid, 71 Charwoman, b Norfolk
Edward Reed, son-in-law, 48, Ag lab b Whstd
Susannah Reed, dau, mar, 45, b Norfolk
John Reed, grandson,10 b Whstd
George Reed, grandson 4 b Whstd

Swain at Causewell Farm:
Emma Swain, unm 19, House Servant b Colney, Herts
Employed by William A. & Ellen Grigg, Farmer of 150 acres employing 7 labourers.

Swain at Mackery End Farm:
Thomas Swain, unm 31, Shepherd, b Kimpton
Employed by Elizabeth Wilmott, Wid, & family, Farmer of 300 acres employing 12 labs.

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My grandmother was Louie Marcia Swain, born 13.7.1899 at the Folly.  George Fenwick Elias Harding, (always know as Fen) my grandfather, born 6.11.1894 East Lane, Wheathampstead married. 8.9.1915.died 19.11.1977.  Together they developed a property business, building, painting, decorating and signwriting. Fen also did some undertaking.   See also Harding details.


Louie Marcia Swain ( middle row right) Wheathampstead School C 1913 

Louie Swain’s parents - Walter Swain, born 10.10.1865, died 1.5.1949 & Annie Wright born 11.11.1870.died 8.9.1915
Walter Swain’s Parents - William Swain,  born, 1840 died 3.1.1914 Kimptom & Sarah Carter.b 1842 died 24.8.1914 
Annie Wright’s parents - James (Jimmy) Wright, born 1850, died 20.3.1941 & Eliza Crawley born ? 1850.
William Swain’s parents - John Swain, born 1812 Kimptom & Susan Carter born 1820 Kimpton
James Wright’s parents -  George Wright, born 1819 &  Sarah, born 1817
Sarah Carter’s parents - George Carter, born 1817 W’hampstead & Mary Cobb born 1815 Kimptom.  Lived in Gustard Wood
Eliza Crawley’s parents - Samuel Crawley, born, 1820, Married 2.12.1839 Elizabeth born, 1825 Whitwell
George Carter’s parents - William Carter born 9.12.1776 died 29.11.1857 & Mary Olds. Also known as Mary Olles born1780, died 4.3 .1848

For more detail see the Carter name on the Early families page

All this information has been gathered from Family members, Family Bible, Wheathampstead Village web page (early names Carter) submitted by Arthur Holdford.  Census returns, LDS website, www.Rootsweb.com

I will be pleased to hear from anyone who has more information especially relating to the Harding / Scadding / Scetting families.
Pauline Masters, nee Harding. Email -                                  contributed Jan 2006

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My name is Jane Lockley. my maiden name was SYGROVE and the pub I mentioned being the Cross Keys was my grandparents pub many years ago.  My Grandfather died late 1969, and Nan continued to run it for a while by herself but unfortunately had to sell.   

I'll be interested to find out your interest in the pub.  Have you any info on this topic as I'm doing a family tree. Any info. would be great.  I spent a lot of my childhood in that pub - so upset when it went. Good memories I have. 

Thanks Jane. email: 

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I became interested in ‘Nomansland’ after I found that one of my own ancestors- Charles Thompson, was listed on his birth certificate as having been born there in 1865 (parents William John Thompson and Mary nee Trevethick). I’m not sure when the family moved to Nomansland, although it was sometime after 1862 (their previous child was born at Halliloo Farm in Chelsham, Surrey). They then moved to London sometime between October 1865 and April 1866, and then on to Australia sometime around 1874

I realise that it’s probably a long-shot, but I was wondering if perhaps anyone might have any information regarding Nomansland for this period or even if you might have some suggestions for how I might go about finding such information?  Forgive the naivety of my questions, I’m fairly new to genealogy and being from Australia, even newer to English genealogy!

