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Barrie with Steve Forrest in 'Sahara' (1982)

A TRIP to the cinema is as near as most of us ever get to the big screen stars - but not for Old Hatfield resident Barrie Holland. For Barrie has worked with many of the movie legends in his role as a professional actor and model. 

Barrie, widely known as 'Barrie Hollywood', is a veteran of film and television work, making frequent appearances as a supporting actor in many different parts.  He has also been a male model for 30 years appearing in photographic sessions and fashion shows.

He said: "As my life-long interest has been the movies and everything connected with them it's just great for me to be able to work in this medium.

The late Alan Ladd used to write to me when I was younger and he inspired me to try to become a movie actor.  He was a great influence on my life.  Years later I have achieved this to some extent having worked with some of the world's greatest stars and directors.  I have appeared in over 200 films, as well as American and British Television Series.  Even now I still get a 'buzz' when I turn up on the set and meet one of my favourite actors who I have never worked with before."

With Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom' (1983)

Barrie has acted in scenes with Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Michael Winner, Vincent Price, Gene Hackman, Tom Selleck, Richard Burton, Lee Marvin, James Mason, Robert Duvall, Robert De Niro, Alan Bates, John Thaw, Anthony Hopkins, Anthony Quinn, Joan Collins, Sophia Loren and many others

"One of my favourite moments was meeting and talking to the great James Cagney.  said Barrie.  One of my other great favourites was Vincent Price who I kept in touch with until his death in 1993."

Barrie in Mel Gibson's 'Hamlet' (1991)

It is not all glamour in the movie business however - with Barrie's normal day starting at 4 am in order to get to the studio or location.  He said: "I tend to specialise in playing businessmen, British and American military officers and dinner party guests.  My modelling and military experience seem to have stood me in good stead as I always get auditions for the above type of parts."


Barrie recalled: "I remember once when I arrived at Knebworth House at 6 am looking very dapper in my dinner suit and waited until 8 pm that night to do my scene.  By then my bow tie had well and truly wilted."


Return of the Jedi (Star Wars)

He said: "I suppose one of my favourite scenes is when I captured Harrison Ford in Return of the Jedi with the immortal line 'You rebel scum' -I was an Imperial Officer.  It took me years to live that down. When we first rehearsed Harrison said 'What did you call me?' and laughing, playfully slapped my face."

Barrie with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in 'Return of the Jedi' (1982)

"It took us both one and a half days to get the scene right because of the difficult timing and the small set.  I have worked with Harrison Ford in four films altogether.  

 - It's been a lot of fun over the years and as Robert Mitchum once said, 'It sure beats working'."


For Barrie Holland, it began about half a century ago at the 'Bughole', that was the kids' name for the local cinema in Luton where young Barrie first began to dream of being up there on the screen himself.  "All I ever wanted to do with my life was to become a famous Film Actor." he recalls, as he sat there in the Stalls watching all those Cowboy, Swashbuckling, Gangster movies etc, with all those great Hollywood Stars of the Silver Screen.  It was all so glamorous to a young boy growing up in an austere England just after the ending of World War II....but at the time it seemed like an unobtainable dream which would never come true.  Later he acted in several plays during his teenage years and then after two years National Service with the British Army, (he was a Personal Assistant / Private Secretary to a Retired Brigadier who was the Corps Secretary,) he went to work at Vauxhall Motors which is the English subsidiary of General Motors, Ltd. U.S.A.  To his amazement, it proved to be the launch pad for a career in Showbiz...all his childhood dreams would eventually come true. He did get on the screen - both Film and Television - hundreds of times.  And he had a career where he rubbed shoulders with all of the Stars.  You can see it all the moment he opens the front door of his handsome house in Old Hatfield.  Behind, on every wall, lies what is truly a Hall of Fame.  It's lined with personalised photographs of Screen Stars covering half a century from Alan Ladd, James Cagney, Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, James Mason, Humphrey Bogart, Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall, George C.Scott to Harrison Ford and Yvonne De Carlo, Doris Day, Kate Capshaw and many, many others, too numerous to mention.  He also has a great personalised photograph collection of great Western Actors from Roy Rogers to John Wayne ......... to Harry Carey Jr, Jack Elam, Leo Gordon, Sheb Wooley, it took many years to get them!  Sadly for Barrie most of them are no longer with us...he always loved Westerns from his days as a small boy in the old 'Bughole.' And if Barrie's name doesn't shine in quite such bright lights, at least he's met and worked with some of the great names of Hollywood in his long career as a supporting actor.

