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This page contributes to the history of Wheathampstead via the display of an early web page and photographs.  Some information has been removed as it may no longer be relevant.
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T Potts cafe.

T Potts Café

Station Road, Wheathampstead,
Herts, AL4 8BU

Tel: xxxxxxxxxx

The café | NVQ Awards | MacIntyre CareFeature Filming at T Potts

The Café

We offer a fine selection of

Sandwiches and Baguettes
Jacket Potatoes
Cakes and Cookies
Hot and Cold Beverages


Opening times ...............
Monday to Friday

The team
Tony and Nicky

Cafe interior

T Potts offers a café service to local residents and businesses as well as a take-away option and off-site catering for working lunches.

Customers can buy freshly made sandwiches, soups and cakes and pastries with hot and cold drinks available.


T Potts offers old-fashioned service together with the opportunity to access the most modern technology via computer links to the internet.  Photocopying and faxing services will also be offered at a small charge.

MacIntyre Care's service users will be fully integrated into all parts of the business, working as a team.  The aim is that service users will be trained in catering and food preparation to NVQ level 1 standard

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1st Anniversary and NVQ Awards

NVQ Awards to                    

                                      Richard Carthy     Michael Fisher
David Deards       Maxine Croft       Steven Rathbone      

On 24th January 2002

T.Potts celebrated their 1st birthday and the presentation of NVQ Unit Awards to their service users

On the right are shown some involved with the organisation of training:


Bill Mumford     Theresa McGinlay
Helen Mayhew                 Nicky Lenman                       

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Feature Filming at T Potts (May 2002)

Extract from 'The Ring' - April Newsletter of MacIntyre Care.

MacIntyre Care are involved in a new full-length feature film called Cloud Cuckoo Land.  It's a very exciting venture which we hope will be a dramatic success.  Some of our service users are acting and others are involved in the catering - MacIntyre are responsible for providing all the on-set meals!

The involvement began with a session of screen testing, followed by some very successful filming.

The story line follows a man called Sandy, and his passion for aircraft and aviation, inspired by his grandfather.  His life takes a tragic turn, and he can no longer fulfill his dreams of flying.  To tell you any more would spoil it!  Look forward to the MacIntyre premiere!

Matt Dickinson, the film's Director, was very pleased with our contribution, 'The participation of the MacIntyre team was superb.  We simply could not have completed our filming schedule without the enthusiastic help of everyone who came to join us.'

The film is a production of Airborne Productions plc.  For investors or general  information visit  and follow the link 'Airborne'.  Matt Dickinson is the Director and Chris Bradley the Producer.

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MacIntyre Care

MacIntyre Care is a national charity for people with learning disabilities.

Many of the people working at our local projects also live in houses run by MacIntyre Care.  Some also live at home or in other residential accommodation.

The enterprises that we run provide opportunities for the people that use its services to learn a wide variety of skills.  The range of projects gives scope to move on from a very sheltered environment of one that may lead to paid employment.


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