Any advice or suggestions that you might be able to provide would be enormously appreciated,

Thanks for your time,  Best wishes, Nichole Taske   email -         

added Feb 2006

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You can find useful information at this web site http://www.thrale.com/ 
and specifically for Wheathampstead at: http://www.thrale.com/thrales_wheathampstead

1851 Census
Thrale at The Boot, High Street:
Thomas Thrale, Mar, 25, Baker & Beer Seller b Luton, Beds
Eliza Thrale, wife, 24 b Whstd
Sarah Thrale dau, 2 b Whstd
Thomas R. Thrale, son 1m b Whstd
James Peacock, relative, unm 26 Ag Lab b Whstd
Henry O'Dell, lodger unm 22, Fishmonger, b Whstd

Thrale at High Street
William Thrale, Unm, 23, Baker Master, b Luton, Beds

Thrale at Cross Keys, Gustard Wood:
Norman Thrale, Nephew, unm 19 Miller journeyman b Luton, Beds
Working for John & Mary Sibley, Shoemaker & Victualler

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Tidd / Tydd

Looking for anyone interested in the TIDD family name?  My three times great grandfather George TIDD was born in Wheathampstead in 1801 to Daniel TIDD and Sarah ROBERTS/ROBARDS. Daniel was a carpenter and after George's birth they moved to Deptford. I'm having trouble finding out who Daniel's parents were; too many TIDDs, not enough information!! Daniel and Sarah were married in King's Walden 29 April 1799. I'd love to hear from anyone with information on this family. Visit my website to see my TIDD family connections at: www.tribalpages.com/tribes/tiddly 

 Melissa Zimmerman  email   

An list of Parish Records (1604 - 1839) for the name TIDD and its' derivatives has been provided by Melissa here

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See the Titmuss page

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We are interested if there are still Tomalin's living in the area.  It is an unusual surname in New Zealand where we live.

Nigel and Deirdre Tomalin email  

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Please find here a few pages on what happened to Thomas Tong (born 1799 in Wheathampstead) that came to Australia from Wheathampstead. 

David Wilden   email                                                     Dec 2009

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I am looking for any one who has the name VASS.  JAMES THOMAS VASS was a policeman in St Albans and in 1881 moved to Wheathampstead.  I am willing to exchange any information.  Also SARAH ANN VASS married a JAMES WELCH in Wheathampstead 1890 he came from Sandridge any help thank you

m.mealey  email -  

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My 4x grandparents where Edward Warner born Harpenden 1794 and Mary Fitzjohn  born Sandridge 1793.  They settled at Wheathampton and had 9 children there.  Their daughter Sarah Warner, born 1822, is my 3 x grandmother.  Her daughter, Harriet born 1842, was reared by her grandparents till they died.  Harriet then worked at a local pub as a servant.  Her fathers name was Thomas Brindle (have nothing on him at all) but Sarah Warner married a George Draper in 1847.

Harriet married Thomas Franklin in 1864 and had 12 children - they lived in Lobble Lane, Shenley untill Thomas died in 1893.  After that the children seemed to have moved all over the place.

My other family surnames are Clark, Webb, Fitzjohn , and Franklin but they all seemed to have come from Sandridge to start with and later moved to Harpenden and Shenley.

Cheers, Cassy  email -                          added August 2009

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Can anyone locate the whereabouts of a family by the name of Warren, Geoffrey and his wife Phyllis and their children who lived at Spinney End, Gustard Wood, in the 1942's .

Jenny Wise at e.mail                           added June 2006

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Hi.  Just looking at your web site and found the name of Welch I am very interested in this name as I am doing a family tree and I am stuck.  All the Welch family I am researching come from Flamstead which is not very far from Wheathampstead.  I am stuck in 1767 a William Welch I just don't know were he came from if you know any one with an interest in this name please let me know.

Update April 2002 - I am a bit further in my family tree I am now looking for a James Knot from Wheathampstead  who married Ann Welch by licence in 1787 -  witnesses to the marriage were  George Burchmore and George  Andrews.  I do not know where the witnesses came from.

Update July 2002 - I am hoping you can help me, in April 2002 some one answered my e-mail I put on your site but they never left any address to contact them is there any way I can trace them as this is my direct line. If that person reads this, please make contact again.

Mrs Mary Mealey  email -

Webmasters note: Some members of a Welch family were resident and born in Wheathampstead as evidenced by the 1881 Census.

1851 Census
Welch at Leasy Bridge Farm:
Benjamin Welch, Mar 36 Ag Lab b Whstd 
Mary Welch, wife, 44 b Boddington, Northants (nee Needham)
Emma Welch dau 12 straw plait, children all b Whstd
Benajmin, son, 10 ag lab 
William, son 7 scholar
Mary dau 5
Helen dau 2
Joseph Munt, Serv, Unm, 18, Shepherd b Sandridge
Henry George, Serv, Unm 18, Horsekeeper b Whstd.