For most of his career he's been within touching distance of fame.  How did he make the leap from Vauxhall?  Barrie joined the Company in 1959 in the Accounts Dept, his dream of wondrous fame on the back-burner for the time being ..he had considered becoming an Accountant...but somehow he knew he didn't fit in and when he heard that there was an opening for someone in the Publicity Department, he was immediately interested.  On his 23rd Birthday he went for an interview - and got the job.  At that time the Publicity Department employed some 60 or so people: PR personnel and Photographers, Sales Promotion teams, Copywriters and Guides who took tours around the factory.  Within eighteen months, Barrie found himself organizing the Photographic Shoots for Publicity and Advertising - a job with just the touch of creativity and glamour that he loved.  He arranged many Photographic Sessions during the six years he was there, someone would say they wanted a car photographed outside a Hotel with two girls and a guy and he would book the Models and Photographer and get the job done.  It was brilliant - he was his own boss.  Considering the Company employed some 30,000 people in those days it was no small achievement in such a short time.  Barrie dealt with the top London Model Agencies, selecting Models from the books, choosing the Photographers and supervising the event.  Vauxhall did have it's own team of Photographers at the time and a small Photographic Studio which Barrie was in charge of.  He also dealt with top London Advertising Agencies.  His work mainly consisted of setting up photographic shoots for car brochures, poster photography and TV Filmlets.

He worked on the first and only TV Advertisement for the launch of the new Vauxhall Viva in 1963 ('A great little car with finger-tip steering'), the introduction of which gave Vauxhall a much bigger percentage of the U.K. Sales Market.  It took five days to film, using a helicopter at various locations, including Woburn Abbey and two days at Pinewood Film Studios...little did Barrie know at the time that it would be the first of many visits to Pinewood Studios in the years to come.  The Stars of the Commercial were the British Cricket Commentator Peter West and the Actress Katie Boyle.  The Advertisement was the longest running ever at the time on British TV, running for a full seven minutes screen time.  But it was only ever shown once. There were, as there always are, one or two minor disasters.  Barrie recalls one shoot when he reversed the car into a post and had to set up the shot again from a different angle and another when, doing photographs for a brochure for the Victor, he failed to notice an AA Badge on the front of the car and next day the Boss called him in and 'hauled him over the coals' saying, "I suppose you were too busy chatting up the Model Girl as usual to pay attention to the job in hand!" as he passed the finished photographs across his desk for Barrie's perusal ....needless to say Barrie had to have the whole job re-shot another day.  On one big photographic shoot in l964, he used an unknown Australian Male Model called George Lazenby.  George later found fame, first as 'Big Fry' in a TV Chocolate Ad and then as a one-off James Bond.  He said, "It was a great job and it taught me a lot about the Photographic and Modelling business which stood me in good stead years later."  He soon had many valuable contacts in those areas on a first name basis.  Just as well, because in 1967 it all came to an end as Vauxhall decided to put all of their photographic work out to London Agencies and eventually close the Publicity Department.

With fewer and fewer jobs to do, Barrie eventually found himself redundant.  He said, "I looked at all those Models earning good money and thought if they could do it, so can I.  "And that was how he made the leap into Show Business....he was taken on the books of one of the top London West End Model Agencies and did various Photographic jobs and Fashion Shows for the likes of Fortnum & Mason, Aquascutum, Carrington Vyella.  He also worked for a London Men's Fashion Magazine and a London Men's Fashion Designer as a PR man in between modelling assignments.  He now says, "Being a Male Model in those days was a bit of an ego trip for a young man, all those parties, meeting celebrities, surrounded by all of those beautiful ladies but I must admit I had some fabulous girl-friends back in those far-off days! ...it was a glamorous life-style but it was very competitive and great if you could get the work!"

