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This page contributes to the history of Wheathampstead via the display of an early web page and photographs.  Some information has been removed as it may no longer be relevant.
c 1962

Stuart came to Wheathampstead

(men's outfitters - more details in History section)

"Upon these travels I came across Wheathampstead, which reminded me so much of Rye in Sussex and with the sheer beauty of what I saw, I decided there and then that this was the place for me, irrespective of it's business potential."

He started at.20 High Street, but it was destined to become the Manager's Office in Barclays Bank.

Fortunately, he learned that Mr. Bentley who owned the hardware shop at No.36 was willing to sell. 

Whilst still running my business at No.20, having a few months left of my tenancy, I set about what was to turn out to be a virtual rebuild of No.36. 




( Notice traditional telephone box nearby and coming back in 2013 ? )

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