Welch at Holly Bush Hall:
Mary Welch, Wid, 65, Charwoman b Whstd (wid of Edward) (nee Collins)
Edward Welch, son, unm 19, Ag Lab b Whstd
Francis Collins, son, Mar, 26, Ag Lab b Whstd
Ann Collins, wife, 31 b Kimpton
William Collins, grandson 3 b Whstd
George Collins, grandson 0 b Whstd

Welsh at High Street:
Sarah Welsh, house servant, unm 15, b Whstd
Servant to George & Sarah Nash, Grocer & Draper.

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Hello I have just been directed to this site by a fellow researcher and I think its a great site.  I am researching the Welch family and have corresponded with Mary who too is researching Welch.  My Welch family also originated from Hertfordshire.  I am stuck on a William Welch too but not the same one as Mary. My William was shown to be born in the Ware area  in 1836 his father was Joseph he was a General Labourer but can't find details of Williams birth or his mother name.  William Married an Ellen Sadler in Hackney London in 23.12.1866. Any info would be gratefully received and if I can help anyone else with their research I would be only to happy to do so. Many thanks.

Carole Welch email  

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This is a very good site PLEASE can any one help me I am looking for information on a Gladys Florence Hyde her maiden name was Welch and she came from Redbourn her address in Wheathampstead was 98 Hatfield Rd and this was 1938.  The information is required for a family tree

Please is there any way you can help i have just come across a WILLIAM SAPWELL  who married a ELENOR WELCH  any information on the SAPWELL family will help    

Thank you M Mealey    email -

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I'm looking for any info on my great great grandparents "James and Sarah Westwood nee Aldridge ... Living at the Steamer Public house Welwyn in 1861...  James was born in Ayott St Peters around 1853...They went on to have five children, one being John junior (my great grandfather).  John junior married Mary Ann nee Gray at Wheathampstead in 1871.  They also had a son Thomas known as Tom (my grandfather) who I believe owned a builders and estate agents in High St, Wheathampstead.  Tom had 3 children Mary who died in 1944 (she was only 27 yrs old), Sarah or Cathy and Jack.  Jack I'm told went on to look after Mary's two children after her death.  After this I don't know a lot more about this family so anyone who can help me with my family tree I would be so grateful.

Many thanks Kerry                                                                             added Oct. 2007


I am looking for any information on Mary Eileen Winifred Westwood who I believe lived in Wheathampstead and went on to marry Harrold Jones, they had two sons, Martin and Christopher born in the 1940's.... They later moved to Oak Cottage in Old Welwyn?..(so I'm told).... Anything however small would be great to hear.

Many Thanks, Kerry  Email -                         added Feb. 2006

My father was Ted Westwood, the village blacksmith until his death in 1980.  His father was also Wheathampstead's village Blacksmith.  I'm not sure whether the tradition goes back further generations but if anyone out there knows please tell me.  I'd like to know more of my families history and ties to the village.   

My grandfather, Harry George Westwood had a forge (H G Westwood & Son) behind the Bull public house, in what is now the car park.  My father took this over with his brother Alf on the death of their father.  The forge then moved down to the end of East Lane, by the river (and sewage works).   

My father, Ted, married Joyce Pearce, who lived next door to him in Necton Road.  They had 3 children.  We lived in Brewhouse Hill, moving to Ceasars Road later on.  We have all moved out of the area now.  I live in North Norfolk and have no reason now to come back to Wheathampstead.  The last Westwood of my family still living there died last year.

I know my father had ties with the Titmuss family and my mother also worked for them.    If anyone can help me fill in my family history please send me an e-mail   

Sandi Westwood.

Added 29/04/04

I am trying to put together a family tree of the Westwoods from Wheathampstead so far got back to nineteenth century, we go back a lot further, can anyone help me on this.  I would be grateful for any little information you could add. 
Thank you
Paul westwood 
Harpenden, herts, uk

My Mother by Barry Euinton                                                            Added 30/09/2007

See also by  Jim Westwood                    about Harry Westwood              Added 22/05/2013