His big break into the film world came when he had a call from an Agent wanting glamorous artistes for a millionaire's party scene on a yacht in the Greek Islands, this was during the making of 'The Greek Tycoon' with Anthony Quinn. The interior scenes were filmed at EMI Studios, Borehamwood. The wheel had now come full circle and his new career was on its way, he was about to fulfill his childhood dreams and work in the Motion Picture Industry as a Supporting Actor.  Among his colleagues, he came to be known as 'Barrie Hollywood' because he had the knack of picking up small speaking parts.  His old friends at Vauxhall will have seen him many times over the years in Films and Television.  He says, "I suppose there is a certain amount of luck involved and being in the right place at the right time but although I had a lot of laughs, I was always totally professional and reliable."   An attitude which appears to have given him a good reputation.  For example, he was personally auditioned for the part of a First World War American Officer by Warren Beatty to do a dialogue scene with him in the film 'Reds' Warren was also the Star as well as the Director. The scene (which included Gene Hackman) took two days to shoot and Barrie shook hands with Warren Beatty 79 times - that was how many takes they did to finish the scene, Warren was very fussy about every prop and every angle but it stood him in good stead as he won an Oscar for Best Director for the film. Barrie said  "It was a real pleasure to work with Warren Beatty, he was one of the nicest Stars and Directors I ever had to work with over the years. He had a very nice manner and treated everybody on the set with great respect".  Some years later, Barrie was having a private conversation with Gene Hackman on the set of 'Superman IV' when they recalled this scene and had a good laugh about the number of takes Warren used to do.

But then Barrie had enjoyed working with lots of Stars in over 200 films he had worked on. In 'Bloodline' he was a Night Club Croupier who has a dialogue scene with James Mason....in 'Batman' he has a dialogue scene with Billy Dee Williams and Pat Hingle, in 'The Monster Club' he has a dialogue scene with Vincent Price, as a vampire.....in 'Sahara' he has a dialogue scene with Steve Forrest who was the younger brother of  Dana Andrews in real life...in 'Return of the Jedi' he has a dialogue scene with Harrison Ford calling him "You Rebel Scum!"..this has now become a cult moment and the dialogue has been trademarked by Lucasfilm as their property.  In the American TV Series 'Matlock' he has a dialogue scene with Andy Griffith, these are just a few of the films Barrie has been in over the years with dialogue scenes with the Stars.  There are many others...he has also been involved with many Special Action scenes reacting to famous Actors during his long career.  Some examples are, three weeks work on 'Ike the War Years' (US TV) as an American World War II Army Officer with Robert Duvall.  Participating in scenes with Robert Duvall, Lee Remick and J.D.Cannon...a 17th Century English Nobleman with John Savident being caught in the Linen Room with two naked ladies by Sir John Gielgud at a wedding in Michael Winner's - 'The Wicked Lady'...he worked on all three 'Indiana Jones' films with Harrison Ford....it's his foot that kicks the diamond across the dance floor when Kate Capshaw is on her knees in the Night Club trying to retrieve it in the panic at the beginning of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' it might not seem much but it took precision timing to get it right...Frank Marshall ..Steven Spielberg's Second Unit Director asked him to do it as he wanted someone professionally able to cope with the timing.  He didn't want it to look like someone was deliberately kicking it across the floor. Also in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'....it's Barrie who paints the Stencil figure on the last crate with an Ark at the end of the film before it is wheeled into the Warehouse where there are lots of other Arks ...this was filmed on the Second Unit but Barrie wasn't allowed to do it until Steven Spielberg himself came over from the first Unit to watch him do it before completion.  Barrie has worked on four different films with Steven Spielberg. The 'Indiana Jones Trilogy' and 'Empire of the Sun' in which he had some dialogue.

These are examples of small sequences but they are integral to the film's plot and demand professional precision timing.  It was a compliment to Barrie's professional ability to be asked to do these scenes.  The late Director Richard Marquand who directed 'Return of the Jedi' had asked Barrie to do a scene with Donald Sutherland in 'Eye of the Needle' in 1979 but after some consultation Barrie couldn't do the small part because he was playing a Senior British Naval Commander and he was of too high a rank for the sequence to work authentically.  Had he been a lower rank there would have been no problem.  However, in 1982, Richard Marquand remembered Barrie and gave him the part of Lieutenant Renz in 'Return of the Jedi' with the classic line "You Rebel Scum!"...the rest as they say is history!  On British Television he has appeared in sequences with John Thaw in 'The Sweeney' and 'Inspector Morse', with Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins in 'The Professionals', with David Suchet in 'Poirot'. and various other TV Series and TV Films.  On American Television he has appeared in sequences with Tom Selleck in 'Magnum', with Robert Wagner in 'Hart to Hart', with Daniel J. Travanti and Dabney Coleman in 'The Ed Murrow Story' and various others. He has also worked with Tom Selleck in two Motion Pictures apart from the TV Series 'Magnum.'...they are 'Lassiter' and 'Three Men and a Little Lady'. 

