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WILLIAM WILSHER (I) born about 1718, died on the 11th.February, 1798 age 80 and was buried in Sandridge, Hertfordshire. No details as yet about his family except his son ,William. 

WILLIAM WILSHER ( II ) his son was born in 1736, died in 1803 at Sandridge.  He married Mary Goodman in 1766, she was born in 1740 and died on the15th.June 1774 in Sandridge. Mary was from Bishops Hatfield. Witnesses were Hester Goodman and Thomas Goodman. William and Mary had 6 children.
William and George, baptised 22nd. October 1767 in Sandridge.
Mary Ann, baptised 13th.November 1768 in Sandridge.
Thomas, baptised 21st.January 1770 in Sandridge.
Joseph, baptised 11th.August 1771 in Sandridge and died 25th April, 1772
Thomas, baptised 4th April,1773 in Sandridge Records show one Thomas died in 1773.

WILLIAM WILSHER (III) was baptised 22nd October, 1767 with his twin brother George in Sandridge. He was a single man of Ayot St.Lawrence when he married Susan George, single woman of Sandridge on 26th.November 1792 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire. He died in 1836, age 68 years, Census show him as a farmer. 

SUSAN GEORGE was baptised in February 1773 in Ayot St. Lawrence, the 5th child of John George and Elizabeth Harrison who married on 27th April 1792 in Wheathampstead.
She died in 1862 and is buried at St.Helen’s Church at Wheathampstead

WILLIAM and SUSAN had 8 children that we know about :
(a) WILLIAM, their first son was baptised 26th November 1793 in Sandridge and died 29th November 1803 at Sandridge.
(b) MARY ANN, their first daughter was baptised 14th February 1796 in Sandridge. She married John Kilby 22nd November 1821 in Wheathampstead. John Kilby was a carpenter of Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead. They produced several children Henry born 26th December 1822; Elizabeth born 11th September 1826; Sarah born 16th July 1834 and Alfred born 25th June 1837.
(c)  SUSAN was baptised 26th November 1798 in Sandridge. She married William Packman of St.Peters, St. Albans on the 30th October 1823 in Wheathampstead. She died in 1834 and is buried with her husband at St.Helens, Wheathampstead.
(d) GEORGE, their second son was baptised 3rd March 1801 in Sandridge. He married Arabella Barker of Kimpton 27th August 1822 in Wheathampstead. George died in 1864 and is buried at St.Helens Wheathampstead. Arabella died in 1883 and her grave is also at St.Helens Church.
(e) ELIZABETH was baptised 2nd May 1803 in Wheathhampstead. She died in 1822, age 18yrs and also is at St.Helens.
(f) JOHN, their third son and 6th child was baptised 26th May 1805 in Sandridge. (photo on left) He married Sarah Thrale 5th September 1833 in Wheathampstead 
We are directly descended from this line. John died on 27th December 1876 and Sarah on 8th.December 1884 at ‘Cambridge’ cottage , the family home , they are both buried at St. Helens. John was aged 72 and census show that he was a carpenter.
Sarah Thrale was born 11August 1805 and baptised 1st November 1805 in Wheathampstead to parents Ralph Thrale and Abigail Burchmore who married in 1796 in Wheathampstead. The Wilshers often had meals at Waterend Barn Restaurant in St.Albans.
The restaurant was a Thrale family business. Sarah Thrale had a sister, Elizabeth who married a Mr. Arnold ( 1826 – 28 ). This no doubt where the ‘Thrale’ comes in to our family names. 
(g) SARAH their fourth daughter was baptised 12th July 1807 in Sandridge. She married William Cannon a carpenter of Ippolts 10th April 1828 in Wheathampstead. 
(h) JOSEPH was baptised 5th November 1809 in Sandridge. He was found on the 1851 census of Wheathampstead, visiting at Causewell Farm, he was a brewer.
JOHN and Sarah produced 7 children that we know about.