1851 Census
No Westwood's in 1851


Descendants of John Westwood (research by Roger H Euinton with added data by Paul Westood and further info from Sandi above )

added June 2004

1 John Westwood 
..2 Thomas Westwood 1760-Dead
.. +Sarah Salter m1774 -Dead
....3 John Westwood -Dead
.... +Mary Autt m1803 -Dead
......4 Sarah Westwood -Dead
......4 John Westwood -Dead
......4 Elizabeth Westwood -Dead
......4 Emma Westwood -Dead
......4 George Westwood -Dead
......4 Thomas Westwood -Dead
...... +Sarah Aldridge m1849 -Dead
........5 James Westwood 1850-Dead
........ +Mary Ann 
..........6 Ada Mary Westwood -Dead
........... +Edward Wetherall 1898-1969
..........6 Henry George Westwood 
........5 Thomas Westwood 1852-Dead
........5 Henry Westwood 1855-Dead (Whstd blacksmith)
..........6 Grace Westwood 
..........6 Alfred Westwood (Whstd blacksmith)
..........6 James Westwood -2003
.......... +Joan 
..........6 Edward Westwood (Whstd blacksmith)
.......... +Joyce Pearce
..........6 Phyllis Westwood -2000
..........6 Dolly Westwood 
........5 John Westwood 1857-Dead
........ +Amy 
..........6 Wilfred Henry Westwood
.......... +Margery Moore 
..........6 Queeny Westwood 
.......... + ?
..........6 Pops Westwood
.......... +Percy North 
........5 Emily Westwood 1859-Dead
........5 William George Westwood 1862-1928
........ +Minnie Sarah Charlotte Gray m1895 1864-1944
..........6 Doris Ann Westwood 1898-1958
..........6 William Charles Westwood 1899-1962
.......... +Cissie Margaret English m1932 1905-1949
..........6 Ernest James Westwood 1901-1901
..........6 Gladys Minnie Westwood 1902-2001
.......... +Wilfred Reginald Euinton m1932 1903-1955
............7 Roger Henry Euinton 
............ +Jean Margaret Collins m1958 
............7 Barry Euinton 
..........6 Bernard George Westwood 1905-1975
.......... +Lilian Ewer -Dead
........5 Sarah Anne Westwood 1865-Dead
....3 Elizabeth Westwood -Dead
....3 George Westwood -Dead
....3 George Westwood -Infant
....3 William Westwood -Dead
....3 Elizabeth Westwood-Dead
....3 Thomas Westwood -Dead
....3 Henry Westwood -Dead
....3 Sophie Westwood -Dead
....3 James Westwood -Dead
....3 Robert Westwood -Dead
....3 Vincent - Dead
....3 William Westwood -Dead
..2 Ann Westwood -Dead
..2 Edward Westwood -Dead
..2 Edward Westwood -Infant
..2 Elizabeth Westwood -Dead
..2 George Westwood -Dead
..2 James Westwood -Dead

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I have been trying to do some research on the George Wheatley family.  George Wheatley would be my great-grandfather.  He married Mary Ann Wheeler in approximately March, 1872.  The Wheeler family seems to have a very long history in Wheathampstead, dating back to Joseph and Joshua Wheeler (born in 1814 and married to Mary Ann Hornet).  I have been searching for any descendants of this family as we will be travelling to London on May 10th of this year and will be visiting Wheathampstead during that time. If there are any descendants or anyone who could give me information on these early families or someone to whom I could send an e-mail for information I would be very grateful.

My grandmother was Alice Kate Wheatley, married to Sidney Montague Pope in 1899.  In 1901 they officially changed their name to Priske, registered in St. Helen’s Church.  They emigrated to Canada in 1909/1910.

If you have any information or contacts on these families, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Kathy Jones   email:                                                        Contributed April 2009

I am researching my grandmother's family.   Her maiden name was Alice Kate Wheatley, one of six sisters, parents George and Mary Ann (Wheeler) Wheatley.   I have been able to find another George, the father of the George mentioned above and I can see that the family goes even further back than that when trying to find more ancestors.   It seems as though they were in Wheathampstead for many generations.

She married Sidney Montague Pope on September 17, 1899, the marriage was in the Parish Church of Willesden.  Both Sidney Montague and George Wheatley worked for the railway, George as a plate layer and Sidney as a loco' cleaner.   Their address of registration at the time of marriage for both was 2 Bridge Road.

Kathy Jones   email:                                                                      Contributed 14 Dec 2008

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See also Gray entry

I read with great interest the article from Harry Wilsher added on 3rd May 2006 and wondered if this could be passed on to him or if it might be of interest to others....