Some of the other famous Actors Barrie has filmed with on locations and in Film Studios over the years are Richard Widmark, Sterling Hayden, Lee Marvin, Robert Mitchum, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Preston, James Garner, Pat O'Brien, Burt Reynolds, Burgess Meredith, Kevin McCarthy, James Woods, Christopher Walkern, Martin Sheen, John Carradine, Dennis Weaver, Jack Warden, Christopher Reeve, Richard Chamberlain, Powers Boothe, Christopher Lambert, Max Von Sydow, Omar Sharif, Christopher Plummer, Darren McGavin, Ned Beatty, David Hedison, Walter Matthau, Dan Ackroyd, Dick Van Dyke, George C. Scott, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Anthony Hopkins, Peter O'Toole, Michael Caine, Richard Burton, Peter Ustinov, Christopher Lee, Liam Neeson, David Warner, Kenneth Haigh, Denholm Elliott, Edward Woodward, Brian Blessed, Gordon Jackson, Edward Fox, Derek Jacobi, Robert Morley, Kenneth Williams, and many others ......Barrie said "It was great fun to meet all of these famous Actors and have conversations with them, let alone work on the same films with them."  Famous Directors, apart from those already mentioned, he has worked with, include Stanley Kubrick, Otto Preminger, John Frankenheimer, Milos Forman, David Lean, Blake Edwards, Terence Young, John Landis, Franco Zeffirelli, Taylor Hackford, Andrew V. McLaglen, Mel Brooks, Tim Burton, Boris Sagal, Roy Ward Baker, Jack Gold and Don Sharp amongst others.  Barrie has also had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the screen's greatest Actresses including Bette Davis, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, Sophia Loren, Faye Dunaway, Joan Collins, Joanne Woodward, Cyd Charisse, Geraldine Page, Brooke Shields, Ali McGraw, Kim Basinger, Carrie Fisher and many others during his long career in films.

Every day was a dream come true for Barrie.  Over many years he had enjoyed regular correspondence with the famous Paramount Studios Film Star Alan Ladd, who had always been a great favourite of his when he was a boy, it was Alan Ladd who encouraged him to think of becoming an Actor.  He said, "Alan Ladd had a great influence on my life, to this day I still prefer Double-breasted suits and always wear a pocket handerchief.  He was a real talented Film Actor and he had a great presence, with always a great look at the camera, I've never understood those critics who knocked him, they should watch the way he lights a cigarette or picks up the phone, in 'Shane' arguably his best performance, he is as good a Western hero as ever rode a horse and for me he is the greatest of all time.  No other Western Actor could have played that role with such sensitivity."  Another of Barrie's classic heroes was the great James Cagney who he had the pleasure of working with for three weeks on 'Ragtime' in 1980 when they brought the famous Star out of retirement to play the Chief of Police.  He said. "It was six years before he died, it was very sad because here was this great Star who had been a terrific hoofer, a real song-and-dance man who couldn't walk very well, relying on sticks for support.  I was taken to meet him personally in the Restaurant at Shepperton Studios where I had a great ten minute private conversation with him."

Some of Barrie's photographic memories are almost surreal. Like the one of him dressed - and moustachioed - as Hitler with Robert Hardy as Churchill in the British Television Series "The Wilderness Years". He was on the balcony at County Hall in London, when the whole building was empty, filming one weekend, when he had to go and strut around a bit and acknowledge his Stormtroopers who were saluting him from below........he said, "It was an unnerving experience, I felt as if he was looking over my shoulder!  When I came out of the Make-up Department and walked onto the set Robert Hardy came up to me and said, "That he recognised the face but couldn't put a name to it."  In a profession where nobody ever really retires, Barrie says, in the classic phrase - "That he is resting."  He has recently been in demand to attend 'Star Wars' Shows' around the world as a Celebrity Guest Actor (he was Lieutenant Renz in 'Return of the Jedi') to meet the fans and has been to Shows in England, America, Japan, Germany, France and Belgium where a special 'Rebel Scum' Event with dinner was held in his honour at a Top Belgian Restaurant where he was able to meet many fans and sign autographs.  He was one of the 'Special Guest Actors' invited to attend 'Celebration III' in Indianapolis, U.S.A. in April, 2005, the only authorised 'Star Wars Show' in the world by Lucasfilm.  In a Star Wars Supplement issued with the British Film Magazine 'Empire' in November 2005, Barrie Holland's (Lt. Renz) "You Rebel Scum!" scene with Harrison Ford (Han Solo) in 'Return of the Jedi' was voted by hundreds of readers in a Poll as the 'Cult Moment' of the entire film.  He has also recently been made an Honorary Member of the UK Garrison of the 501st LEGION as well as an Honorary Member of the Norwich and District Star Wars Fan Club as Executive Officer.  You have the feeling that when the telephone rings again, Vauxhall's own Film Star will rise to the occasion and there'll be more photographs for the Hall of Fame - if there's any room. 