1851 Census Wheathampstead Village.
WILSHER John head 46 years carpenter Born Sandridge - Census shows age 40
  “ Sarah wife 46 years - Census shows age 35
  “ William son 16 years App. Grocer born Sandridge 21 Dec 1834 
  “ Sarah daughter 14 years App Bonnet Sewer “ “ 3 July 1836 
  “ George son “ “ 15 July 1838
  “ Thomas son 11 years Scholar “ “ 26 April 1840 (photo on right)
  “ John son 8 years Scholar “ “ 5 Feb. 1843
  “ Henry son “ “ 7 Aug. 1844
  “ Elizabeth daughter “ “ 24 Dec.1846

Note George, Henry and Elizabeth died in infancy.
John ( 1843 - 1916 ) married Mary Shelton ( 1857 – 1927 ) buried at Wheathampstead.

1871 census The Folly
WILSHER John head Married 66 years Carpenter Born Waterend , Sandridge
“ Sarah wife “ 66 years

William Wilsher the first son of John and Sarah ( Thrale ) Wilsher married a Phobie ( Brown) about 1862. From 1871 and 1881 census of Wheathampstead William and Phobie Wilsher had 7 children. William is listed as a plumber in 1871 and a painter in 1881. Phobie is listed as a straw hat maker. Phobie had a son Henry Brown born in London about 1800 from a previous marriage. I have more details on file if required. The reason for including William in this history is that two of his sons William and Leonard came to Australia and will have family still living in Australia.

1871 census Gustard Wood Road
WILSHER William head mar. 36yrs. Plumber born Wheathampstead
  “ Phobie wife 34yrs.
BROWN Henry son 11yrs. 1860 ( son by former husband ) born London
WILSHER William son 8 yrs. 1863 ( moved to Australia )

1871 census Wheathampstead
WILSHER Sarah Elizabeth daughter. 6 yrs. 4th Dec. 1864 Wheathampstead
  “ George son 4 yrs. 1867
  “ Leonard son 2 yrs. 3rd. April 1869 ( moved to Australia )
also Annie Emily, daughter born about 1872
Edward Henry died 2 months old
  “ Alfred son born about 1876
  “ Laura daughter born about 1878 died 1918

Sarah Elizabeth Wilsher married Julian Pearce in September 1888 in Stepney, London. They had 5 children: Violet Mabel who married Thomas S. Barrett ( 1889-1935), There is a grave at St.Helens Church, Violet Mabel Wilsher,( 1885 – 1935 ) but it is more likely to be Violet Pearce. Aubry, killed in action 1917, David or Daniel, Ian Aubry and Rayne Gay.
(1) WILLIAM (1863) immigrated to Australia and married Catherine Clara Poole on the 26th April 1888.

1881 census London
WILSHER William 19yrs. Servant unmarr. London St.Botolph Barman for A.Eykins . Born Wheathampstead. ( Moved to Australia )
Catherine Clara POOLE was born in Queensland 16 February 1869 to parents Frederick George Poole and Elizabeth Francis O’Rielly.
William died 19th September 1923 and is buried at Toowong, Queensland. They lived in Brisbane and had 5 children :
(a) Marion Emily, born 16th Nov.1888. She married Percival James Cooper born 25th July 1876 on the 15th Nov. 1911. Marion died 1st October 1970 and he died 17th March 1964 
.Auntie Grace Thiele saw a lot of Aunt Molly (Marion) when she was a girl. Their children include:
(1) Stillborn child.
(2) Ernest Edward born 16th March 1914 ,died 22nd Sept.1984. He married Lorna May Hoffman 4th Dec.1937. She was born 1st.January 1916
(3) Catherine Ellen, born 4th March 1919. She married Ernest Harry Turner on 12th 
December 1943. He was born 25th June 1917. 
(4) James Henry born 6th January 1921. He married Betty Margaret Turner on 30th December 1950. She was born on 23rd.November 1920. Children :
(1) Peter James born 18th February 1952, married Patricia Ann Ryan 16th January 1982
(2) Children : Bradley Ryan 18th.February 1982, Riana Elizabeth 18th 1983, Child April 1986
(a) Jennifer Margaret born 24th December 1954 , married Roderick Mackie 10th August1974
.Children: ( 1 )Leisha 7th August 1976, Douglas 4th February 1978, Claire 5th November 1979 died 11th November 1979, Amy 6th January 1981 and James 24th November 1983.
(2) Dora Francis born 23rd May 1896 and died 7th April 1949, a spinster. Auntie Grace Thiel saw a lot of Auntie Dora when she was a girl.
(3) William born 8th July 1898 married Alice Walker, children Lois and Trevor.
(3) Elsie Phoebe born 19th May 1894 died 25th December 1912 a spinster.
(4) (5) Frederick Alfred born 9th November 1900 married Mabel McCullough at St.Peters Church Wynnum, Aust. Died 13th November 1950. Mabel widow of Fred Alfred Wilsher lived in Hendra and worked at St.John’s Church of England before she moved to Sydney.
(5) Children : Elsie Merle born 1st May 1930, married Edwin John McAllister 22nd November 1952. Children : David Edwin 1st October.1957, Fiona Margaret 23rd February 1962 and Moira Katherine 27th January 1965.