He wrote "William Wilsher the first son of John and Sarah ( Thrale ) Wilsher married a Phobie ( Brown) about 1862. From 1871 and 1881 census of Wheathampstead William and Phobie Wilsher had 7 children. William is listed as a plumber in 1871 and a painter in 1881. Phobie is listed as a straw hat maker. Phobie had a son Henry Brown born in London about 1800 from a previous marriage. I have more details on file if required."

I am descended from the Henry Brown, Phoebe's first son who William brought up as his own son with Phoebe and would be interested in any further information that he may have. I cant actually find a record of the marriage between Phoebe and William and indeed we also think that Dennis Pearce (Sarah Elizabeth Wilshire's son) was unable to find it in the 1940s & 50s.

An update kindly provided by Sandra Pender. - William Wilsher & Phoebe Brown (nee Gray) married on 27th Sep 1863 in St Dunstan West, West London.  Phoebe's younger brother (by 2 years) witnessed the wedding along with Eliza Gray.

Indeed some years later after the birth of Henry Arthur's first son (called Henry William in respect of William Wilsher) this boy, Henry William Brown went to live from age 4 and was brought up by William & Phoebe

I am very keen to track down a photograph or a photo of a drawing of William although he wasnt a blood relative he played a very important part in the life of our family. I am also looking for any pictures of Phoebe & the rest of the family if possible.

I have a couple of (scanned) photos of Sarah Elizabeth Wilshire with my Grandfather Henry William Brown that I can send if they are of interest.

kind regards Paul Goodwin (my mother was the last Brown of the line). 
email -                                              contributed 11 April 2009

 Contribution from Judy Jones email                            5 Jan 2009

(The following makes references to the contribution from Harry Wilsher
further down this page.)

The middle name of BROC which has been handed down over many generations since the 1700s is actually spelt BROCK. However, Harry's sibling Frederick Broc Wilsher may have spelt his middle name that way - I am not sure, but in my branch, the name has always been BROCK and says so on the marriage cert of George BILLOWS and Mary BROCK 1805. I am also attaching the family group sheet of the Edward BILLOWS and Ann CHARMBURY with their children - I think that Harry didn't have them all and not in correct order. Also, Ann BILLOWS (nee CHARMBURY) died 1884, not 1886.

Mary Brock Billows
Gladys Charmbury Brock Billows
George Walter Brock Billows (my father)
Samuel Ashton Brock Jones (my son)

My husband, Stephen Ashton Jones was born 14 July 1953 Fredericksburg Virginia.  Where Harry mentioned that Thomas George Wilsher visited England in 1948, he would not have visited his mother. I have conclusive proof that she died in 1924 as Eliza Jane Turner. She was married 3 times!! and was divorced from Thomas George Wilsher Sr in 1876. She married John Calverley in 1882 - her lover and then a Jonah Turner in 1891.

Eliza Jane Turner died 18 Nov 1924 at 349 Hitchin Rd, Luton, Bedfordshire.  Extract from the TIMES of 25th May 1876

Wilsher v Wilsher & Calverley

Mr Middleton appeared for the petitioner.  The petitioner, a baker married the respondent on 18 October 1863 at St Mary's, Islington and lived with her at Folly, Wheathampstead.   There are two children. In August 1873, the petitioner discovered that his wife had committed adultery with the co-respondent, and she has since lived with him at Notting Hill. Decree nisi with costs.

The petition went on as follows: 
That after his said marriage, your petitioner lived happily with his said wife until his said wife became addicted to excessive drinking when upon your petitioner remonstrating with her she habitually used abusive and threatening language to him.  That on one occasion in the month of July 1873, the said Eliza Jane Wilsher left home early in the day and returned at midnight in a state of intoxication and on your petitioner remonstrating with her rushed at him and assaulted him with her fists.  That on the morning following the occasion last mentioned, the said Eliza Jane Wilsher left home taking the youngest child and remained away for 14 days at the end of which time she besought the petitioner to forgive her and receive her back which your petitioner did on her promising to remain sober.  That on or about the 9 August 1873, the said Eliza Jane Wilsher committed adultery with John Calverley at the Rose and Crown public house at Folly, Wheathampstead aforesaid.


I believe that both Thomas George Wilsher Jr 1864 - 1953 and his sister, Adeline Kate Wilsher were both born in Wheathampstead, contrary to what Harry has said. "The Folly" is in Wheathampstead.  Harpenden is where Adeline Kate Wilsher and her father lived in his later years.