Listed below are many of the Films made for the Cinema and Television in which Barrie has appeared in during his long career. 


Feature Parts/Dialogue/Special Action 

The Greek Tycoon 
The Stud 
Murder by Decree (Sherlock Holmes) 
The Bitch 
North Sea Hijack 
Raiders of the Lost Ark 
Fu Manchu 
Chariots of Fire 
The Monster Club 
Return of the Jedi 
Return of the Jedi 
Return of the Jedi 
The Wicked Lady 
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 
Morons from Outer Space 
White Knight 
Spies Like Us 
Superman 1V 
A Fish Called Wanda 
Black Island 
Secret Places 



Rich guest talking to Anthony Quinn at a party on a Yacht
Playboy talking to Joan Collins in a Night Club 
Victorian gentleman talking to Newspaper seller in Theatre
U.S. Army Captain talking to fellow Officer at a party
Rich American Tobacco Buyer in Advertising Agency
Head Croupier talking to James Mason in a Casino
Airline V.I.P. sitting with Joan Collins in a Jumbo jet
American Oilman talking to David Hedison on an Oil Rig 
U.S. WW1 Army Officer talking to Warren Beatty
Warehouseman painting number on last Ark crate at the end 
1930's Uniformed Policeman chasing four Chinamen
University Professor sitting with Lindsay Anderson
Vampire talking to Vincent Price in Monster Club Disco
Imperial Officer capturing Harrison Ford in a bunker 
Imperial Officer meeting the Emperor and dignitaries 
Imperial Officer with Dave Prowse in the Death Star
17th Century Nobleman chastised by Sir John Gielgud 
Party guest talking to Steve Forrest in country mansion
Stunt sequence as Musician diving past runaway Gong
Club guest kicking diamond away from Kate Capshaw
Dinner party guest shaking hysterical woman
Ballet Theatre guest with Marc Sinden accosting dancer
U.S. Army Captain with Robert Arden talking to General 
U.S. Airforce Corporal in special slow motion sequence
French Military Officer talking to Gene Hackman 
Defence Barrister in Courtroom with John Cleese
U.S. Senator talking to Billy Dee Williams in Casino
Space Shuttle Officer pushing Paratroops out into Space
River Policeman arresting Michael Elphick on Osea Island
British WW11 Army Captain talking to Lieutenant 


Supporting Parts 

Warlords of Atlantis 
Too Many Chefs 
Revenge of the Pink Panther 
Carry on Emanuelle 
The Shining Mountain 
The Shining 
Hanover Street 
London Affair 
Arabian Adventure 
The Golden Lady 
Red Saturday 
Clash of the Titans 
The Human Factor 
Diamond Cut Diamonds 
The Awakening 
Flash Gordon 
Breaking Glass 
The Elephant Man 
The Dogs of War 
Heaven's Gate 
The Final Conflict 
Eye of the Needle 
The French Lieutenant's Woman 
History of the World - Pt. 1. 
Evil Under the Sun 
Brimstone and Treacle 
Who Dares Wins - S.A.S. 
The Jigsaw 
Privates on Parade 
Superman 111 
The Meaning of Life 
The Lords of Discipline 
Give My Regards to Broad Street 
Never Say Never Again 
Greystoke - The True Story of Tarzan 
The Razor's Edge 
Top Secret 
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 
The Hit 
Electric Dreams 
The Shooting Party 
Return to Oz 
Dance With a Stranger 
A Passage to India 
Dream Lover 
The Bride 
Santa Claus 
A View To a Kill 
Lady Jane 
Dirty Dozen - Next Mission 
The Last Days of Patton 
Absolute Beginners 
Lost in London 
Aliens Hospital 
Duet for One 
Personal Services 
The Living Daylights 
Empire of the Sun 
White Mischief 
Madame Sousatzka 
A Very British Coup 
The Impostor of Baker Street 
The Bourne Identity 
Shadow on the Sun 
The Tall Guy 
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 