(4) WILSHER LEONARD, also immigrated to Australia. He was born 3rd.April 1869 and died on 8th.September 1942, the third son of William Wilsher from Wheathampstead , Hertfordshire, England.
Leonard married Sarah Jane Thompson 18th August 1891 in Brisbane. She was the only daughter of Richard Thompson, Belfast, Ireland and was born 26th December 1868 and died on 3rd July 1944. The family eventually moved to Perth. They had 3 children:
(a) Phyllis Laura , born 5th August 1892 and died on 16th July 1964. She married Hubert Bradbury at St.Alban’s Highgate, Western Australia on 23rd November 1915. Hubert died 3rd January 1967. They had 2 children (a) Elsie born 31st August 1916, she married Archibald John Howard Ward 1st April 1938 in Perth. (b) Jean Ivy born 1st January 1922. She married William Youle Cockburn. They had 2 children, Susan Anne and Phillip Cockburn.
(b) Gladys Constance, born 2nd December 1896 and died 5th September 1970. She married Harry William Gibson at St.Alban’s Highgate Western Australia.on 30th January 1922.
He was born on 15th August 1893 and died on 16th August 1972.Thay had one child Gwendolin Alice born 21st April 1934. She married Royston Charles Stapley at St.Alban’s Highgate on 8th January 1955. They had one child Kathryn Alice born 8th December 1955. She married Ian Robert Draper at St. Alban’s Highgate on 9th April 1977. They had 3 children : (a) Robert Ashley born 20th May 1980, (b) Amanda Jane born 27th April 1981 and Elizabeth Dianne born 11th September 1984.
(c) Lena Sadie born 1st July 1905 and died 20th May 1964, a spinster.

WILSHER THOMAS GEORGE ( I ) the third son of John and Sarah, was born on 26th April 1840 at Wheathampstead . He married Elizabeth Jane Tindall they had two children (1) Thomas George (II ) born 1864 and died 1953 and (2 ) Adeline Kate born 1871 and died 1952. Thomas George (I) died in 1908. He and his daughter Adeline Kate, a spinster, are both buried at St.Helens, Wheathampstead in the same grave as his sister Sarah. This family had a bakery in St.Albans and lived in the family home “ Cambridge Cottage” on the “Hill ”. 

Elizabeth Jane Tindall born 5 December 1845 at 110 High Street Woolwich, Kent. She died 18 November 1924 at 349 Hitchin Road Luton, Bedfordshire . She married Thomas George Wilsher (I) on 16th October 1863 at Islington to parents John Wilsher and Sarah Thrale. Thomas and Eliza were divorced on 30th January 1877. Thomas George remarried on 16th April 1877 Leeds, Yorkshire to Sarah Catherine Squires born 1848 Hatfield to parents James Squires and Hannah Louisa Smith.