Thanks, Brian.
Best wishes, Judy

Thomas George Wilsher's family taken circa 1910 most likely in Brisbane.

Thomas George Wilsher and Mary Brock Billows with children, left to right - Gladys Charmbury Brock Wilsher sitting next to her mother, Mary Brock Billows, George Tindall Thrale Wilsher standing between his parents and Adeline Mary Wilsher.

2 May 2006

Picture on right taken at St Helen's Church, Wheathampstead on 4 Sept 2005.  From L to R - Brian Joyce, Harry Wilsher, Ruth Jeavons, Jaqui Wilsher, Doreen Glynn, Laurence Mallett.


Family history by Harry Wilsher


Thomas George Wilsher was born 12 May 1864 in Wheathampstead, married Mary Brock Billows 10 Nov 1885 in Melbourne, Australia, and died 4 June 1953 in Brisbane, Australia.  Thomas was a confectioner and later a salesman for a biscuit company in Brisbane. Incidentally the mother of Mary Brock Billows was Ann Billows who died in Wheathampstead aged 62 in first quarter of 1884.  Ann Billows (her mother was Ann Charmbury nee Joyce) was born 23 Jan 1822 in Poole, and married 25 Sep1841 in Blandford Forum.

11 September 2002

1881 Census for The Folly, Wheathampstead, gives
Thomas WILSHER Marr age 41 born Wheathampstead - Master Baker
Sarah C. WILSHER his wife age 32 born Hatfield
Thomas G. WILSHER age16  Son - Baker

Contribution from Judy Jones email     (September 2003)

Hello!  Just making a comment that William Wishere who donated the land to Richard Kilby was my ancestor. I was very interested to read the article about the house (Guelders). I knew that Mary Ann Wilsher had married John Kilby

WILLIAM WILSHER, was baptised 22nd October,1767 with his brother, George in Sandridge. Parents were William Wilsher and Mary Goodman who married 1766 Sandridge.

William was a single man of Ayot St. Lawrence when he married Susan George, single woman of Sandridge 26th November,1792 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.

Susan GEORGE was baptised February, 1773 in Ayot St. Lawrence, the 5th child of John George and Elizabeth Harrison who married 27th April,1761 in Hatfield.

William Wilsher was a farmer who died in 1836, aged 68 years. Susan Wilsher nee George lived to be 90 years old when she died in Wheathampstead in 1862.

A son, William was born in 1793, but he died in 1803.

MARY ANN WILSHER, their first daughter was baptised 14th February,1796 in Sandridge. She married John Kilby 22nd November,1821 in Wheathampstead.  John Kilby was a carpenter of Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead. Mary Ann and John Kilby had several children in Wheathampstead:- Henry (born26 Dec, 1822); Elizabeth (born 11 Sept1826); Sarah ( born16 July 1834); Alfred (born 25 June 1837)

William's son, John Wilsher (sister to Mary Ann above) married Sarah Thrale in 1833 Wheathampstead. Their son, Thomas George Wilsher (Master Baker) married Eliza Jane Tindall 1863 Islington and their son, Thomas George Wilsher (Jr) (Confectioner and Baker) immigrated to Australia when he was only 20yrs old and married his sweetheart, Mary Brock Billows in 1885 Melbourne. T G Wilsher Jr sang in the choir at St Alban's Cathedral. I'm sure that he met his future wife there. Mary Brock Billows was Dorset born, but after her father died of cholera in Calcutta, India, installing gas lighting for the city, the family moved to Southampton and eventually London.

As an aside, my aunt, Grace Thiele, has a locket containing a sample of hair which belonged to Sarah George, Susan George's sister. 

Susan's sister, Sarah GEORGE married George Reeve 11 Feb 1793 in Wheathampstead. She had a son George, in 1794 at Watford where they were living. Sarah died 14 Jan, 1796 at the age of 26 years and was buried in Sandridge on the 18th Jan, 1796. Aunt Grace Thiele has a locket of braided hair with the inscription Sarah Reeve 14 Jan 1796, 26 years.

Hope you can use some of this information to add to the interest of the house, Guelders.

If you have any information related to these families please contact us Brian Joyce

Added 19 Feb 2005

I am helping my wife to research her family tree. She was a Wilsher, and her grandfather was Edgar Wilsher (also called Wilshire). He came from Middlesex and in 1915 married Hermione Thrale from Wheathampstead. That is how we made the link back to the Thrale origins. We were amazed to then discover that the Thrale family had been linked with a Wilsher/Wilshire family in the Hertfordshire region. 