Atlantean in undersea Palace
Airport passenger
Night Club Guest
New York businessman
V.I.P. at Q.P.R. Football ground
Lodge Hotel Guest
Ghost diner in Evening Dress in 1920's Chicago Ballroom
U.S. WW11 Bomber Pilot climbing into Mitchell Bomber 
French Juror with Annie Girardot in Courtroom
Airline Pilot
Palace Guard chasing Oliver Tobias across a Courtyard
Gambling Club Croupier 
Prisoner watching Convicts football match 
Police Inspector arresting man in flat
Hospital Doctor
Edwardian Garden Party Guest
Hospital Doctor
Ancient Greek Nobleman with the Queen Sian Phillips
Hotel Restaurant Diner
Country House Party Guest with Burt Reynolds
Casual diner in Rooftop Restaurant
AirForce Officer with Max Von Sydow
Casino Gambler with Walter Matthau
Photographer in street riots
Victorian Gentleman with Anthony Hopkins
London Club guest with Christopher Walkern
1880's American Policeman
Reporter outside American Embassy
Birthday Party Guest with Martin Sheen
British Naval Commander on a train in WW11
Advertising Eexecutive in a Wine Bar
French Courtier at an 18th Century Garden Party
1906 Pinkerton Detective with James Cagney
Reporter in a London street at night
Night Club Guest with James Garner
1930's diner in a Restaurant with Peter Ustinov
Passer-by in street
C.I.A. Agent with Richard Widmark
Man Hotel Guest 
British Army Captain in Malaya
American in Bowling Alley
Public School Master with John Cleese
American parent at Military Academy
American Embassy Chauffeur
First-class Airline passenger with Sir John Gielgud
Car driver
Operator in Computer room with Klaus Maria Brandauer 
Scottish Laird at Christmas party with Christopher Lambert
Restaurant diner
Gentleman at Henley Regatta
WW11 R.A.F. Officer in Night Club with Tom Selleck
American at Fourth of July Garden Party in 1917 
German soldier guarding Embassy
Chinese Night Club Guest
Courtroom Barrister
Classical Music Concert Guest
Beater in the woods with Gordon Jackson
Country gentleman in the Palace of Oz
Night Club Ballroom Dancer
British diner on a train in India
Theatre Guest at New York Opera
Party Footman 
British Army Lieutenant with Meryl Streep at a meeting 
American Reporter at a Press Conference
Armed Security Guard
Tudor Nobleman at Royal Wedding
American Military Policeman with Lee Marvin
British Army Captain
Christmas shopper in Harrods Departmental Store
U.S. Army Captain with George C. Scott at a party
Fashion Editor at Fashion Show in the 1950's
Businessman commuter to London
Doctor with Sigourney Weaver 
American tourist in London
Best Man at Wedding 
Technician in 'Q's workshop
European Diplomat in Japanese Internment Camp 
Gentleman Farmer in Safari Club
Garden Party Guest 
Cocktail Party Guest
Diner in Edwardian Restaurant
American Naval Officer at a funeral
Buyer at a Horse Auction 
Airline Pilot
Diner at TV Awards Ceremony
Nazi Customs Official at German Airport
London Citizen threatened by Aliens 


Feature Parts/Dialogue/Special Action 

Ike - The War Years 
The Professionals 
Riding High 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
The Far Pavilions 
The Fall of Pompeii 
Master of the Games 
Squaring the Circle 
The Ed Murrow Story 
Whoops Apocalypse 
The Fourth Floor 
Intimate Contact 
Bellman and True 
Eat the Rich 
Poor Little Rich Girl 
Flight 007 
Meadows Green 
May to December 
The Free Frenchman 
Inspector Morse 