1871 census Wheathampstead.
WILSHER Thomas George head mar. 31 years Master Baker ( St.Albans )
  “ Eliza Jane wife 24 years Woolwich Kent
  “ Thomas George son 6 years
  “ Adeline Kate daughter 2 months

The story of our Grandfather, Thomas George Wilsher (II) and his wife Mary Broc Billows. He was born in Luton, Hertfordshire at the “Folly” on 12 May 1864 and his only sister Adeline Kate was born 1871 at 64 Luton Street Harpenden. She died in 1952, a spinster and is buried in Wheathampstead. He died on 4th June 1953 is buried at Toowong Cemetery Brisbane. He attended Kindergarten School in a back room of the “Bull Inn’’ at Wheathampstead ( run by a Miss Hooper ), attended the local Parish School and later went to Senior school at St.Albans Abbey Church and Claremont House boarding school. He sang as the leading tenor in the Abbey choir and later in Australia sang at the farewell concert for Lady Melba. He grew up in a small 2 storey brick home “ Cambridge Cottage” on the ‘Hill’. He arrived in Melbourne on board the S.S. Theria 1n 1884. Mary’s romance started after she had heard Tom sing at St.Albans’.
Their marriage certificate reads Thomas George Wilsher, Bourke Street Melbourne ( waiter)
Father Thomas George Wilsher, (Baker), Wheathampstead. Mother Elizabeth A. Tindall, married Mary Broc Billows Dorchester, Mother Ann Charmbury. 

For the records Mary Broc Billows was the daughter of Edward Billows (1815 – 1858 ) and Anne Charmbury (1822 – 1886). They had 9 children, those we know about are , Fred, Edward, George, Mary, Eva, Amy and Annie.  The Charmbury’s were from Blandford Forum near Dorset and are said to be a distant relation of Herbert Herbert the child fostered from the marriage of Lady Herbert and the Prince of Wales, later King George IV. The marriage was disallowed, to allow him to become King. Anne’s Grandparents were George Billows ( 1778 – 1842 ) and Mary Broc and her Great Grandparents were George Billows and Mary Baker , married 1772.
Also for the records, Elizabeth Tindall was the daughter of George and Martha Tindall of Middlesex. They had 8 children Marianne, William, George, Alfred, Edwin, Henry, Louisa and Elizabeth.


These two WORD documents continue the tale from above.

Document 1  
Document 2



Thomas George Wilsher Snr. 1840 – 1908 ( Age 68 )
Adeline Kate Wilsher ( Daughter ) 1871 – 1952 ( Age 81 )
Sarah Wilsher ( Sister ) 1836 – 1929 ( Age 92 )

* Violet Mabel Wilsher 1885 – 1935 [ 1889 – 1935 ??? ]

Sarah Elizabeth Pearce (nee Wilsher) 1864 – 1956 ( Age 91 )
( Daughter of William & Phobie Wilsher ) 
Julian Pearce 1866 – 1947 ( Age 81 ) [ married 1888 ]

William Wilsher 1768 – 1836 ( Age 65 ) [ married 1792 ]
Susan Wilsher ( nee George ) 1772 – 1862 ( Age 90 ]

John Wilsher 1805 – 1876 ( Age 71 ) [ married 1833 ]
Sarah Wilsher ( nee Thrale ) 1805 –1884 ( Age 79 )

George Wilsher 1801 – 1864 ( Age 63 ) [ married 1822 ]
Arabella Wilsher ( nee Barker ) 1803 – 1883 ( Age 81 )

John Wilsher 1843 – 1927 ( Age 73 )( Brother of Thomas Snr. )
Mary Wilsher ( nee Shelton ) 1843 – 1927 (Age 84 ) 

• Violet Mabel buried as Wilsher 1885 – 1935
The wife of Thomas Stanley Barrett and the
Daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Pearce ( nee Wilsher )
Church records show as Wilsher 1889 – 1935

Other monuments in graveyard :

Susan Packham (nee Wilsher ) 1798 – 1834 ( Age 37 )
William Packham 1791 – 1856 ( Age 58 ) [ married 1823 ]

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