We are now in the process of tracing Granddad Edgar back and it occurs to us that his origins might just be linked to the Wheathampstead groups of the same (or similar) name.  I don't know if you can help, but if our research to date is of any use to you, please let us know.

Regards Gerald Law  email: 

1851 Census
Wilsher at Wheathampstead Village
John Wilsher, Mar, 40, Carpenter b Sandridge
Sarah Wilsher, wife, 35 b Whstd (nee Thrale)
William, son, unm 16, Apr Grocer, all children b Whstd
Sarah dau 14, Appr Bonnet Sewer
Thomas, son, 11 scholar
John, son, 8 scholar

Wilshire at Gustard Wood:
William Wilshire, Mar, 42 Cow Man b St. Pauls Walden
Frances Wilshire, wife, 47, b Beds (nee Bailey)

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See Smith entry above - "My Wheathampstead Childhood in the 1950s (contributed by Marian Smith (nee Wilson) 

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Joseph WREN was born in 1747-48 in Hertfordshire, possibly in Wheathampstead as youngest child of John WREN and Sarah GODMAN, who married in Wheathampstead in 1723. Their known children were John (1724), Elizabeth (1729), Sarah (1736) and William (1742).  Joseph Wren was a wheelwright. He was buried in 1824 in Kimpton aged 76.

Joseph Wren married Sarah Hawkins in 1769 in Redbourne. Sarah HAWKINS (daughter of Francis HAWKINS and Mary WOODSTOCK) was born in 1749 in Wheathampstead. Her parents married there in 1742 and their other children were Francis (1743), Mary (1747) and Thomas (1752).  Sarah was buried in 1816 in Kimpton, aged 64, J.Douton, Curate of Wheathampstead, officiating.

Joseph Wren and his wife Sarah moved to Kimpton where they had the following children: Ann (1770), Sarah (1772), Joseph (1773), William (1776), Sarah (1778) and possibly Sarah (1801).

Next Generation - Joseph Wren (wheelwright) moved to Luton, married Sarah Smart in 1795, and had the following children in Luton: William (1795), Ann (1797), Thomas 1799), Henrietta (1803), John 1805, George (1807), Frederick (1809), James (1811), Amos (1816) and Mary (1818).

Next Generation - William Wren married Mary Currant in 1815 in Luton, moved to Kimpton and had the following children in Kimpton: Elizabeth, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Emma.

Next Generation - Matthew Wren (wheelwright/coachbuilder) married Ann Clark in 1839 in Kimpton and had the following children in Kimpton: William, Anne, John and Thomas.

Next Generation - Thomas Wren married Louisa Emily Coleman in 1873 in Kimpton, moved to Wheathampstead and had the following children in Wheathampstead: Rose E (1876), Ella Augusta (1878), William Matthew (1880), Maud May (1884), Harold Hugh (1885), Cyril Vivian (1886), Hubert Oscar (1889) and Eric Victor (1890).

Thomas Wren was a wheelwright and coachbuilder next to The Bull in High Street, Wheathampstead. He was still there in 1901 with his second wife Adela.

Thomas was born in 1849 in Kimpton, the son of Matthew Wren (wheelwright and coachbuilder) and Ann Clark, and g-g-grandson of Joseph Wren (wheelwright) and Sarah Hawkins, and seems to have been the only one of all the relations to move [back] to Wheathampstead. His wife Louisa Emily was born in 1852 in Kimpton, the daughter of William Coleman, brewer.  Haven't yet traced the known children of John Wren and Sarah Godman who were born in Wheathampstead, but I have traced some of my Kimpton and Luton Wren descendants if there are any interested connections out there.

Judith Wren Waterer,    email 
Sydney, Australia (descended from James Wren, b.1811, Luton)
contributed Dec 2003

1851 Census
Wren/Ren at High St.
William Ren, Mar 30 Ag Lab b Hatfield
Eliza Ren, wife, 28, straw plait b Whstd (nee Gathard)
Isabella, dau 6 scholar b Whstd
George, son, 5 scholar b Whstd
Betsy, dau, 1 b Whstd
Thomas Gathard, Father-in-law, Mar, 68, Ag Lab, b Whstd
Hannah Gathard, Mother-in-law, wife, 60, Washerwoman, b Whstd (nee Huntley)

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Do you recognise any of these people?  It is thought they are related to the Wright family.  If you can throw any light of these, please email  (you will need to type this in). Added March  2008



I must say how intrigued I was to find that Wheathampstead has it's own website!  My Late father William James Wright was born there in 1920 and my grandparents kept the Walnut Tree pub from the late 1930`s until they retired in about the 1950`s The pub which was in Church Street opposite St Helen's  and the school is now a private house.  I have done lots of research into the Wright family whom I have traced back to the 17th century.  I believe that most of the Wrights still living in the village are of the same family but sadly I have never met any of them!  