U.S. Air Force Colonel WW11 with Robert Duvall
Special Branch Detective with Gordon Jackson
Stunt sequence at a Banquet with Eddie Kidd
French Nobleman sitting with Derek Jacobi in Parliament
News Reporter arguing with A.C. Weary over reports
Gambler barging into Powers Boothe in a Casino 
British Army Officer in India with Jeremy Sinden 
Rich Nobleman sitting at Banquet with Ned Beatty 
Stunt sequence with George Cole at a Wedding 
Fashion Buyer with Dyan Cannon at a Fashion Show
Polish Prime Minister with Bernard Hill 
1940's Air Commodore talking to Nicol Williamson
Turkish Stretcher Bearer reacting to Jaclyn Smith
C.B.S. Executive talking to Daniel J. Travanti
British Naval Captain saluting Ian Richardson
Businessman semi-naked in bed with a prostitute
S.D.P. Candidate at an Election Political Meeting
Airline Security Official watching Bernard Hill
Ambassador at Royal Dinner Party 
French Lawyer talking to Kevin McCarthy in an office
Butler talking to Andy Griffith at a Finishing School
U.S. State Department Official in the White House
Businessman at a Country House dinner
Pub Customer in front of a live TV audience
Schoolteacher talking to a group of schoolboys
French Officer WW11 talking to two French Officers 
Pub Customer jostling John Thaw at a Pub table 


Supporting Parts 

Return of the Saint 
The Professionals 
The Sweeney 
Le Petomain 
Quatermass - Planet People 
A Man Called Intrepid 
Danger - U.X.B. 
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square 
Charlie Muffin 
Almost Like a Whale 
The Fox 
The Adventures of Caleb Williams 
The Adventures of Dick Turpin 
Dangerous Davis 
Hammer House of Horror 
Hammer House of Horror 
Shillingbury Tales 
Sophia - Her Own Story 
Churchill - The Wilderness Years 
Little Lord Fauntleroy 
The Winds of War  
Oliver Twist 
Queen of Hearts  
The Nation's Health 
The Scarlet Pimpernel 
Charles and Diane 
Tales Out of School 
Reilly - Ace of Spies 
Ploughman's Lunch 
Forever Young 
Hart to Hart 
Good and Bad at Games 
The Fall of Pompeii 
Return to Waterloo 
Master of the Games 
Squaring the Circle 
The Last Place on Earth 
Ellis Island 
1884 - Wimbledon  
A Woman of Substance  
Joshua - Then and Now 
Lace 11 
13 Lime Street 
Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire 
Magnum - P.I. 
Defence of the Realm 
Family Ties 
Dinner Date 
Imagine - The John Lennon Story  
Fairly Secret Army 
If Tomorrow Comes 
Strong Medicine 
The Good Father 
Hold a Dream 
I'll Take Manhattan 
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles 
Crazy Like a Fox 
Business As Usual 
The First Kangaroo 
Paris by Night 
Magic Moments 
Tears in the Rain 
Capital City 
Act of Will 
The Return of McCloud  



Cocktail Party Guest 
Hospital Doctor
Old Bailey Lawyer
French Theatre Guest
Futuristic Policeman guarding John Mills 
Mourner at Winston Churchill's funeral
British Army Captain WW11 in Night Club 
First-class Passenger on deck during sinking of Liner 
Computer Operator
Businessman at an Airport 
Gambler in Sporting Casino 
Theatre Guest in a bar with Alan Bates
Pub Customer
18th Century Nobleman at Musical evening
18th Century Gentleman at bare knuckle Boxing Match
Tube Train Passenger with Bernard Cribbins
Restaurant Diner
Fingerprint Detective at murder scene
Smart Country Villager
Lighting Cameraman filming 'The Pride and the Passion' 
Prussian Aristocrat in Nazi Restaurant
Member of Parliament in 1880's House of Lords
Member of Parliament listening to Churchill speaking
Norman Knight at Jousting Tournament
Courtroom Juror at Artful Dodger's trial
Funeral mourner
Town House Party Guest
Hospital Surgeon
French Aristocrat being taken to the Guillotine
Gentleman at Ascot Races
Clerk of the Court
Russian General at Embassy party
Night Club Guest
Businessman in Hotel
Businessman in Restaurant
Rock and Roll Dancer in Church Hall
Rich Businessman at Funeral
Businessman in City Restaurant
Pompeiian Gentleman in street
Businessman on train ( three weeks on location )
Cocktail Party Guest with Barry Sheen
U.S. Naval Officer WW11 at an Airport
Polish Politician in Politburo
K.G.B. man arresting Political Protesters
Passer-by in street
Reporter trying to interview Martin Shaw
First-class Passenger dancing on top deck of Liner
Victorian Gentleman watching Tennis Match
American Tourist at Windsor Castle
Prosperous Shopper in Department Store
Airline Passenger
Cocktail Party Guest
German Policeman at Nazi Rally
Funeral Mourner with James Woods
Cocktail Party Guest
City of London Banker
Television Crew Sound Man
British Admiralty Chief of Staff at Embassy Party
Garden Party Guest
Diner in Open Air Restaurant
Garden Party Guest
Barman in Pub Disco
Diner in a Spanish Restaurant
Businessman in Restaurant reacting to Geoffrey Palmer
Cocktail Party Guest in an Art Gallery
Gambler in a Casino
Guest at Church Wedding with Dick Van Dyke
Cocktail Party Guest with Anthony Hopkins
Dinner Party Guest
Dinner Party Guest
Wedding Guest
Garden Party Guest with Ann-Margret
American General at an old Castle
Guest at Film Presentation
Fashion Designer at Cocktail Party
Spectator at Australian Rugby Match
Tory M.P. at Country House Party
Diner in Restaurant
Diner in Restaurant during WW11
Executive at Conference Centre
Businessman in City Restaurant
Diner in exclusive Restaurant
Businessman in Restaurant