John Wright, my great great great great grandfather was born in the village in 1734 but moved to Kimpton where he farmed at Barleybeans farm where he died in 1797.  Barleybeans still exists near Peter`s Green just north of Kimpton.  His son James moved to Gustard Wood and his youngest son George was my great great grandfather. James was pardoned in 1839 after being sentenced to 15 years transportation for assaulting the curate of Wheathampstead: he was pardoned because of his age (72 years!) and health.  George was caught poaching in Brocket Park in 1870 for which he received a severe sentence.  He died at Gustard Wood in 1875 aged only 57 after falling off a ladder!   His  middle son James, my great-grandfather lived all his adult life on Wheathampstead Hill where he died in 1941 aged 91.  I would love to know what became of his elder brother Daniel who was also brought up at Gustard Wood but disappeared between 1861 and 1871 - maybe he emigrated.  His eldest brother Frederick ran the nurseries opposite the Cross Keys at Gustard Wood and I believe was  a member of the first parish council in 1895.   

[paragraph added 2/2/2002]  My great grandfather was actually buried on 22 March 1941 aged 91. His monument is in St Helen`s churchyard about half way along and on the left of the footpath from Church Street. There are of course many other Wrights there, including Fred the `cucumber king` and Fred jnr.  I have recently, also purchased a copy of the book on Gustard Wood. This mainly consists of letters from Bert Russell to Amy Coburn. Bert was the son of my great grandfather`s sister who married into the Russell family.  Her husband farmed at Astridge Farm at Gustard Wood and his brother ran the Cross Keys; his father, The Old Plough (closed long ago).

My grandfather Albert Wright who kept the Walnut Tree was fortunate to survive the First World War.  He was wounded in France and taken prisoner.  His two brothers Leonard and George also survived.  I would love to hear from any members of my family or anyone that knows them. 

[paragraph added 11/2/2003]  Does anyone in the village know what became of Sheila Wright? She married a Dennis Pawley, printer from St Albans, so she may have gone to live there.  Also I wonder if Lorna Rowe is still about. She ran the greengrocers in the High Street. I remember her well, as my father and I often used to see her if we called into the Bell and Crown where she enjoyed a lunchtime tipple.  I believe she ended up in sheltered housing in Brewhouse Hill (- Sparrow House?)

My detailed family history

Keith Wright, Poole Dorset.  email        

Memories of Hazel Wright

1851 Census
Wright at Gustard Wood:
Robert Wright, Mar, 42, Ag Lab b Whstd
Ann Wright, wife, 51, plait, b Whstd (nee Parkins)
With Benjamin & Martha Reed and son

Wright at Marshalls Heath:
William Wright, Mar, 59, Ag Lab b Kimpton
Sophia Wright, wife 52 b Flamstead
Charles, son unm 22, Ab lab bWhstd
David, son unm 19, Ag lab b Whstd
George, son 9 b Whstd

Wright at Cold Arbour:
Page 209

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Parish Council 1895

The first Wheathampstead Parish Council met on 2nd January 1895 and comprised:
John Chennells, Owen William Davys, John Nash, George Titmuss, Frederick Wright, Owen Odell, Robert Smith, Apsley Cherry Garrard, William Pearce, George Clark, Albert Howard and Henry Smith.

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1893 Cricket Team  

(match held 22 July on Nomansland.  Wheathampstead vs. Welwyn)

Players for Wheathampstead were :
J Titmuss, W Clark, J Bangs, C Wykes, F Wykes, J Collins, B Smith, G Temple, F hulks, W Batchelor, and A Warren.

Some of the family associations may have been Wykes (Station Master), Hulks (Grocer?), Batchelor (Baker's brother), Warren (Tailor), Bangs (Grocer at Marford).

Information provided by Win Deans.

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