Feature Parts


U.S India Royal Tyres 
British Airways  




Driving Vauxhall Viva
Torch Bearer to Christopher Neame as Hamlet in sword fighting sequence


Supporting Parts


British Airways 
Tube Investments 
Gilbey's Gin 
St. Ivel 
Financial Times 
M and M's s




Pub Customer with Robert Morley
Party Guest with Ronnie Corbett
Theatre Guest with Sacha Distel
Store Shopper
Theatre Guest
Executive at a Conference
Executive at a Product Tasting
Executive at a Boardroom Meeting
Father in family group ...two weeks on location at Alton Tower
Soldier in funny costume fighting Clowns


Doubling for an Actor 

The Professionals 

Churchill - The Wilderness Years 
House of Hammer 
Imagine - The John Lennon Story 



Doubling for Actor Michael Palin on a platform high up n a large Water Cooling Tower at the end of the film
Doubling for Actor Peter Parker driving Police Car with fellow Police Officer Martin Shaw in high speed car chase at night
Doubling for German Actor Gunther Meisner as Adolf Hitler
Doubling for American Actor Dean Stockwell driving Mercedes car through country lanes
Doubling for American Comedian Tom Smothers in bedroom sequence



Follow Me 

Business Video 

Business Video 

Business Video 



German Television 

Rank Audio Visual 

Otis Lifts 




Security Guard in Shoot-out

Company Director 

Gambler in Casino

Lecturer at Business Seminar



Sales Training Campaign 
Australian National Press  
British National Press 
British National Press 
British National Press 
Bella Magazine 
Weekend Mail Magazine  
National Magazines 
Menswear Sales Brochure 
Motor Car Catalogues 



Bovis International Ltd 
British Telecom 
Barclays Bank 
Bristol & West Building Society 
Topical Article 
Clothing Company 
Fortnum & Mason 
Thresher & Glenny 
Vauxhall Motors Ltd 



USA Managing Director
Company Director
Company Director
Frustrated Customer 
Surgeon in Operating Theatre
Girl's Father 
Men's Fashion
Mr Fortnum l8th Century
Businessman in Suits and Topcoats
Businessman in Cars


Show Location

Fortnum & Mason London
Mayfair Theatre London
Welwyn Garden City
Waterloo Railway Station
Southern Television
Cologne Germany



 Fortnum & Mason 
 Carrington Vyella 
 Aquascutum Ltd 
Style Weekly  
 Take 6 Menswear 
 Take 6 Menswear 
 Peter Golding Ltd 
 Local Fashion Shops 



Modelling Menswear
Modelling Menswear
Modelling Menswear
Modelling Menswear
Modelling Menswear 
Modelling Menswear
Modelling Menswear
Modelling Menswear



Sotheby's Auction 
Wine Tastings 
Business Dinners  
Kellogg's Cornflakes/Cars 
PG Tips/Cars 



Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason
Vauxhall Motors Ltd 
Vauxhall Motors Ltd 



Mr Fortnum 18th Century
Mr Fortnum 18th Century 
Mr Fortnum 18th Century
Business Executive
Business Executive



Menswear Exhibition
IMBEX Menswear Exhibition
British Motor Show
Office Equipment Exhibition 



Peter Golding Ltd
Style Weekly
Vauxhall Motors Ltd
President Office Equipment



Cologne Germany
London England
London England
Paris France

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Published by Barrie Holland 2006